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Whyalla's annual show which attracts 20, people is also on the same weekend. Some of its visitors will also come to the Point Lowly Peninsula and lighthouse. This means that VK5BWR set-up in a courtyard has a great opportunity to promote Amateur Radio activity and a bit of lighthouse history. Built in the lighthouse is Whyalla's oldest structure standing 15 metres tall, made of local sandstone, and on a point jutting into the northern end of the Spencer Gulf.

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Powered these days by electricity and a powerful tungsten halogen lamp, it started with a wick burner fuelled by mineral oil and then a kerosene vaporising light unit. Under local control the light was reactivated after it and two keepers' cottages had been beautifully restored.

If you want join 22 countries which have already registered a lighthouse, lightship or marine beacon, or to see the event guidelines for August the 16th and 17th, visit the website www. What was the common factor that enabled the first round-the-world flight, the first solo crossing of the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh and the first crossing by air of the Pacific by Smithy in the Southern Cross?

The RAOTC monthly bulletin of news and information, stories and anecdotes, will be broadcast tomorrow morning, Monday December 2nd, on a number of different frequencies at various times.

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The principal HF transmissions take place on 20m on The first, at UTC, is beamed north from Melbourne for eastern states listeners, while the second an hour later at UTC, is beamed westward for West Australian listeners. Although this transmission is intended mainly for country VK6 listeners, it may well be heard in South Australia, too. Siege is a fantastic utility for helping with Linux server management by exposing problems before they go into production.

Games Ten Linux apps that need to raise their game Generally, applications that are too awkward to use or lack key features eventually disappear. The apps that prevail are solid, reliable, up to date and offer plenty of user-friendly features. Unfortunately with Linux, no matter how user friendly the desktop becomes, some applications and systems remain tricky to configure and use.

I also thought this exercise might help developers identify those tools that could do with a nudge towards user friendliness. This article was written with Ubuntu users in mind, but it may be possible to get these games running under other Linux distros. All prices displayed below are approximate conversions from other currencies. All the games and crossover can be bought online and downloaded. Desktop Environments Keynote Interview: As a hacker-turned-businessman, Hohndel brings a business perspective of free software to the Desktop Summit.

Currently Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist at Intel, Hohndel will talk about the role that large companies play in open source, and how the open source community can work effectively with them. The problem appears to be that what was meant to be a secret key and application ID for a now deprecated interface into Facebook was included in the KIPI source code.

It is suspected that at some point spammers took the key and id and used it for their own malicious applications on Facebook.

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This new anti-spam scheme correlates negative feedback on applications with their keys and ids and blocks them. The KDE keys, having been apparently poisoned by abusive use by spammers, were then blocked. KDE prides itself as being a community.

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