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bassetts pole bike meet 2012 olympics

End of Watch: December 16, - "Forget Not His Sacrifice" . was en route to assist with a traffic stop when her patrol car hit a light pole and rolled. .. Retired Officer Stewart was riding his motorcycle when he was struck by two . Community supports El Paso police officer captured dancing at Texas Special Olympics. 0. Our Ort Bike Café is open for everyone and any bicycle till 6pm today! . Today we are stepping up things as we get a rider ready to do Birmingham to London. Next will be a Gold medal at the Olympics #britishcycling #cycling #Olympics # roadbike . Bassetts Pole Bike meet (every Tuesday night) Busy as usual. The Cyclists' Touring Club was founded as the Bicycle Touring Club in It adopted the . Cyclists' Touring Club: London Cycle Rights Network (GB AAR). Cyclists' Touring .. Minutes of Publicity Committee meeting, Saturday, 9th March [no year date]. Bassetts Pole - Lichfield (memorial sign). a.

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During aerial scouting for locations, an aircraft crashed, killing cameraman Alvin Knechtel and actor and stunt pilot William Hauber. The filming of one scene required cast members Lina Basquette and George Duryea to be trapped in a burning building and both actors had their clothing, hair and exposed skin covered with an asbestos coating. During filming, Duryea, concerned that the pyrotechnic flames were getting too hot and too close, fled from the set but Basquette, eager to impress director Cecil B DeMilleinsisted on remaining until the scene was completed despite the intense heat.

The actress suffered serious burns and blistering to her forearms and her eyebrows and lashes were singed. Strongheartthe German Shepherd film star, was accidentally burned after coming into contact with a hot studio light. The burn became tumorous, eventually leading to his death later that year.

Three pilots were killed during the filming. He was ready to bail out and called back to his mechanic Phil Jones who was in the rear of the plane dumping lampblack to simulate smoke to jump, but he didn't hear him and went down with the plane. Only one brief shot of the spinning Sikorsky was used in the film.

During aerial filming off the coast of Southern California near Santa Monica on 2 Januarytwo Stinson Detroiter aircraft, employed as camera-planes, collided over the ocean. All ten men on board the two planes were killed, including director Kenneth Hawks brother of Howard Hawksassistant-director Max Gold, cinematographer Conrad Wellsdirector of photography George Eastman, cameramen Otto Jordan and Ben Frankel, two property men and both pilots.

Only five bodies were recovered. As it was one of the final scenes to be filmed, the movie was still completed on schedule. Families of the men who were lost took legal action against Fox Film Company but the courts ruled in favour of the latter. After completion of filming in Canada, producer, co-director and real-life adventurer Varick Frissell decided that more footage of the Labrador ice floes was required. He and a small film crew joined the real ship The Viking on a seal-hunting voyage in order to obtain the footage he wanted.

On 15 March, the ship became trapped in ice near Horse Isles and dynamite stored on board intended for breaking up ice floes accidentally detonated, destroying the vessel and killing 27 men, including Frissell and cameraman Alexander Penrod. During filming in Hawaii, actress Claudette Colbert was required to stand up to her neck in a real swamp. This scene was shot on her first day on set after having undergone an emergency appendectomy and Colbert and the director disregarded concerns raised by the on-set nurse.

Filming in the unsanitary conditions while not yet fully recovered led to Colbert being hospitalized with a severe fever two days later. During filming in high temperatures in Buttercup Valley near Yuma, ArizonaDirector John Ford insisted his cast and crew only work in the early mornings and late afternoons to avoid the most intense heat of each day. Ford refused, believing that many of the crew would be at risk of heatstroke in the degree F conditions.

List of film and television accidents

Reid tried to prove his point by walking around in the open in the midday heat and soon collapsed with heat exhaustion, requiring hospital treatment. While filming a battle scene in which horses fall into a moat, four stunt riders sustained serious injuries which required hospitalization.

All four of their horses were injured so severely they had to be destroyed. It was recommended that the injured stunt-men receive extra pay but director Cecil B DeMille refused, saying that the riders had 'bungled a simple scene'. During the filming of the charge sequence, a stuntman was killed when he fell off his horse and landed on a broken sword that was lying on the field, unfortunately wedged in such a position that its blade was sticking straight up.

Also, due to the use of trip wires, three dozen horses had their legs broken and had to be shot during filming, resulting in the U.

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Congress passing laws to protect animals used in motion pictures. Lionel Barrymore broke his hip after tripping on a cable on the set of that film.

bassetts pole bike meet 2012 olympics

A horse was killed during the scene where it was ridden off a cliff into a river. This incident led to the American Humane Association opening a Hollywood office in and monitoring the treatment of animals in films. Margaret Hamilton was badly burned during a scene in which her character, the Wicked Witch of the West"vanished" in a burst of flame and smoke.

A delay in activating a trap door left her exposed to the pyrotechnic device. Actor Ray Milland was seriously injured while filming a cavalry charge scene through a small village. While making a planned jump over an obstacle, the horse's saddle came loose and Milland fell into a pile of masonry. He spent a week in hospital with concussion, a 3-inch gash to his forehead and a badly injured left hand.

While filming, Orson Welles tripped down a staircase and chipped his anklebone, forcing him to use a wheelchair for the next two weeks.

bassetts pole bike meet 2012 olympics

Welles also injured his hand during a scene where he destroyed a room. An anti-British propaganda film made by the Germans. During the epic final battle scene, several extras were killed when one of them stepped on a live land mine. The footage is said to have been included in the release prints, although no proof of this has been established.

Three horsemen perished during the cavalry charge, one of whom was extra Jack Budlong, whose horse tripped as he rode alongside Errol Flynn.

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As he fell forward, he had the foresight to toss his sword ahead of him. Unfortunately, it landed handle down and stuck in place. Budlong was impaled on his own sword, and died in a Los Angeles hospital a few hours later.

According to a biographer, actor John Wayne suffered a chronic inner-ear condition for the rest of his life after filming under-water scenes in this production. This was to have been a British war film based on the novel of the same name by James Aldridge. But during filming in Cheshirea pair of Gladiator biplanes collided, injuring both pilots who managed to escape by parachute. After this incident, the film project was abandoned.

Addison "Jack" Randall was killed at Canoga ParkCalifornia, while riding a horse past the cameras at full speed on July 16,for a Universal Pictures serialwhen he fell from the saddle while trying to retrieve his hat which had blown off his head, and struck a tree.

bassetts pole bike meet 2012 olympics

He died shortly thereafter. During the filming of the historical adventure, nine extras suffered burns including one man who had his hair partially burnt off because director Cecil B DeMille insisted on using real fireballs and flaming arrows for one of the battle scenes.

She missed the tree limb she was supposed to grab onto and fell into the safety net which was below the water's surface. Landing face down in the net, she nearly drowned and was only barely able to struggle upright in time. The exterior scenes were shot on location near St. Inextensive above-ground nuclear weapons testing had occurred at the test site, as part of Operation Upshot—Knothole.

Cast member actor John Hoyt died of lung cancer in The cast and crew totaled people. By91 of them had developed some form of cancer and 46 had died of the disease. Several of Wayne and Hayward's relatives also had cancer scares as well after visiting the set. Michael Wayne developed skin cancer, his brother Patrick Wayne had a benign tumor removed from his breast and Hayward's son Tim Barker had a benign tumor removed from his mouth.

It is not clear, however, that the cancer rate for this film crew was significantly higher than in the general population. Further, while the cast members noted developed a wide variety of cancers, according to The New England Journal of Medicineleukemia is the only form of cancer known to develop from exposure to fallout radiation. Cecil B DeMille overcame a minor Heart attack while climbing down by ladder from the top of the Egyptian city gate set during filming the "take three" of the Exodus sequence.

In another incident, during filming of a sand-storm scene, an extra carrying a flaming torch tripped over and the torch set fire to the clothing of a young girl standing next to him. The girl only suffered minor burns thanks to the quick thinking of make-up artist Frank Westmore who raced over and tore off her burning costume. During the filming of the same scene, several Egyptian extras were bitten by scorpions and a cobra which had been blown out of their burrows in the sand by the artificially generated storm.

Minor injuries, exhaustion and dehydration are common hazards for suit actors of the kaiju genre, but during the filming of 'Varan' suit actor Haruo Nakajima who also portrayed Godzilla for 18 years was severely burned due to a pyrotechnics mishap. This was the only time in his career that his injuries forced him to be replaced for the remainder of the shoot.

Joe Canutt, who was Charlton Heston 's stunt double, sustained a gash on his chin after being flipped out of his chariot during a chariot race scene. Fred Kennedy, a veteran stuntman and bit player, was killed in a horse fall on location in Louisiana. Director John Ford was so upset he closed the set and had to film the rest of the scene later in the San Fernando Valleyand in a cut-down version.

Actor Laurence Harveywho played Colonel W B Traviswas injured when a cannon recoiled while firing, with one of the wheels rolling over his foot, fracturing it.

He did not reveal his injury until filming of the scene was completed. Actor Charles McGraw suffered a broken jaw on the set of the Roman epic.

During the revolt at the Gladiator school, Spartacus Kirk Douglas is seen forcing the head of evil trainer Marcellus McGraw into a cauldron of soup, drowning him. McGraw's jaw struck the rim of the pot, sustaining a fracture but he managed to continue the scene nonetheless. Actor David Niven almost drowned during filming of an ocean storm scene inside a large water tank. He sustained a cut lip that led the actor being hospitalized with septicemia, which halted production on the film for a month.

He insisted on returning to complete filming of his scenes before he had fully recovered, later causing a relapse of his illness that resulted in another seven weeks in hospital. According to Robert MitchumGregory Peck accidentally punched him for real during the final fight scene. Mitchum felt the impact for days afterward. Soviet actress Inna Burduchenko suffered third degree burns while filming in a burning barracks on 30 July She died in the hospital on 15 August.

Burudchenko was three months pregnant at the time of her death. Stuntman Bob Morgan, husband of Yvonne De Carlowas seriously injured and lost a leg during a break in filming a gunfight on a moving train. Chains holding logs on a flatbed car broke, crushing Morgan as he crouched beside them. Actor Peter O'Toole was nearly killed when he fell from his camel. He also injured his hand during filming by punching through the window of a caravan while drunk.

A brace or bandage can be seen on his left thumb during the first train attack scene, presumably due to this incident. While filming a fight scene with Henry SilvaFrank Sinatra broke his little finger during a movement where he smashed through a table. This resulted in problems with his hand for several years and is said to be one of the reasons why he pulled out of a starring role in Dirty Harryhaving to undertake surgery to alleviate pains. During aerial filming over the English Channel, parachutists jumped from a vintage B to simulate a bail-out.

One of the jumpers, Englishman Mike Reilly, drowned in the sea below.

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Peter Sellers was originally to have portrayed a fourth character, Major "King" Kong. However, Sellers injured his ankle while filming a take as Kong. As a result, Slim Pickens played the role of Kong. Scott Simon claims the titular character is in a wheelchair because of Sellers' ankle injury. Harold Sakata burned his hand while filming the fight at Fort Knox, where his character, Oddjobgets electrocuted, but continued to act as the scene was still being filmed.

On 8 Julypilot Paul Mantz crashed and was killed on a second take making a low pass. Cameraman Robert King Baggot was killed during filming in Kauai when a huge wave hit his boat and washed him overboard. While filming the scene where SPECTRE agent Angelo crashes the Avro Vulcan into the ocean near The Bahamasthe stunt double for Angelo nearly drowned when the stunt double for Emilio Largo accidentally disconnected both the prop oxygen line and the double's actual oxygen line underneath.

During the final stages of shooting, Fleming's dugout canoe overturned in the Huallaga River.

bassetts pole bike meet 2012 olympics

Actor Nico Minardos managed to swim to safety, but Fleming was swept away by the current and drowned. Fleming was 41 when he died. His body was recovered three days later. Cameraman Raffael John Esposito and actress Brenda Lee Meinsenheimer were killed in Thousand Oaks, Californiawhen a camera boom suspended from an oncoming camera car crashed through the windshield of their car.

Crew member Gary Streiner accidentally caught himself on fire while attempting to ignite a prop with gasoline. Actor Bill Hinzman managed to put out the fire, saving Streiner's life.

Derren Nesbitt was injured on set whilst filming the scene in which his character is killed. The blood squib attached to Nesbitt exploded with such force that he was temporarily blinded, though he made a quick recovery. Soviet actor Yevgeni Urbansky died in an accident while performing a stunt during filming on 5 November A stuntman was mauled to death on camera when a shark, which was supposed to have been sedated, suddenly attacked.

On August 28,Director Robert Sparr was killed in a plane crash while scouting filming locations with cameraman Gerald Finnerman. The single engine plane they were riding in went down near the Brush Hollow Reservoir outside of Penrose, Colorado.

The pilot was also killed in the crash, but Finnerman survived. One of the film's stars, Lee Van Cleefwas scheduled to accompany Sparr and Finnerman on the scouting trip, but he backed out at the last minute. Second unit director John Jordan was killed when he was sucked out of a B Mitchell while filming a bombing scene. He refused to wear a safety harness while the plane was in flight.

Thai star Mitr Chaibancha was killed while starring as his popular character, the masked crime-fighter Insee Daeng Red Eagle. On the final day of shooting, Mitr was required to grab a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter. However he only managed to grab the lowest rung. Unaware of this, the helicopter pilot took off until Mitr finally lost his grip and fell to the ground. The accident was caught on film and appeared in the final theatrical release. The fall was removed from the DVD release version.

During aerial filming over the Irish Sea, a replica SE5 biplane and an Alouette helicopter camera-ship collided in mid-air. During the film's pivotal brainwashing scene, Malcolm McDowell suffered a scratched cornea and temporary blindness from having his eyes propped open for so long. Producers eventually had no choice but to substitute him with a second character played by Takeshi Sasaki. As neither actor could be axed, the show ended up having two heroes.

Stunt pilot Charles Boddington was killed during filming when the vintage biplane he was flying crashed at Weston aerodrome near Dublin. The following day, another aircraft crashed, injuring pilot Lynn Garrison and actor Don Stroud. Burt Reynolds injured his coccyx while canoeing. During a fight scene, Robert Wall accidentally slashed Bruce Lee in the arm with a broken bottle.

After the wound healed, Lee legitimately kicked Wall during the re-shoot with such force that an extra broke his arm trying to catch Wall. Gianni Russo broke two ribs and cracked his elbow after James Caan threw him over a fence and slammed a garbage can on him during a fight scene. Sound technician James Chapman was mauled to death by a lion during production on this South African film. Jodie Foster was mauled by a lion on the set.

The event has since caused Foster to suffer from ailurophobia. He either jumped or fell accidentally. Juan Antonio Bardem came in to take care of the post production duties after Hill's death. On June 18, during the filming of episode 4, L'escadron d'or The Golden Squandronof this French mini-series, actor Roger Delgado and two Turkish film technicians were killed when their car went off of the road and fell into a ravine.

Delgado, who was most famous for his role as the Master in the British film series Doctor Whowas 55 at the time of his death. Linda Blair suffered a spinal fracture due to a mechanical failure while filming a scene where her character Regan MacNeil levitates and thrashes violently. The fracture later developed into scoliosis years later after Blair reinjured her back during a motorcycle scene in another film.

The scene was left in the film. A number of accidents occurred during the filming of The Eiger Sanction. A year-old English climber, David Knowles, who was a body double and photographer, was killed during a rock fall, and mountaineer Mike Hoover narrowly escaped with his life. Hangar has the ability to support corporate branding and colour schemes thanks to the LED flood lights that are able to illuminate the sides of the building.

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bassetts pole bike meet 2012 olympics

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