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voice of shredder tmnt 2012 meet

The first season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aired on Nickelodeon from September 29, In August , it was revealed that Mae Whitman would be the voice for April The images showed the designs of all four Turtles, Shredder, Splinter, . While away from the group, Leonardo meets a female Foot Ninja named. Michelangelo--the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Not the Artist--Visits The Met Ashley Johnson in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles () Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . And they're doing all that while trying to defeat Master Shredder, an old are voiced by the voice actors from the s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV series) episode Voice Direction, Andrea Romano ultimatum to the Turtles to take to Splinter: If he ever wants to see Miwa again, meet Super Shredder at the last place where Shredder defeated him.

His father was the leader of a family ninja clan in Japan known as The Foot Clan. He then adopted the baby as his own son. He was then also trained and raised alongside with Yuuta's son, Hamato Yoshi so that they could become ninjas of The Hamato Clan. The two of them had a very brotherly relationship as they were believed to be brothers and they both shared a rivalry in training. But then years later when Saki and Yoshi were both older, they both fell in love with the same girl, Tang Shen.

They both tried to get at her, but Yoshi was chosen by Shen over Saki. He then became jealous about this relationship and held a grudge on Yoshi claiming that "he took Shen away from him". In an unknown point, Yoshi and Shen got married and had a child of their own named Miwa. In an unknown point, Saki learned about his true background as he was not a child of Hamato Yuuta, but instead the son of Oroku Keiji.

He also learned that he was the heir to The Foot Clan due to his father being the previous leader. So due to this, Oroku Saki decided to take the throne and revived The Foot Clan after years of its defeat. Now knowing the truth that he wasn't related to Yoshi, he went to the Hamato Dojo in order for him and Yoshi to have a fight to the death. In the climax of the fight, he was about to finish off Hamato Yoshi once and for all.

But then Saki accidentally give the blow to Shen when she shielded Yoshi for protection. She then passed away due to the blow and both men were devastated and heartbroken. When Saki was trying to get at her, he was burnt in the face by a piece of ceiling that was on fire, which caused his face to become scarred with burns. Once he exited the burning Dojo with permanently scarred face, he spotted the baby of Yoshi and Shen who was abandoned.

He then decided to take the baby with him and renamed her Oroku Karai, to later on raise her as his own daughter and fuel her with lies about the tragic death of her mother, which was supposedly caused by Hamato Yoshi. He later on starting to recruit members for his clan to expand it, such as his own army of ninjas known as the Foot Soldiersfamous martial artist Chris BradfordBrazilian street thug Xever Montes who was freed by Shredder after being imprisoned after a failed attempt of stealing his briefcaseand the blind swordsman Hattori Tatsu.

That was until Tatsu fled from The Foot Clan after being mocked by the other ninjas due to his blindness. From there, The Shredder became the new sensei of Karai and made her his new second-in-command. He later on also gifted his daughter with the Shikomizuewhich would become her signature weapon. The goal of Shredder was to fully transform his ninja clan into a worldwide crime syndicate, as well as seeking vengeance on Hamato Yoshi. As Super Shredder After Shredder's last encounter with Splinter at Washington Square during the invasion of the Triceraton Empirehe became badly injured due to the attacks that Splinter performed on him, after The Shredder failed to assassinate him.

When he was finally defeated and his right hand man, Tiger Clawcarried his master away to retreat, The Foot Clan had to move away from New York City to a mansion that Shredder owned in the woodsmaking Shredder's Hideout abandoned until Karai and Shinigami took over the place.

While they made the mansion their new lair, Oroku Saki had to be on a hospital bed to recover from the injuries. He later discovers a noticeably light-hearted Karai knows something of the night before, but is hesitant to tell him. And I can say no more than that. I'm not sure exactly how old Karai is, but it might just be that her daughter was adopted. In general, I consider the time span between Volume 2 and Volume 4 to be about fifteen years.

Duncan posted a character design sketch of her on his deviantART account, writing that he prefers to "refer to her as Shredder's girlfriend. InWaltz said Karai is one of his favorites: Her backstory is told in Villain Mini-series 5: From there, she began to learn about the history of her ancestors in the Foot Clan and used the detailed martial arts instructions to train in the clan's unique style of ninjutsu.

One night, she had a vision where Oroku Saki appeared and guided her to rebuild the Foot Clan. Having killed her own father, Karai reverted the Foot from a business enterprise to a clan of ninja warriors, training and recruiting new soldiers.

voice of shredder tmnt 2012 meet

Karai assisted in Oroku Saki's resurrection and remained as Chunin second-in-command of the clan, until Saki brainwashed Leonardo to join him, displacing Karai. Karai, in her jealousy, begins to secretly recruit for the Foot, including the creation of Bebop and Rocksteady to earn Saki's trust. After the Turtles recover Leonardo, Shredder praises her for her actions and loyalty and reinstates her as Chunin. After Splinter kills Shredder in issue 50, Karai offers him her sword and the role of jonin leader of the Foot.

He accepts and gives Karai permission to travel to Japan with select soldiers to study history in order to attain honor for the Foot. She gets involved in a turf war between two Yakuza clans and is nudged by one of their leaders into embarking on a quest to recover an ancient object of great mystical power.

When she learns that she was betrayed by him, Karai ends up taking over the entire Tokyo underworld. I think Karai should be much like she is in the comics, a powerful character who brings unity and the potential for conflict with the Turtles down the road to the Foot. I think she could become a strong adversary for the Turtles in her own right. The supervising producer Lloyd Goldfine envisioned the cartoon Karai as "sleek, no-nonsense, commanding, Japanese accent.

Trained in ninjutsu and an aspiring practitioner of bushidoKarai first appears as one of the highest-ranking members of the Foot Clan, similar in status to the Shredder's adopted son Hun who holds a grudge against her ; eventually, she becomes the clan's leader. Due to her internal conflicr she appears, throughout the series, both as an ally and enemy to the Turtles, sharing a complicated relationship with the them, especially Leonardo. Karai was the only Foot member who knew that the Shredder was really an Utrom.

When she appeared as a guest of April and Casey's wedding, her vendetta with the Turtles was confirmed to be finally over; though it is unknown when. Karai made her animated debut in Season 2in the loose adaption of the three-part City at War saga. Karai arrives in NYC after hearing the news of the gang war taking place after the Shredder's reported demise, briefly capturing Leonardo [Note 3] and enlisting the aid of the Turtles to stop the war, with a promise an end to the Foot's feud against them in exchange for their assistance.

Leonardo, believing that her Karai is honorable despite her legacy, convinces DonatelloMichelangeloand Casey Jones to aid her Raphael initially refuses. Together, Karai and the Turtles eventually retake control of the New York Foot and consequently its underworld. A truce is made between the Turtles and the Foot.

voice of shredder tmnt 2012 meet

However, the end of the story reveals that Karai has been manipulating the Turtles and working with the barely survived Shredder all along, unbeknownst to the New York Foot. Realizing that their agreement with the Foot had been retracted, the Turtles decide to face the Foot again. When forced to fight Leonardo, and despite his lack of resistance, Karai proved unwilling to kill him. Karai's internal conflict—loyalty to the good Turtles vs.

In the end, the Shredder is taken prisoner and exiled, while Karai and the young head of the Foot's scientific division Dr.

voice of shredder tmnt 2012 meet

Chaplin are also captured and taken back to Earth. This new Shredder "would retain the traditional iconic elements, but have a different treatment" [65] Furious at what she saw as a betrayal by the Turtles, Karai spends the season plotting her revenge against them, first attacking them on the psychic plane via Foot Mystics, and later coordinating and leading an assault against them at their lair.

The destruction of the artifact unleash a chain of events that results in the resurrection of the demon, whose first target is Karai for "usurping" the Shredder's name.

Despite her efforts and those of the Turtles who believe her the key to stopping himthe One and True Shredder bests Karai in battle, seriously injuring her. This allows the Turtles an advantage in their final conflict with the demon, in which Karai helps pave the way for her namesake's destruction, while Dr. Chaplin helped to co-ordinate the battle. After the victory, Karai and Dr. Chaplin depart hand-in-hand, with her promising him to worry more about their immediate future.

However, she is seen during the events that would have occurred after the Turtles' return from the yearas Karai has abandoned her grudge against the Turtles and is eager to become a student of the Ninja Tribunal, but Leonardo is obsessively distrustful of her, almost ruining Karai's burial ritual of the Shredder and accusing her of being a traitor, in effect leading to his own banishment from the Tribunal.

As the events in this book were written by Splinter and Cody Jones to discourage the Turtles from knowing too much of their future, it is unlikely anything of the sort occurred or will occur.

Here, she is seen as cameos in a brief flashback with Ch'rell, the Utrom Shredder, both in her original and new design. In the series last season's finale, [79] having been invited to attend the wedding of April O'Neil and Casey Jones, and arriving at the ceremony with Dr. Chaplin by her side. She and Chaplin later assist the Turtles in fending off the sudden onslaught of the Cyber Shredder, the new Shredder and main antagonist of the final season. She and her robots kill Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael, but she is then herself killed by the missiles fired by April.

However, regardless of her unfeeling and slightly negative attitude, she does have a sense of morality and honor, and believes in taking less aggressive measures toward the Turtles and other certain threats.

She expressed guilt in taking advantage of the Turtles' trust and controlling them for the benefit of her adopted father who was gradually recuperating. Her feelings of guilt and regret sometimes showed when she dueled Leonardo. Karai believes in staying in the heat of battle until seeing things through and does not fear death. She cares about the human race, as she was against the destruction of the millions of innocence that would have occurred had the floating city of Beijing came crashing down on Earth.

Skills and abilities[ edit ] Karai was trained during her adolescence in ninjutsu and high-level forms of hand-to-hand combat under the tutelage of her adopted father, "Oroku Saki. At one point, in her youth, she had demonstrated proficient use of the shortbow and arrow. Having raised by the ruthless and vicious Utrom Shredder, Karai has natural leadership skills and was capable of taking full charge of the Foot clan after the exile of her adopted father and master once she donned his mantle to carry on his destructive and murderous legacy, which seemed to have further multiplied her natural fighting skills.

In the Back to the Sewer season, it is implied that she may have trained even higher levels of ninjitsu from Khan, as her redesigned appearance dons a uniform similar to those of his mind-controlled students, as seen in "Karate Schooled".

I mean, I know she's been part of the universe before but I think the twists and turns we're doing with her and just watching her evolve as a very key player in a series is really exciting. We're not really interested in the old Karai canon so much. And it's the closest thing to a soft spot. But he doesn't treat her like your average daddy's little girl. But at the same time, Shredder with his attachment to her that is the only thing he really has that of course we've never really seen.

The Shredder

I did do a lot of research online though. There are a bunch of great fan sites for her and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From what I understand this Karai is written slightly different than past Karais have, which is great so then it is not so predictable and audiences who grew up with her can still enjoy it.

I do not recall if I had a picture before I started. You know, it is really just my own voice though. I try pitching it up a bit to sound younger like more around But she's sort of feisty, badass and kicks butt.

She gets to have a little going on with Leonardo. What I like about playing this character is she's not all bad. She has a conscience that she has to wrestle with But see, I don't know about the other Karais or storylines in other series, so I don't know how it matches up, if it's the same or different or what. She's got lots of attitude and she's sarcastic at times.

You just never know what she's going to do. She's always surprising you — you think she's going to turn one way and she goes the other. She used her cunning tactics to coerce Leonardo into shouldering less responsibility and live his own life. Wanting to see him at midnight, she showed him the mythical sword of Miyamoto Musashi and expressed a desire to have him steal with her.

When he refused, she became "bored", saying how doing such dishonorable things were "fun". She then left him to fend off Snakeweed, but not before throwing her tanto knife near his head which allowed the Turtle leader to break free. She had made her second appearance in "The Alien Agenda", where she first encountered the inter-dimensional aliens known as the Kraang.

Curious about these extraterrestrials and their involvement with the Turtles, Karai had followed to retrieve an inactive Kraangdroid which she demonstrated to the Shredder and Baxter Stockman, thinking that the scientist could make use of such complex technology from space. Shredder then ordered her to learn more about the Kraang, as their highly advanced technology would prove quite useful in their centuries-old feud with Splinter and the Turtles.

In the Season 1 finale, "Showdown, Part 2" it is revealed that Karai is, in fact, Miwa, the only child and supposedly deceased infant daughter of Hamato Yoshi and his late wife Tang Shen, who was abducted by Shredder as an infant after the battle that resulted in Tang Shen's unfortunate demise fifteen years ago.

The Shredder has since raised her as his own, renaming her "Karai" and telling her that Splinter was responsible for her mother's death. Turning to a shocked and shaken Splinter, she turned to strike him down in retaliation for "taking her mother's life.

Karai reappears in the second season 's third episode,'"Follow the Leader". She becomes very interested in the Turtles hunt for the dozens of mutagen canisters scattered across NYC and forms a plan to trap them. She is later seen looking at a torn photograph of her late mother when she is ambushed the new Footbots, a latest invention of the Kraang for Oroku Saki. Although overpowered by their impressive fighting techniques, Shredder emerges to inform her that he is leaving for Japan to take care of "urgent business.

In the two-part episode "The Manhattan Project", Leo tells Karai the truth that Splinter is her biological father, but she dismisses it as a lie. In "The Wrath of Tiger Claw", she begins to have doubts towards whether or not Shredder is telling the truth.

She "lies" to Leonardo, saying that she believed she is Splinter's daughter and initially allows herself into the Turtles' lair in order to lead Tiger Claw there, but when she found out that she really was Splinter's child, she began to regret her actions and tried to make up for them by helping the Turtles fight Tiger Claw.

She is overpowered and taken back to Shredder, who imprisoned her now that she knew the truth about her parentage and true clan. Karai made a nonspeaking cameo in "The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto" when she was visited by Shredder who tried to explain that it would have been wrong for her to be raised by "scum like Splinter" and that he had done only what he had to do, what he knew was right. She turned away from her "father", refusing to even acknowledge his presence.

Once he had left, she began hacking away at the bars of her prison cell, determined to escape. In "Vengeance is Mine", Karai is rescued by the Turtles and brought back to the lair. However, after hearing the story of their rivalry and her mother's death from her biological father, she got so angry that she returned to Shredder's lair to put an end to him once and for all, only to be captured once more. Shredder's real plan was to use her as bait to mutate the Turtles into snakes - reasoning that, as the natural enemy of the rat, the mutated turtle-snakes would then eat Splinter, who would be unable to fight his sons - but he accidentally causes Karai to fall into the mutagen, turning her into a mutant snake that goes on a rampage before escaping as she regains control of herself when about to kill Splinter.

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Although Donatello hopes to create a retro-mutagen to cure Karai, it is revealed that she is a special kind of mutant and can almost completely change back to her human self, retaining only her greenish snake eyes, venomous fangs, and prehensile tongue.

In the second season's two-part finale, "The Invasion", Karai had two non-speaking cameos; where she appeared near an alley way to hide from the Kraang, and at the end when she had rescued her biological father from drowning to the death in the sewer. She checked his vital organs and warmly nudged him before taking off in the sewers.

She also appeared in a flashback when Shredder was reminiscing her training as a young girl, to her unintentional mutation into a mindless purple-and-white snake. She was shown saving Splinter from drowning in a drain pipe.

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She had brought him to shore, and checked his vital signs before returning to the waters of the sewer. In third season 's tenth episode "Serpent Hunt", Karai is chased by Anton Zeck, Ivan Steranko, Rahzar, and Fishface to be taken to Shredder, who intends to have "his daughter" back, only under his complete control. Donatello observes that her mind is becoming more snake-like as time goes on, as she can hardly even speak, but she still acknowledged her former enemies as friends and said goodbye to them before departing into the city.

She is captured and given to Shredder, who has Baxter begin to work on a mind control serum to get Karai back on his side. In "The Deadly Venom", not only has Baxter successfully helped Karai control her mutation allowing her to remain in human form but shape-shift her arms into snakes, as well as infect her enemies with various toxins, poisons and acidic venombut he also brainwashes her into working for and obeying the Shredder once again, forcing her to call him "Father" against her will.

After infecting April, Casey, Mikey and Raphael with her incurably lethal snake's venom, she faced Leonardo; one-on-one who had managed to counteract her lethal venom by utilizing his newly developed healing gifts of "the healing hands" mantra Splinter had taught him earlier. Although defeated, she managed to escape while Leonardo was distracted.

Many nights later, in "Attack of the Mega Shredder", Karai is seen connected to a Kraang-like contraction that injects her brain with multiple brain-worms. She again staged a plan to capture the Turtles' and place in four separate traps.

This would then force Splinter to fight her to the bitter end for his sons' lives. Fortunately, Splinter later used his "healing hand" mantra, which weakened the brain-worm inside her head, causing her to spit it out, therefore restoring her free will.

Although the Turtles' searched long and hard, she had fled from the city of New York; presumably back to Japan. Many months later, Karai is later used by Splinter and April as a motivation for the Shredder to aid in fending off the Triceraton invasion in season's two-part finale "Annihilation: Karai is then killed off-screen with the Earth's destruction, but she is saved when the Ninja Turtles create a brand-new timeline in "Earth's Last Stand".

Finally free of the vile brain-worm that had controlled her, a furious and embittered Karai focuses all her efforts on taking down Oroku Saki and his criminal empire with the help of her old friend Shinigami; a Shinto witch who possesses extraordinarily powerful dark magic. To give more thought to her new drive, new Foot soldiers are recruited for her own army which she herself commands. Unfortunately, she is later captured by the Shredder who has now become an unusually strong bladed, muscular mutant himself and used as a leverage to force Splinter into another duel to the death.