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quartzite swap meet 2012

In today's changing flea market and swap meet landscape, market owners sometimes have to think outside the box to August 13, by Gloria Mellinger. Quartzsite Shows & Swap Meet Map Planning your trip to Quartzsite this year? The Quartzsite, Arizona Shows and Swap Meet Map. Title: TIS Report (en), Author: tispress, Length: 76 pages, Published: various technology trips to meet experts and visits to technology fairs as well .. to inspire them to swap knowledge and expertise and to offer them exciting .. which uses a fusion of oils and warm silver quartzite to create a new type of.

The aim of these ventures organised by the Alimentaris Cluster at TIS was to provide new inputs for South Tyrol food companies for their own product development and the presentation of new products — in other words, to transfer knowledge to these companies and if possible to acquaint them with new technologies. This happened on April 11th in Castle Brunnenburg with a special tasting session featuring bread, pears and olive oil.

Sensor technology is the scientific discipline where various food products are examined, compared and assessed with the help of our own sensory organs. And with her harp, Barbara Schindler provided a musical interpretation of these taste sensations. The music was intended to stimulate the sensory perceptions of those tasting the food. This tasting session afforded companies in the food production sector a new way of offering taste experiences to their own customers. The participants were able to explore the culinary arts of the area during the trip.

Apart from the numerous delicacies from Italy and many other countries, various events such as competitions and meetings further enhanced the programme. TIS organised a Wake-up event on May 18th which demonstrated how to deal with these challenges. Listening to interesting speakers, entering into discussions with them, and all this while having breakfast — this is the concept behind a Wake-up event. Further talks were given by, amongst others, kathrin vantsch, from Dr.

Social networks are big on the internet and it would be economic suicide for companies not to maintain a presence there. What will make their participation in the social media a success, though?

The statistics make it crystal clear. A recent study carried out by the Austrian Economic Chamber proves that a being represented in social media has a beneficial impact on the business. Social media also helped to find new employees or locate suppliers.

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And yet, merely registering with Facebook will not make the turnover magically rise. If a company wants to score on the web, it will require a clear strategy for the use of social media which will exploit the potential of virtual word-of-mouth propaganda, concentrate on developing apps for mobile users and have a good story to tell.

The main topics of the conference were smartphones, smart cars and smart cities and the conference showed the importance of Free Software in the creative sector. The very important role that Free Software plays within Design is amply demonstrated by the huge success of the Bolzano design student francesco siddi.

Free software also has a place in industry.

Quartzsite, AZ – The Largest Gathering of RVers in the World

Smart phones and in-car entertainment systems are inconceivable without the use of Free Software. The Open Source technologist Jeremiah foster from Sweden illustrated innovative features of Smart Phones and Smart cars, while carlo Daffara explained in his talk how Free Software acted as a business accelerator.

An innovative monitoring system will be pressed into service for this purpose: The vehicles will also measure the air quality in the various districts of the town. These measurements will not only allow for a better traffic management from the control centre set up in the town, but they will also be made available to all citizens and tourists. Road users will be able to make use of the data in real time to plan their trips according to the traffic situation, choosing a departure time and means of transport which will allow them to get to their destination in the fastest and most sustainable fashion.

And this was achieved simply by measures such as controlling traffic lights or guiding traffic along less busy routes. App for tourists to analyse risks in hazard zones Use your smartphone to recognise danger zones, precipices and gullies, and even view 3D pictures of them. Environmental engineers and geologists are now able to deal swiftly with the first phase of data collection when surveying new terrain, freeing up time for more intensive analyses.

This was the inspired idea from TIS technology company HydroloGIS who combined a tourism app with one for measuring environmental data. After spotting the post, Antonello required only one day to link GeoPaparazzi with Mixare. This allows the company to save an enormous amount of precious time.

The titles of the three talk shows, chaired by RAI television presenter gertrud Prenn, were: Non-stop data is good for you! You are what you eat! Countless callers had reason to be very pleased with the assessment of their innovative idea by the Institute of the Future.

Because a successful product requires a great deal more than just an innovative idea, namely endless time, commitment and in addition a well-thought-out business plan, colleagues at TIS made themselves available for offering advice and explaining what to do with the new idea. Similarly there were discussions about taking out a patent, and making use of the expertise of the individual areas of TIS.

Beyond Mediocrity More than 2, speeches to aroundpeople, 30 books in 12 languages, successfully founded firms, lectures, on-going consultancy work, and always new goals — this is what makes Hermann scherer stand out.

The Festival was organised by TIS innovation park in cooperation with 20 programme partners. Just how innovative South Tyrol can be was amply demonstrated during the Innovation Festival Bolzano-Bozen from 27th to 29th September. But the other festival speakers were no less persuasive in the smaller gatherings. As expected, the Long Night of Research was the big attraction of the Innovation Festival, and it took place on Friday 28th September from Fifty firms at twelve different stands displayed their current network projects and products which had come about thanks to cooperation with other firms.

The range of firms on display covered the whole gamut of innovative ideas from cars of the future to charging stations for electric cars. New products and methods are needed to overcome technical, statistical and logistical challenges of hitherto unknown dimensions. Large firms in South Tyrol, architects and engineers, universities and research centres Milan Polytechnic, EURAC, University of Bozen-Bolzano as well as the department chief of Hochbau and technical services of the Province as well as the president of the Bolzano Chamber of Architects were all present for the first meeting.

The association organised its first symposium in Februarywhich was held at TIS and attracted participants. In the course of the event, geologists, cultural historians, architects from home and abroad as well as partner associations threw light on all aspects of natural stone as a building material and identified new ways of exploiting it.

To make potential use of the material more comprehensible, TIS mounted an exhibition stand and a portable gallery with samples of natural stone and photographs of reference applications. The Cluster was able to meet the deadline for arranging the necessary certification required under EU regulations and thereby secured the future of the ten firms in South Tyrol which produce wooden beams of this type.

They will continue to be able to sell their products which generate an annual turnover of 2. This Interreg-Project came to an end in Over the course of the project, already existing information about mountain timber was collated and properties which had hitherto not been fully understood were subjected to scientific examination.

The aim was to improve the marketing possibilities of timber from districts at higher altitudes which are difficult to manage, thereby increasing the gross domestic value of the region.

quartzite swap meet 2012

By defining the mountain timber product the project was able to pass on recommendations for action for the North and South Tyrol forestry and timber industry. A further focus of the project was to initiate market-driven cooperation models between the smaller-scale saw mills.

Haselfichte whose wood is particularly sought after for the manufacture of musical instruments such as guitars and violins, the project was able to develop a marketing concept for niche markets.

Solar Thermal Energy Working Group A solar thermal energy installation for producing hot water is worth every penny: In addition, solar thermal energy is carbon neutral, because the entire production chain for solar thermal installations is contained within South Tyrol.

In order to demonstrate the many advantages of this technology, the Solar Thermal Working Group at TIS innovation park and the Regional Association of Craftsmen LVH have set up an information campaign which started at the beginning of The project ran from to Networking people responsible for quality assurance The Alimentaris Cluster of TIS organised three Quality Management sessions in for employees responsible for quality assurance.

The aim was to promote networking and facilitate an exchange of information. The topic of the second QM session was quality management as exemplified by bacon production at the Senfter firm in Innichen. The third QM meeting took place in Glurns, at the seat of the Whisky distillery Puni, with the impressive title: Each meeting was attended by between 18 and 30 delegates. This is the result of a survey of around customers undertaken by four South Tyrol bakeries.

Cereal farmers received advice during planting and harvesting from experts at the Laimburg Research Centre, and undertook to forgo the use of pesticides whilst growing the crops. In addition the mill owners guaranteed they would accept the agreed amount of local grain and undertook to grind and pack it under strict conditions, thereby keeping it completely separate from other grains. Last but not least the bakers turned the flour into regional specialities made exclusively from flour derived from local grain.

A history of brewing, and inns with in-housebreweries today. Five women, one rock Healing clay fangopeeling, music, massages and jewellery — all of these can be made from silver quartzite. The first silver quartzite jewellery collection went on sale in Spring Del Toro studied fashion in Rome, and a few weeks ago became the fifth member of this league of silver quartzite product developers.

Businesswomen conny schwitzer and Anneres Ebenkofler, manager of the Hotel Moosmair in Ahornach, had already started marketing their silver quartzite stone massage in Junewhich uses a fusion of oils and warm silver quartzite to create a new type of massage. And since they have had a joint presence on the Internet www. In addition, each firm displays a plaque to show that it is part of the network.

For example, TIS collects scientific studies, historical records and documented bathing processes and is actively seeking a uniform certification process.

No firms have left the network. LEADERS is an exclusive network currently of 24 South Tyrol enterprises who have distinguished themselves through a particular capacity for innovation and readiness to embrace change.

The firms generate altogether an annual turnover of more than 1. The mission of the LEADERS is that the entrepreneurs should integrate themselves in the network in an active and mutually supportive way. Altogether there were six one-to-one meetings between different entrepreneurs in Since its foundation, the number of cross-sector alliances in the network has grown from 26 to The first 14 participants in this new in-service training course received their diplomas in june Now it is being introduced on a large scale to South Tyrol and, with support from the TIS Alimentaris Cluster, added to high-quality speciality jams and brought to market.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine TCMgoji berries are considered to be the super fruit par excellence — their high level of anti-oxidants helps to slow down cell degradation, contributes to improved vision and improves sleep quality and general well-being. The young entrepreneur and goji berry aficionado anton baron longo has been growing goji berries with his father felix baron longo on four hectares of land around the Schornhof for a couple of years now and last summer he was able to harvest his first few kilos of fruit.

Can you learn creativity? Are you born with a creative gene, or can you learn to be creative? And it is good old brainstorming which as ever is one of the simplest and most effective methods for enhancing creativity. Open Innovation South Tyrol Open Innovation South Tyrol or OIS for short supports small businesses with innovative projects from idea and prototype right through to rollout and marketing.

For example, ina competition inviting ideas for the timber-framed house of the future was announced on the online platform www. It has a sturdy but discreet motor unit, an attractive design capable of being adjusted to suit the individual, is safe and extremely light.

It was TIS that introduced him to the engineer oswald gasser, his future business partner. Oberhollenzer did not find the design of the traditional electric bikes on South Tyrol roads particularly appealing. Once he had decided to develop an e-bike after his own heart and aimed at a model in the higher price-range and with a positive lifestyle design, he realised that he needed some help to develop his idea. And so he turned to TIS. The largest single 3D print, measuring 70 x 50 cm, was a scale model of a rock glacier carried out on behalf of the Office for Geology and Building Materials Testing.

Other items included flow simulations for a window manufacturer, material strength analysis for a sluice gate, and consultation about the standards required for an oven for roasting chestnuts. Its aim is to uncover unused potential and to show colleagues in the health care system how they can make an important contribution to product development through their daily work and technical expertise.

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To enable an exchange of ideas at a professional level, entrepreneurs and employees in the health care sector were invited to an exhibition of South Tyrol medical-technical firms. Around people attended this event which took place on 31st October Food Label Check 2.

After entering the details of a recipe, the program will automatically calculate the nutritional values of the product including the energy, fat and protein content, giving all the nutritional details and the list of ingredients as well as information about allergies as required for packaging and advertising, in both German and Italian.

Food Label Check will be of particular benefit to small and family businesses. The innovative method of calculation allows the precise planning of agricultural reservoirs and dams for hydroelectric power production, as well as accurate assessment of avalanche risk. Is it to be snow boots or a parachute? How about a leisurely snowshoe hike today? Tomorrow, out and about on mountain bikes; and the day after, why not try a parachute jump from 3, metres?

The new company ProAlps offers South Tyrol hotel guests these and many other exciting experiences involving sport, adventure and nature. A website at the drop of a hat Setting up your own website simply and quickly with the aid of ready-made building blocks has now been made possible: Larixpress publishes interactive e-book applications aimed especially at children and young people in South Tyrol to awaken their interest in reading and discovering.

Poker partner needed Fancy a game of bridge — but there are only three of you? A game of tennis doubles, but the fourth player has dropped out at the last minute?

TIS Report 2012 (en)

If you are looking for partners to share in your hobbies, then there is just the social network portal for you at mywildcard.

From a marketing point of view, Red Bull is hard to beat. For example, Red Bull has almost 34 million followers on Facebook. To increase traffic still further on its Facebook page, the global corporation turned to ProGaming Italia, a technological firm at TIS innovation park. Video game enthusiasts met and took part in virtual Formula 1 races. Another reason was curiosity.

quartzite swap meet 2012

We found the big tent pretty uninspiring and breezed through the isles filled with miracle RV cleaning solutions, magical massage chairs, old-person scooters, and sales reps hawking memberships to high-end RV resorts, in a very short amount of time. From there we wandered around outside for bit ducking in and out of the new fifth wheels and motorhomes that were on display. I am not even going to try to describe all that we saw, but I did take a ton of photos so hopefully this seemingly random collection of images will portray the dizzying array of merchandise for sale.

I really love rocks, but once again living in such a small space is really not conducive to a carrying around a collection of large rocks and crystals. Too bad, because there were some really, really stunning rocks with very reasonable prices. First was a flag pole.

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It even came with a flag. Flying the stars and stripes As often happens, this one purchase led to another. The guy at the flag booth mentioned that we could get a windsock extension pole for only fifteen more dollars.

Of course we had to get it- and a windsock too. If we were ever in danger of losing the Airstream in a crowd, no more. I am pretty sure you can see this super tall pole and foot rainbow colored windsock from space. Tim has grand plans involving some paint and LED lights for this W, which I will be sure to share when the project is complete. We biked over one evening for a few hours of chatting and snacking.

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