Pops world meet 2012 results

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pops world meet 2012 results

Dec 12, December 12, PM ET the sitar seeped into who knows how many pop productions in the decades that followed and Shankar became the world's foremost ambassador of Indian music and culture, but he couldn't be all things to all people. . The results are transporting — and very beautiful. Event results for ISU World Figure Skating Championships As referred to in document UNEP/POPS/COP.6/4 on the evaluation of the continued WHOPES World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme .. will shed more light when the results are made available by WHO. .. A stakeholders meeting organized by IVCC in Paris in March brought.

It was also featured in a commercial during the Spurs-Heat game on 9 June On 4 Junethe duo released their new single " Girlfriend ".

Icona Pop revealed in one interview that they recorded their international album with all new songs.

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The duo said that "the new album isn't just going to be sixteen tracks like 'I Love It'" and that they are trying new genres and sounds. It gained moderate success in European charts.

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On 4 Augustthe duo visited Montreal, where they performed at the Osheaga Festival. Upcoming third studio album and touring[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

pops world meet 2012 results

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message On 23 June the duo released a new single called " Get Lost " which gained less international attention. In the same period, the duo also performed as the opening act for Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus tours.

On 26 Maythe duo released the single " Emergency ", a collaboration with Erik Hassle. The song peaked a few weeks later on the Billboard Dance Chart, making their second single to top that chart after All Night. South African "township" music and non-European music forms that have been influenced by other so-called third-world musics e. Afro-Cuban musicalthough Western-style popular song sourced from non-English-speaking countries in Europe e.

French pop music would not generally be considered world music. This scene is aided by the fact that there are many concerts and institutions that help to promote the music. Algerian and Moroccan music have an important presence in the French capital. They have introduced manding jeli music, mbalax and other styles.

pops world meet 2012 results

World Music Day has been celebrated on 21 June every year since then. On 29 June a meeting of interested parties gathered to capitalize on the marketing of this genre. Arguably popular interest was sparked with the release in of Paul Simon 's Graceland album.

This project and the work of Peter Gabriel and Johnny Clegg among others had, to some degree, introduced non-Western music to a wider audience. They saw this as an opportunity. Zila Khan is one of today's leading singers in World Music. However, they were aware that the jazz and classical markets had developed a crossover audience. They decided the best way forward would be a collective strategy to bring the music to a wider audience. This regular series of free world music festivals continues to run.

They also started a network of world music artists to help promote their work.

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This discouraged [the retail stores] from stocking the material in any depth and made it more difficult for the record buyers to become acquainted with our catalogs.

Suggestions included "world beat" and prefixing words such as "hot" or "tropical" to existing genre titles. Afterward, they agreed that despite the publicity campaign, this wasn't an exclusive club—and that for the good of all, any label that sold this type of music could use the name.

Another issue was the distribution methods at the time.

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Most main labels were unhappy with the lack of specialist knowledge in their sales force, which led to poor service. Many larger outlets were reluctant to carry the music, because they favored larger releases they could promote within the store.

It was difficult to justify a large presentation expense with limited stock going into stores. Marketing[ edit ] One of the marketing strategies used in the vinyl market at the time was the use of browser cards, which would appear in the record racks. As part of the "world music" campaign, it was decided that these would be a two color affair designed to carry a special offer package; to aid the retailer a selection of labels would also be included, presumably for shelf or rack edging.

In an unprecedented move, all of the world music labels coordinated together and developed a compilation cassette for the cover of the music magazine NME. The overall running time was 90 minutes, each package containing a mini-catalog showing the other releases on offer. By the time of a second meeting it became clear that a successful campaign required its own dedicated press officer.

pops world meet 2012 results

The press officer would be able to juggle various deadlines and sell the music as a concept—not just to national stations, but also regional DJs keen to expand their musical variety. DJs were a key resource as it was important to make "world music" important to people outside London—most regions after all had a similarly heritage to tap into. A cost-effective way of achieving all this would be a leafleting campaign.

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The next step was to develop a world music chart, gathering together selling information from around fifty shops, so that it would finally be possible to see which were big sellers in the genre—so new listeners could see what was particularly popular. It was also suggested that Andy Kershaw might be persuaded to do a run down of this chart on his show regularly.

Relationship to immigration and multiculturalism[ edit ] Further information: Music of Canadian cultures In most wealthy industrialized countries, large amounts of immigration from other regions has been ongoing for many decades.

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This has introduced non-Western music to Western audiences not only as "exotic" imports, but also as local music played by fellow citizens. Caribbean music in the United Kingdom or Chicano rock in the United States would be two obvious examples.

Cuban-born singer-songwriter Addys Mercedes started her international career from Germany mixing traditional elements of Son with pop. Now, new bands and new genres are built from the ground up by young performers.