Meet the cast of big brother 2012

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meet the cast of big brother 2012

Meet the cast of CBS' "Big Brother" Season 20 (premiering Wednesday, June 27, ). Big Brother 13 sees another host of housemates wander about for our The contestants for the series, BB's 13th outing, include a porn. Big Brother Photos: Vanessa Rousso on

He will do whatever is necessary: She also confesses that she is terrible with boys: He says that the best experience of his life so far has been getting clean and sober and back on the straight and narrow. Since the age of 19 he has worked hard to turn his life around and has worked as a mentor for young people in the US.

He also wants to work with young adults with drug and alcohol problems in the UK. Most people in his life are unaware he was born female: Luke has been married for two years: He is confident that he can win: It is a game and I plan to play it. Benedict has taught politics, RE, sociology, German, history, French and geography but was suspended from his last teaching job in when it was revealed that he was a stripper and had worked in porn. He defended himself against the accusations of improper conduct at a General Teaching Council hearing; he can return to teaching in two years and remains a proud spokesperson for the porn industry.

Benedict lives with his year-old foster son whom he says has given his life worth. He is a former student of his.

meet the cast of big brother 2012

He thinks he has a good chance of winning the show but knows that some will hate the teacher side of his personality. He dropped out of university to work in bars, and got well known in the club scene, which took him in another direction — into club promoting. If I play Monopoly, I want to win. She picked up the bug for acting while at school: I want to be Mrs Tumbles. But I can keep a secret. He says his dream would be to become an actor or published novelist and he says teaching English in China for a year was the best experience of his life.

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I will be Snow White and seven of the other contestants will be my dwarves only they won't know it. They're going to subconsciously protect me and keep me safe in the game. Bennington, Vermont This beer and wine salesman and occasional house flipper knew nothing about Big Brother until a month ago. She's very religious and, back when I was growing up, she told me vaginas had teeth. I stayed a virgin way too long because of that. Monaco's taste in past houseguests is certainly eclectic.

He was one of the all-time great a--holes. Grant, Alabama She works as a nurse but don't count on Murphree to come to the rescue if there's an emergency in the Big Brother house.

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I mean, how can someone who works with Play-Doh all day and reads The Bernstein [sic] Bears be that much of a threat, right? Englewood, Colorado This season's oldest player, Rollins is a recent newlywed who is leaving behind a hubby and five stepkids to achieve her dream of being on Big Brother.

And she's not about to be anybody's mama. I'm not here to take care of people. I am a Big Brother nerd and I proudly embrace it. Staten Island, New York What exactly does she do for a living?

meet the cast of big brother 2012

Well, it's hard to tell and, trust us, we tried! I network a lot. I do a lot of stuff with promotion.

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And then I do bartending on the side. And I also do a little bit of go-go dancing. I constantly meet people and take pictures with them. To have everyone in a club watching me is just so great. For me, every job is like getting attention and I love, love, love attention! Pittsburgh Finally the legal age to play Big Brother, this engineering student has been watching the show since he was And also that I wouldn't smoke while I'm in the house.