Turlock swap meet 2012 ford

Turlock Swap Meet

turlock swap meet 2012 ford

We will do some of the same things in as we did in , . Turlock SWAP MEET MODEL A FORD, Antique Classic Cars, and. Northern California - turlock swap meet. , PM Typical of a swap meet - 50% Chevy, 30% Ford, the other 20% is a mix of all other brands. ill be there dont have a space but am willing to bring 57 ford stuff if anyone needs something!! they will call you around Nov when they have open spaces. here's the swap meet web site gtfd.info

Nobody got hurt that I saw and I was about 20 feet away from the impact zone. Ive been a vendor for 37 years. I have dozens of stories but here is one of the funny ones. A friend of mine and myself were set up as vendors at the Petit Jean swap meet in Arkansas.

I had an old under dash air conditioning unit for a 60s model Ford car. I had hauled it a couple years with no takers. It had been priced at I took my marker and marked through the A little while later I noticed my friend had marked through the Without saying anything I marked through the Well of course he marked it down to 5.

We were sitting there drinking a Coke when it hit me. I got up and marked it I told my friend that we could keep on marking it, but wherever it sold, The person who marked it had to pay.

turlock swap meet 2012 ford

It had been marked down to Finally he said "does that mean what I think it means" I said "what do you think it means" and he said "you will pay me So I gave him a The story of the "two crazy guys" who were paying people to take things spread quickly. We did not pay any more people to take things, but our sales really picked up By tommy coffey on Monday, January 02, - Not T related but a few years ago I had a Chevy coupe.

At a swap meet I spotted 2 NOS grilles, belonging to the same seller. When I asked about the grilles his response was - I"ll take fifteen for the pair. I bought them both. Ive made fair offers on parts before, and had the seller simply turn his back on me and ignore me.

Weird, he wouldn't even respond to me. I would have accepted a "go to hell " at least. By Terry Bond on Monday, January 02, - At a small swap meet a few years ago, I was unloading some stuff from the back of my pickup truck and a well dress gentleman and his "showpiece" girlfriend walked up.

One word out of his mouth and I could tell he was acting the "big-shot" to impress his girlfriend. I told him No, and of course he knew all about what they were really worth and proceeded to try and force ten bucks into my hand.

turlock swap meet 2012 ford

I eventually just turned away and started talking to another customer and he drifted away. I decided I would just put the parts back into the truck and keep them. A few hours later, he came back, without the girlfriend, and asked if I still had the parts.

He asked to see them, and as I retrieved them from the truck, scrapped off the masking tape with the price on them. I told him no, I would go no less that Fifty Bucks. I sill laugh about that one.

Later I'll tell you about the time I sold mud at Hershey! Two years ago at the first Luray Va. I overheard one of the women say "Hell, I wouldn't even have a kitchen but it came with the house! I stop at every hardware shop between home and the Bendigo swap meet in Victoria. I got a mobile call from my wife Nancy while on a walk around for tools. She told the bloke she'd have to ask me first if that was OK!

Sounded OK to me. She counted out his 15 and he walked off, but stopped about 30 yards away. She thought she was in for it. He turned back, to get another 15 at the same price!!!! Some people just have to bargain for a bargain. Allan from down under. By Burger in Spokane on Tuesday, January 03, - This is a wrecking yard story I had pulled a bumper guard assembly off a deeply buried 56 Chevy and along with a bunch of other items, paid the owner and was loading up the truck.

It was slow and the same guy came out to chat us up All of a sudden he gets serious and asks where I got those bumper guards they were already packed into the load. Before I could answer, he was going on about needing a set for his Nomad and having looked for years for a set. He asked if they could be bought and I replied "make me an offer". His offer was about 10x what the entire load had cost me!

I was tempted to be an ass and counter offer, just to see where it might go, but bit my tongue. I don't think it could have been possible to make this guy happier that day.

By Dan Killecut on Tuesday, January 03, - Now these running boards are not reproduced. If you're restoring a show truck, you really need them. I'm waiting for the rest, as he is looking at me strangely. All of a sudden I realized he thought I met 2. I told him dollars, he stood there dumbfounded and then reached for his 5 dollar bill and left. I had a 27 nickel plated brass radiator shell.

Very nice original condition. A man asked my wife if she would take She said no, it's a very nice brass one, no dents or cracks. He then told her it wasn't brass, and they are all over the place for She told him he should have bought the By Eugene Story on Tuesday, January 03, - I was at a junk swap meet and had a box of 30 fishing reals. My question did I get took on the deal?

turlock swap meet 2012 ford

The woman who got a free house that with went with the kitchen she bought reminded me I came in the house wearing a new orange kubota hat, wiffie sez where did you get the hat?

But now she said that tractor is better for me than another woman. My son and his girlfriend went with us to a swap meet once. He was negotiating a price on something and telling the vendor he didn't have that much money and only had this much One time at a swap meet I found a pair of hi-po Pontiac exhaust manifolds that I knew my brother needed for one of his cars. The vendor wanted about 20 dollars more than I had on me, and wouldn't budge until I showed him my empty wallet and turned my pockets inside out to prove that I had given him every penny I had!

He relented and sold me the manifolds. I really have a problem with the pompous pr! I say this in a more general old car sense than a Model T sense. Years ago I thought car shows and all that BS was a normal and natural part of the old car experience.

I took my DeSoto to a big show down in Graham. In tow was my girlfriend and her year-old brother. The place was filling up and single spot remained open in that area and a guy with the Red Corvette was directed to put his car there next to mine.

By the fit this butthead threw, you'd think they told him to strip naked and let everyone urinate on him! He was angry and yelling. He did not want his glorious Red Corvette parked next to a junker like my old DeSoto! But the place was packed nowhere else to park it and he left us there to go consort with other Corvette snobs.

After a while he returned and a series of comments were made about junkers and real cars and good car people vs. He became quite agitated as time went by because no one stopped to look at his Red Corvette, but crowds were gathered all around the seldom seen DeSoto.

This really chapped his hide and he got quite loud and vocal about it. Now, year-old little brother was a sharp kid, and he was getting pretty angry about this Red Corvette guy, so I did a little coaching with the kid and let him put on an Oscar-winning performance. He went around the Red Corvette and being careful not to touch, got the owner up to chaperone the lad and answer any questions. The kid came in low and slow and asked all the right questions and when Red Corvette guy had really taken the bait, he asked him if he liked young boys.

The guy said "Well, sure Iike young boys! He got in his car and about ran people over getting out of there. A real asset to the old car hobby. I purchased a rusty and incomplete but running well Roadster with disk brakes on the rear and hydraulic drum brakes on the front with a BB RAJO engine in it.

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It had to park on our side drive because there was no room in the barn and Mary was not happy at all with that unsightly mess ruining the view, It had a Ruckstell and a modern five speed transmission with reverse giving it 20 forward speeds.

The body was rusted from halfway down the doors to the frame rails with daylight showing through and there was no turtle deck but there was a good gas tank in it and the cowl was perfect.

There were four fenders with some holes in them but the edges were perfect and had no rust. Excellent candidates for patching up a jig saw puzzle. I bought it just for fun and took it to the Long BeachCA swap meet. A fellow came bye in a nice 40 Ford pickup and asked how much for the left rear fender which was perfect. He came back several more times even more confused each time. I told him I wanted to sleep inside the house that night and not in that car on the driveway in the rain again.

At least I told him the truth! Slow Frank By brass car guy on Wednesday, January 04, - Having been a long term Hershey attendee, we had a lot of interesting stories form the grass and mud days.

turlock swap meet 2012 ford

One was in the old green field back in the pre pavement days. One of the rain and wind days just made the conditions ever worse. The green field was a bit hilly and at the bottom there were small ponds of water such as a catch basin. The wind was blowing and the porti potties were being blown over some blew over and slid down the hill into the small ponds.

They laid there floating in the water on their sides. We are standing at the top of one of the hills as there 2 well dressed ladies wearing dresses walked by taking up a storm. They were so busy chatting they were oblivious to the up coming downward slope. Over the top and down they went.

Someone would want to buy and Gary could not resist selling. It is a T5. When Ford decided to export its popular Mustang to Germany, it found that there was a truck of that name made by Krupp already there.

Sure, there will be a mini car show of classics and street rods for everyone to see and enjoy. But with no snow for his sleigh, how could he be sure the toys could be delivered to all the children?

They have the fat fenders and wrap-around windshield that epitomizes the Nifty Fifties Ford pickups. With a step-side short bed, they may not be as aerodynamic as a modern truck, but they sure are cooler looking.

And Ted just likes their style.

turlock swap meet. Is it worth going?

F CustomCab - Ford F Stock- that meant it came with two sun visors, two arm rests and stainless steel trim around the windshield. That's not too interesting for most folks. It originally had a 6 cylinder overhead yalve engine and a manual 3 speed transmission with shift on the column, 3 on the tree. Poster Child - Roadster - The job of making it a rod had been done right, with a TCI frame with a Ford nine-inch rear end and front disc brakes.

The removable Bop Top gives cover if it rains.

turlock swap meet 2012 ford

The CID Chevy engine mated to a Turbo auto trans has more than enough power to cruise on down the highway. Ken had bought the Model A in an estate sale about twelve years before and was ready to transform the tired and battered stock car into a cool and comfortable rod.

Chrylser, Ford and Chevrolet. Wayne had loved that car so he started looking. Wally and wife Rene bought the car about three years ago for their son Garrett. In cars, those are things like power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, quietness, softer ride, etc. Don and Gloria C. Don started looking something unique and classy. My Bird - T-Bird - In the early 's my father-in-law bought a T-Bird that was wrecked in the front and I handled getting it back on the road.

The Roamin Angel Corner-Stories about our cars.

It was painted a sickly green, with a green interior and matching padded vinyl roof, all of which were definitely not original. When she saw her first Thunderbird, she wanted one. Since she was six years old, she needed her parents to buy it. They are guys who like to do most if not all of the work of building their hot rods themselves rather than buying a car already done or having the work done by others.

When a co-worker of Gary A. Unfortunately, his wallet did not agree. As a mechanic at a Coors wholesaler, he spent his life working on vehicles and felt Fords were the best. Bill was able to buy it for a good price. What is an E-Bird? Most people consider buying a car off of E-Bay to be like running with scissors: Lanny, one of the founders of the Roamin Angels Car Club way back inknows cars better than to ever buy one sight unseen.

Being a hot rodder since youth, Dick T. It was complete and even ran…in a fashion. He had completely revamped the air conditioning for the previous owner and did like the car. Seldom does that car survive the years, but the memory does. Bob is no exception. Although she did not think she would be interested, she went to look and it was love at first sight. This was the car he wanted. But his father had no use for Henry Ford, so Dennis ended up with a Plymouth but he never forgot his first love.

Although the previous owner had started to build it as a street rod, with a Chevy CID engine, Turbo auto trans and Ford 8" rear end, it was not very far along. Lanny's Fire Car - Ford Coupe - As a lifelong hot rodder and restorer of cars, Lanny has acquired an impressive collection of vehicles. His wife said it had to be comfortable and have AC. He wanted something different, the heavier more luxurious type, with all the bells and whistles. He found a T-Bird Landau sitting in a field.

The Brazen Hussy - George's Ford Truck- Ray kept on telling me about this 40 Ford pickup that needed a little work, but could be acquired at a very reasonable price. Barb's '34 Ford Truck - Barbara's 'new' Ford pickup project.

We started the project in November and she took it home on March 5, Although it is not finished, it runs and drives. They still need to have the upholstery done and at some point body work and paint.