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rx7 meet 2012

Then you spent your nights and weekends tinkering on your Mazda RX7. You take Meet Atsushi Shimaya and his Team Endless/Advan/Sunoco/R-Magic RX7. When he was asked who would you most like to meet in the final he replied simply “Daigo Saito” and with both of them competing at this event this could in fact. The Mazda RX-7 is a front-engine, rear-drive sports car manufactured and marketed by Mazda Mazda-rxst-generationjpg .. car manufacturers, with higher and higher levels of power required to meet buyer demands. .. In November , MX-5 program manager Nobuhiro Yamamoto indicated that Mazda was.

The rear end design was vastly improved from the FB's live rear axle to a more modern, Independent Rear Suspension rear axle.

rx7 meet 2012

Steering was more precise, with rack and pinion steering replacing the old recirculating ball steering of the FB. Disc brakes also became standard, with some models S4: The revised independent rear suspension incorporated special toe control hubs which were capable of introducing a limited degree of passive rear steering under cornering loads.

rx7 meet 2012

The DTSS worked by allowing a slight amount of toe-out under normal driving conditions but induced slight toe-in under heavier cornering loads at around 0. The system changed damping characteristics according to the road and driving conditions.

The system compensated for camber changes and provided anti-dive and anti-squat effects.

Mazda RX-7

The Turbo 2 uses a turbocharger with a twin scroll design. The smaller primary chamber is engineered to cancel the turbo lag at low engine speeds.

The Turbo 2 also has an air-to-air intercooler which has a dedicated intake on the hood. The intake is slightly offset toward the left side of the hood.

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In the Japanese market, only the turbo engine was available; the naturally-aspirated version was allowed only as an export. This can be attributed to insurance companies in many Western nations penalizing turbo cars thus restricting potential sales.

This emphasis on containing horsepower and placating insurance companies to make RX-7's more affordable seems ironic in retrospect. Shortly after the discontinuance of the second generation RX-7s inan outright horsepower "arms race" broke out between sports car manufacturers, with higher and higher levels of power required to meet buyer demands.

When Matt was choosing a new yellow to paint his car the car had already been painted yellow by a previous ownerhe went through different samples from various manufacturers before finally deciding on Mazda Bathurst Yellow.

Time Attack Love: Garage Kagotani Rx-7 - Speedhunters

When I asked Matt what his favorite mod is, it was a difficult decision for him. The roll bar was a requirement when I started running below I actually designed and fabricated the whole bar myself which was a challenge for me. One of the nicest features about the roll bar is that even though it is welded in, I was able to design it to be moved in and out of the car throughout fabrication. This allowed me to do all the important welds outside the vehicle and even send it off for powder coating before welding it into place.

If people can get around that, they find that an LS1 does not add any weight or ruin the weight distribution. It is significantly more reliable, it has higher horsepower potential, and gets much better fuel economy. Even Suzuki-san himself had no idea where his unrelenting obsession for speed would lead him and what an inspiration to so many enthusiasts out there he would become.

He is synonymous with the Battle Evome time attack series, coincidently the same event that led me to come across this Garage Kagotani-built FD3S. There are no big budgets here, no prohibitively expensive custom-made dry carbon, only a great deal of passion and need to go faster which as you will see is pretty effective at pushing enthusiasts like Dr.

Wada, the owner of this FD, to get closer to their goals. Wada, a surgeon, has always seen time at the track as a kind of downtime from the operating room, a way to unwind and do what he loves most.

Mad Mike returns in his insane quad-rotor MADBUL RX7 - World Time Attack Challenge Sydney

After seeing the FD in action I decided to meet up with Dr. Wada and Kagotani-san at Tsukuba… …to chat more about this car they have slowly developed over the years.

rx7 meet 2012

It just so happens that this was also the shakedown test of the newly rebuilt engine, now sporting a bigger and more serious single turbo set up. Aesthetically the FD wears a ton of parts from the Garage Kagotani catalogue… …starting off up front with the bumper, which features very large intakes to aid cooling. Carbon fiber canards and an underspoiler are much needed additions to help maximize front downforce, while to help shave weight off and give a more streamline look, the pop-up headlights were replaced with fixed RE-Amemiya units.

Modifications continue with a Kagotani carbon fiber aero bonnet… …and wider front fenders, which as we can see here just about manage to contain the Volk Racing CE28Ns.