Romney on meet the press 2012 presidential candidates

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romney on meet the press 2012 presidential candidates

Many called the presidential election the first real social media election, and the number of memes it. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and former presidential nominee told NBC's Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that he. Republican presidential candidates Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, listen to a question from NBC Meet the Press moderator David Gregory. Governor Romney has won the Iowa caucuses, although narrowly.

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Several polls showed Romney having a slight lead over Gingrich in South Carolina. His effective tax rate for was It was also disclosed that Romney had investments in the Cayman Islands and previously had a Swiss bank account until it was closed in Less than 33, Republicans took part in the Nevada caucuses, which proportionally awards 28 Republican delegates.

Romney won 14 delegates, whereas Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum were awarded 6, 5, and 3 delegates respectively. Romney won the Michigan primary narrowly, and won the Arizona primary by a wide margin.

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Republican Party vice presidential candidates, Vote share for Romney, by county. Darker colors mean higher voter percentage. Black indicates no votes were cast for Romney. As a result, Santorum dropped out on April After Romney won the April 24 Delaware primary, Gingrich dropped out on May 2 in a move that was seen as an end to the nomination contest and resulted in the Republican Party declaring Romney the presumptive nominee.

He argues it is possible for Romney to use the debate to mount a comeback.

romney on meet the press 2012 presidential candidates

He needs voters to have one more look at him and this is it," said Devine. They need to make up some ground and get people to like this guy a little.

It is all about how he comports himself. If they are smart and he starts repairing his image, you can change a lot in 90 minutes. According to the Obama team, the president has had less time to prepare because of his White House duties, though he has occasionally taken time out for visits to the Democratic national committee's headquarters in Washington for debate sessions, with senator John Kerry standing in for Romney.

The preparations at the rival camps will be intensive, with soundbites rehearsed over and over again.

romney on meet the press 2012 presidential candidates

They will prepare on replicas of the Denver stage, the rehearsals filmed and analysed. Obama, with a tendency for long answers, is being encouraged by staff to be snappier. One of his advisers, Jen Psaki, said last week: Devine remembers that, in spite of all the detailed preparations for one Gore-Bush debate, one of the problems was a failure to check how Gore's make-up would look on camera.

Viewers complained he looked "too orangey". Expectations It has become commonplace that, ahead of the debates, the two camps talk up the opposing candidate in an effort to lower expectations.

Romney supporters talk up Obama's oratorical skills, while the president's campaign has been claiming that Romney has had a great deal of practice at debates during his nomination process.

romney on meet the press 2012 presidential candidates

In reality, neither candidate is a great debater. Often forgotten is that Obama, while one of the best orators in the US, performed poorly at debates during the during Democratic primaries and caucuses before the election, though he improved towards the end.

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The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, at the time a reporter, admitted last week that Obama had become the nominee in "in spite of his debate performances". It will be completely different after the debate, with both teams fielding supporters in the spin-room to talk up their candidates.

romney on meet the press 2012 presidential candidates

Obama will seek to exploit this to the fullest while Romney has to try to explain it away. Romney's success against Gingrich in debate was attributed at the time to his debate coach, Brett O'Donnell, who subsequently left his staff.

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Other issues will be healthcare reform, immigration and women's rights. Foreign policy is not on the agenda until the final debate. Debates that made a difference The first televised debate between Kennedy and Nixon in cost the Republican the election.