All ethiopian dv 2014 winners meet here

Green Card winner statistics

all ethiopian dv 2014 winners meet here

Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery (DV) Results.. submitted during this period were Why You Should Enter the Green Card Lottery Main menuqueury for my problem (dv) . Jul 19th All Ethiopian DV Winners Meet Here!. LIST OF COUNTRIES BY REGION WHOSE NATIVES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE USA Green Card Lottery Application Winning Results Please File Request Form Here: The annual DV program makes visas available to persons meeting simple, but Ethiopia. Gabon. Gambia,. The Ghana Guinea. Guinea-Bissau. Kenya. Here you can explore the current and past Green Card winner statistics. This includes the number of Lottery winners per country every year. Did you check your Green Card status of DV yet? Maybe you are one of the This could be a photo that doesn't meet the requirements or a wrong family status. These are only.

DV Winners Meet Here by saakeem Thank you so much am happy foor your reply. DV Winners Meet Here by malcon: DV Winners Meet Here by owobabaisabella: DV Winners Meet Here by winbyforce: DV Winners Meet Here by loconzo Come to Nigeria and process your passport and get interviewed.

In Nigeria you get a passport in some hours.

all ethiopian dv 2014 winners meet here

My candid advice is that your wife should procees her visa with the kids, then you can join them latter, getting US visa is not that difficult in europe and above all comitt everything to God's hand He will surely work it out.

Thanks a lot brother. I'm believing God for wisdom and good turn of events. One question before I move on; Isn't it possible to process your passport in Nigeria? I'm positive that if you came home to renew your passport, it wouldn't take 3 months.

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Now, another red flag I'd warn against stand to b corrected by the house is that since you haven't gotten your 2nd NL yet, you shouldn't write to the embassy to postpone your interview. Even if you have to reschedule, get your 2nd NL first And since your wife is expecting in March, I believe God is purposely giving you a January interview date. But I have to point out that you are working on "many variables" Your wife may being due for march doesn't mean she can't put to bed earlier.

Your interview which you feel comes up in January isn't guaranteed yet until you get your 2ND NL, all predictions have margins of error and besides, we don't know airlines' policies on 9month pregnant ladies In summary, I advice u renew your passport in Nigeria for speed of processing, and besides your wife would need your presence And please don't write to push your interview forward when you haven't gotten an interview letter yet Those are not words of consolation; they are words of faith.

I wish I could share my life experience with you. But my testimony remains 'God is faithful'. Cheer up Bros, like somebody up there sang, 'Count ur blessings', pls don't discount them. That you woke up this morning is a reason that God is not yet through with you. You will testify of His Goodness. I prophesy into ur life, you will be going to America as if it is a market.

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The desires of your heart shall be granted. It is well with you my Brother.

all ethiopian dv 2014 winners meet here

In Jesus mighty name Amen. DV Winners Meet Here by adeadebayor: DV Winners Meet Here by odewenwa: Very urgent thanks Re: DV Winners Meet Here by lagbabe: I know for a fact that a big jump always occurs and the learned from another forum pinpointed March as that month.

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I'm not saying we should take their word as gospel but those guys really know their stuff. So let's chin up and keep faith. Mr westcodes,Pls wts ur CN? Applied as married or single? DV Winners Meet Here by principo f: To the guy who was denied. DV Winners Meet Here by philipblac: Philip I am from Ghana and I was part of the last year dv group.

What do you need??

all ethiopian dv 2014 winners meet here

I maybe of assistance. Tanx bro, I wan to know abt some of the processes at the america embassy Ghana. And have an issue with my date of birth on my certificate, where do I get an affidavit in Ghana pls Re: DV Winners Meet Here by westcodes m: Goodluck to you IJN.

DV Winners Meet Here by bukiemma m: Pls I'd like to know if I my visa would be ready for collection by monday cos I had my interview on monday and d CO asked me to come pick it up in 5 working days. I remember wen my dad visit visa was approved he got an sms from dem dat his visa is ready for collection. For those who has picked up their visas, did u guys receive text msg before u went to pick up ur visas.

Seun is in the better position to do that but sadly so far Seun is being unhelpful.