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Dining · Arts · Indulge · Inside Jersey · Movies · Music · Puzzles · Shore · TV Updated March 30, at AM ; Posted March 29, at AM Last week, a Rutgers University fraternity was shut down indefinitely "Students in Greek life are typically the strongest leaders on campus," Bach said. Greek Excellence Report · Greek Excellence Report Alpha Monmouth University chapters has been withdrawn by their National offices. The spring semester kicked off with the Greek Life EXPO at Harwood Arena line that stretched throughout the outer hallway of Kean University's Harwood Arena. in media and film and a new brother in the Sigma Theta Chi fraternity, . has been a Staff Writer for The Cougar's Byte since October of

As identification cards were processed and approved by the event's employees, active members of Greek organizations, Kean alumni, students and other fans of Greek Life filled the spacious Harwood Arena. Greek letters and vivacious Greek designs that commemorate the 30 different organizations at Kean blanketed the blue and white padded walls and the carpet beneath them. On the floor, the architects of the murals dedicated to honoring their organizations appeared synonymous with their organization's colors.

No matter how big or small each group's numbers were, their uniqueness through their designs and outfits helped to attract those who had even the slightest of inclination about Greek Life to learn more about why it is so great. Ecstatic fraternity and sorority members in the middle of the floor and inquisitive members of the Kean community who walked from one Greek table to another only meant one thing: Meet The Greeks was back.

From the informational sessions on the floor about Greek Life at 5 p.

  • Kean's Greek Senate Knows It's Possible

The event began at 5 p. As the fans of Greek Life danced and sang on the floor, members of the variety of Greek organizations danced and sang along.

Kean's Greek Senate Knows It's Possible | The Cougar's Byte

Prospective new members of these organizations stepped up to their fraternity or sorority of their choice and spoke to the members, while exchanging contact information with the young students. Maria Camila Aponte, a junior majoring in mathematical science and a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Incorporated, felt that the familiarity that each organization shows during the five-hour event was the single biggest factor that attracted students who wanted to know about Greek Life to the 30 different tables in the room.

Seeing fraternity and sorority members rock their letters, do their strolls and step and let people know what they are truly about and what they do helps the most," Brown said. Many of the Greek members in front of their tables were previously not in organizations until this semester. As alumni and older active members exchanged salutations with people interested in their organizations, new members of each fraternity and sorority greeted younger students and informed them about Greek Life, all while enjoying their first time at Meet The Greeks as a Greek.

Greek Letters Galore at Meet The Greeks Spring ! | The Cougar's Byte

Jason De La Cruz, a sophomore majoring in communications with a concentration in media and film and a new brother in the Sigma Theta Chi fraternity, commented on his first experience being behind the table and speaking to those who appeared to be interested. It showed me the way to find my home. This is amazing for me, and I feel like an insider, now that I am in the organization," De La Cruz said.

For other upperclassmen, however, their last Meet the Greeks as undergraduate students was experienced, and for some, being in front of their unique table designs for the last time as active members was bittersweet. Stephanie Cardenas, a senior majoring in biology with a minor in health and a sister of Omega Sigma Psi, explained her enjoyment for her final time. It was the first time that I was a part of something so big where everyone was looking at our organization and what we were doing.

This was my third year, and now I am going to graduate and I wanted that last chance to tell new students, 'come, join what I did. See where I started and where I am ending'.

Greek Letters Galore at Meet The Greeks Spring 2018!

Buchanan is a senior majoring in psychology and psychiatric rehabilitation. For the banquet, Greek Senate covered the cost for two members of each organization attending. Doors opened for the even at 5 p. The DJ was playing music as the Greeks mingled and slowly began taking their seats with their organizations.

A slideshow continuously ran, highlighting various events and organizations throughout the year. The space is very elegant, and blue and yellow napkins added color to the tables along with floral centerpieces.

Kean University Fall 2014 Meet the Greeks Step and Stroll Exhibition

At the front of the dance floor stood a long table lined with trophies, KDM t-shirts, awards and gift bags, all that would be given out later during the event. Tables were reserved for faculty advisers and CLS staff, but guests were allowed to sit wherever they and their organization pleased. Upon the clock striking 6 p. He then presented a motivational video to go with the theme of the night: He continued to talk about how all of the individual organizations come together as a group to fulfill one vision.