Provincial meet 2014 in argao cebu

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provincial meet 2014 in argao cebu

the highlights of Cebu Provincial Sports and Cultural Festival was the search for the Provincial Meet Cebu Provincial Government is at Argao, Cebu . January 18, The provincial meet was supposed to be held late last year, but LMP-Cebu requested Department of Education (DepEd) 7 26 to 31 will be hosted by the local government units Argao and Dalaguete, Diamante said. NEDA conducts research on Cebu Province development . level including officials who were part of the delegation in the Cebu Provincial Meet that kicked-off last January 26, in Cebu Technological University Oval in Argao, Cebu.

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The war also started the Spanish—Moro Wars waged between the Christian Visayans and Muslim Mindanao, wherein Moros burned towns and conducted slave raids in the Visayas islands and selling the slaves to the Sultanates of the Malay Archipelago and the Visayans fought back by establishing Christian fort-cities in Mindanao, cities such as Zamboanga City. On 3 Aprillocal revolutionaries led by the Negrense Leon Kilat rose up against the Spanish colonial authorities and took control of the urban center after three days of fighting.

The uprising was only ended by the treacherous murder of Leon Kilat and the arrival of soldiers from Iloilo. Taft visited Cebu on 17 Apriland appointed Julio Llorento as the first provincial governor.

Classes suspended in Cebu province

The Japanese encountered some opposition there from guerrillas and irregular forces led by Col. James Cushing and the Cebu Area Command. Present day[ edit ] Colon Streetthe oldest national road in the Philippines, is the center of a dense and compact area in downtown Cebu City that was once the heart of Cebu City's shopping and business activity, with fashionable shops, restaurants and movie houses.

In the early s, much of this activity shifted to the more modern and more diverse business districts located in almost all of the urban areas of the city, including in what was considered residential and leisure neighborhoods. Colon also serves as a transit point for public utility jeepneys PUJ covering arterial routes within the city. To the northeast of the city is Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion ; to the west is Toledo City and the towns of Balamban and Asturias ; to the south is Talisay City and the town of Minglanilla.

Further east across the Cebu Strait is the island of Bohol. A Tribal act as we say or a cultural show decorated with colors and beautiful people. The inhabitants of this island have preserved the natural beauty of this island, and a visit to this island would enliven your stay in Cebu. It can also be said that the scenic beauty of this island is worth a photograph. Gadget wise, it could be more awesome to have these things with you to capture what captivates your mind of this blissful festival.

Borbon takes pride on their cultural and historical inheritance. The festival is all about traditional prayers for a bountiful harvest. One of the significance of the said celebration is giving thanks and reverence to the Almighty God for giving them the Simulgi River that played a vital part in the development of trade and industry in the province and also in honor to the patron saint, St.

Merrymaking is laid out as dancing on the streets armed with colorful apparels reflecting the culture of Borbon which is of course the limelight of the festivity participated by different barangays of the neighborhood.


Expect an array of delicacies of puto cheese and budbud which credited for their fame and national recognition. Seemingly, the locality presented their faith and say their silent prayers through this devotional dance. Never miss the joy and pun as Simulgi Festival makes its run. The festival is an added attraction for the glamour of the northern towns of Cebu promoting tourism and economical enhancement.

Faith and prosperity combined. Now this adds up to the core limelight of the town as this town is in the big stage of festivity. The festival commemorates and celebrates the process of making this delicacy. The exploit of this activity, the festival growth has been commended by the multitude and been encouraged to compete with other festivals of the province. Budbod Kabog is one of the specialty products that can only be tasted in Catmon Cebu.

The event showcases also the camaraderie of the town people in honor of the patron San Guillermo de Aquitania. The Budbod Kabog Festival is a festival showcasing the whole process of producing the delicious specialty. Discover something anciently tasty in Catmon, Cebu and these awesome dance steps too. Top cowboys from all over the country will converge in the Queen City grounds for this prestigious festivity exhibiting their spectacular horse riding skills and art. The goal is to raise the level of awareness through lovely creatures that reflects economical balance and progress.

It is a town dubbed as the vegetable basket of the province. The town is also indulged in its festive mood, the Utanon Festival which is held every 9th and 10th of February signifying a celebration of good harvest through dance and music of course with their crops along.

Dalaguete has been a remarkable feature to the local economy due to its vast contribution and its role in cultural diversity.

provincial meet 2014 in argao cebu

It shall become a marketing tool for the promotion of our vegetable industry and gives emphasis that vegetable farming is a sustainable source of livelihood. In addition to the religious aspect, it aims to promote the vegetable industry and gives emphasis on vegetable farming as a sustainable source of livelihood. The highlight of the celebration is the street dancing and showdown competition. A healthy cultural show for the people. Get involved as these golden crops amaze your stay.

Come explore Dalaguete and join the locals in celebrating good harvest through dance and music. The contenders for the event wear attractive costumes that fit for the kind of presentation of their choice.

Presentations are judged according to performance, choreography and costume. Sarok making used to the main source of livelihood of the town folks especially these living in Barangay Tulotulo. From then on, the Sarok festival has already become one of the most awaited celebrations of the year for the people of Consolacion. Moreover, the festival has been very successful every year and more people from the other parts of Cebu were encouraged to witness the very prestigious festival of Consolacion.

Sarok Festival has become a way of promoting the culture and the beautiful town of Consolacion. The uniqueness of their props and the steps they manifest truly mesmerize your watching. This is another way of showcasing how Filipinos indulge in such a kind of devotion from an instrument so vital for their culture. It refers to the history of Ginatilan as a barrio where a Spanish priest once stayed. The priest often asked for supplies and materials to be sent to the barrio, and that was how Ginatilan was referred to as Hinatdan.

In time, it evolved to Ginatilan from Hinatdan. The festival celebrates the past and the present of the city.

Street dancing of course is the highlight of the celebration filled with colorful suites and untiring smiles of participants. It is a festival of history, a festival of arts and culture of Ginatilanon and a festival of life.

For a festival of life and thanksgiving, give way for this wonderful town. The festivity inspires and encourages the town folks to work harder and do things for the best in life, so that the fruits of their labor and dedication can be sent to the community and for them to cherish and be proud of. So they celebrate and rejuvenate for their hard work is well paid because of their deep faith and astounding devotion.

Soli-Soli features freestyle street dancing competition using soli-soli plant as its dominant material. The festival adds color to the feast of St. This is one strategic celebration to entice more tourists and visitors or draw more investors and internal attention.

The festivity brings about a total enjoyment for the folks as it promotes its cultural heritage also.

provincial meet 2014 in argao cebu

Though Sinulog-inspired, the street dancing and rituals are based on storylines on the arrival of St. Basically, this jovial activity is a tribute to the soli-soli plant, which is a source of livelihood for the locals. Onlookers are graced with many contingents who vie for the free-style street dancing interpretation. Be one of them and judge by your heart how well they perform.

Tostado is a home baked cookie which added fame and glory to the town, hence a delicacy for a lifetime. The event renders honor and tribute to this delicacy that has made Santander known to the horizon.

The street dancing which is the highlight of the festivity uses the different movements of making a tostado in the dance participated in by the different barangays.

The festival is meant to promote the tostado industry of the town to other places. It gives pride to the people and the stage to showcase who they are and what they are capable of. Be willful to take a glance as this window also magnifies your passion and idealism about how people can reach out in any means they can just to show how good and beautiful they are, in this kind of aspect.

A blaze of Glory, Santander. The event famed the town is it exhibits cute little angels portrayed by children flying on cables which makes the enactment so spectacular and incredibly fascinating. Sugat is a big socio-religious event in Minglanilla, which attracts not only people from adjacent towns but also from other parts of the country or from other countries around the world. Tourists flock on the eve before Easter to make a wholesome rest before witnessing an Easter play.

These events are sponsored by the local government of Minglanilla and other private firms to make this festivity meaningful and successful. This is a famed attraction of the city drawing crowds and tourists in multitude.

This festival is mostly celebrated on the 27th of April with much grandeur and pageantry. This festival grants the Cebuano people a good opportunity to re-visit the days of Mactan Battle between Magellan and Lapu-Lapu and also to celebrate their history and events. This is a very significant re-enactment because it implies and asserts the sovereignty of the common people against foreign intrusion. It is a week-long observance because the festival features an array of exciting activities, street parties and events thereafter.

What a promising cast which the people are eager to see. Every year, a new presentation is shown but with the same storyline is followed or based. Usually the presentations of the musical are held at the Mactan Shrine at Punta Engano. Long live the Filipinos for the bravery. Get the chance to re-live that spirit of valor. Its historical past affirms its present identity as a highly urbanized industrial center and a new tourism destination where arts and culture become tools for progress and prosperity.

The highlight of the festival is a parade of street dancers and dioramas showcasing the history and culture. The celebration is all about heritage and its superb impact to the state of Mandaue nowadays. The local government of Mandaue conceptualized the Mantawi festival in to commemorate the historical value and economic significance of the founding of Mandaue to the history of the province of Cebu.

In this fiesta, many pilgrims around the world will come to venerate the patron. This street mardi gras as a cultural tourism festival of Bogo manifests the cultural heritage of the town and serves as an avenue for cultural conservancy of the city.

This sweet delicacy has promoted the city into its stardom and reaching out the fame through Pintos Festival. Pintos Festival is the official festival of Bogo, joining other cities and municipalities in Cebu in displaying the colorful culture of Cebuanos.

Pintos makes Northern Cebu even more sweeter. A good taste that would be. The highlights of this festival include the parade tartanillas, a horse racing competition, tartanilla decoration competition, a bazaar and flea market. The Tartanilla is a festival that reflects the Filipino culture and its love for history. The said festival is one manner of preserving this prestige-rich history and culture of Cebu.

Dubbed as antique mode of transportation, tartanillas are still roaming around the streets of the Queen City. On the event you will have a tasteful shot of seeing the beautifully decorated tartanillas driven by awesome kutseros. By remembering their culture and history and celebrating them, it tells a lot about the passion that the Filipinos have in store of. Such an event that coincides with the momentous Independence Day will be celebrated in a glorious fashion, one that should not be missed.

But having the golden chance of riding these tartanillas is a memorable and meaningful experience. It is relatively big fish, with a foot-long Kinsan, weighing about three kilos considered small.

provincial meet 2014 in argao cebu

Kinsan festival paves way for the local government of Aloguinsan to promote this kind of fish in the food industry. The festival showcases local talents performing original dance steps in this street dancing competition and ritual showdown.

The colorful costumes and movements imitate the movements of the fish and how folks live life in everyday basis. Because of Kinsan, a Kudos to Aloguinsan. Palawod is a Cebuano term which means to go out to see to fish. It is also a colorful festival in this historic island and considered as a cultural hub of the country, the Cebu Province. It is a thanksgiving for a bounteous catch for the local sea toilers.

The street dancing and ritual showdown competitions are performed with the four basic steps: Touted as one of the most colorful and world-class festivals of Cebu, the Palawod depicts the unique fishing traditions of Bantayan. What a glorious festival in Bantayan.