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meet up 2014 multiple support

Beijing Big Data and Security Conference – 11 Jun – Beijing, China. SkySQL had a booth and many MariaDB people were there to help answer your questions! trends, and how MariaDB & MySQL are going forward with multiple NoSQL solutions. There was also a MariaDB meetup on October 16 Feb 3rd: MSN DevOps meetup on Docker – Madison, WI . in a predictable and reproducible with support for multiple steps and best practices. Who pays for a Meetup group? U.S. state sales taxes collected by Meetup · Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) collected by Meetup.

Until ISAF expanded beyond Kabul, the force consisted of a roughly division-level headquarters and one brigade covering the capital, the Kabul Multinational Brigade.

The brigade was composed of three battle groups, and was in charge of the tactical command of deployed troops.

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ISAF headquarters served as the operational control center of the mission. Eighteen countries were contributors to the force in February,and it was expected to grow to 5, soldiers. During this period, the number of Turkish troops increased from about to 1, Around 1, German troops served in the force alongside Dutch soldiers operating as part of a German-led battalion. Turkey relinquished command in February,and assumed command for a second time in February, Turkey's area of operations expanded into the rugged west of Afghanistan.

The expansion of its zone of activities saw ISAF troops operating in 50 percent of Afghanistan, double its previous responsibility. In Kabul on 7 Junea taxi packed with explosives rammed a bus carrying German ISAF personnel, killing four soldiers and wounding 29 others; one Afghan bystander was killed and 10 Afghan bystanders were wounded. The 33 German soldiers, after months on duty in Kabul, were en route to the Kabul International Airport for their flight home to Germany. ISAF command originally rotated among different nations every six months.

However, there was tremendous difficulty securing new lead nations. In February,South Korea sent a medical contingent of 99 soldiers. A study by Care International in the summer of reported that Kosovo had one peacekeeper to 48 people, East Timor one for every 86, while Afghanistan has just one for every 5, people. About 90 percent of the force was contributed by NATO nations. By far the largest single contingent, 1, were Canadian.

meet up 2014 multiple support

About 2, German troops were involved, and Romania had about troops at the time. During this time-frame, Canada was the largest contributor to the ISAF force, providing 2, troops. Canada reduced its forces to about personnel. With a force ofGeorgia became the first Commonwealth of Independent States country to send an operational force to Afghanistan.

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As the area of responsibility was increased, ISAF also took command of an increasing number of PRTs, with the aim of improving security and facilitating reconstruction outside the capital.

The new area was the former U. DuringItaly commanded four multinational military operations: The Alliance also temporarily deployed 2, additional troops to Afghanistan to support 18 September provincial and parliamentary elections.

Operation Enduring Freedom troops in Helmand Province. In February,the Netherlands expanded its troop contribution with an extra 1, soldiers. This was the first time U. Apaches had opened fire in a hostile theater and was, after a fashion, the WAH's first "combat kill.

meet up 2014 multiple support

The first element of this plan was the expansion of ISAF to the south inalso known as Stage 3. The number of ISAF forces in the country also increased significantly, from about 10, prior to the expansion to about 20, after. The mission was led by the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

We hope that this conference opens up the opportunities for southern California iGEM teams to collaborate with each other.

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Our itinerary will be subject to change depending on how many participants attend. July 7, Location: Every team participating will be given the chance to present their project in front of a jury composed of various professionals.

This year we will also schedule round tables about bioethics and how regulations may be a restraint to innovation. For security reasons, the itinerary will be given to registered participants. This event has passed. Please check back soon for a summary of the event. July 6, Location: At NEGEM, teams will have time to present their project, receive feedback from other teams, and discuss potential summer collaborations.

meet up 2014 multiple support

Participants will also have some time to have fun and meet new people! Contact us by email to register. July 3, Location: St Andrews, UK Description: Anyone interested in attending should contact us via the email below. Sergei Petrunia gave a talk here alongside Alexey Maykov from Facebook.

Colin Charles gave a talk, and a tutorial on 02 Oct at code. Colin Charles had talks at this event as did Max Mether. Colin Charles had a talk at this event. Colin Charles had a tutorial at the event.

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Colin Charles spoke about MariaDB for web developers. SkySQL also had a booth at this venue. Before that, there was a Community Leadership Summit which we were also at June. Colin Charles spoke about MariaDB Colin Charles delivered a keynote on MariaDB here.

Colin Charles spoke about MariaDB at this event. Colin Charles spoke about MariaDB at the community event.

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Peter Zaitsev gave a talk: Colin Charles spoke about MariaDB. Many people from MariaDB have talks accepted and spoke.