Tca train meet 2014

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tca train meet 2014

This Primer highlights the TCA Eastern Division York Train Meet; the TCA The October York Meet is behind us and work has begun on. The TCA National Business Office was rather busy at the October Meet. TCA has 60 new Wrapping up the October York Train Show. From the The April Meet Notice is close to being completed and sent to the printer. The final touches . Copyright ~ KB Consulting - All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer. The York Train Meet display products like toy trains of all gauges, toy.

Those members that have been in the same location for several meets were handed their badge for the April show when registering. That was a huge success.

tca train meet 2014

The line was wrapped around the registration desk and we had 3 computers similtaneously processing the registrations. Consider pre-registering at the April show and take your October badge home with you. The April Meet Notice is close to being completed and sent to the printer.

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The final touches should be completed this week. My goal is to have the meet notice in the mail by mid December. If you haven't taken the time to read it, please do.

tca train meet 2014

It's packed full of good information about the show, York County and the surrounding areas. Put on a pot of coffee, grab a cup and get caught up on Clem's Primer. Now for some show statistics: You sent a registration form without a signature.

tca train meet 2014

You sent a check with Non-Sufficent Funds available to cover the check. You didn't submit the correct amount of funds.

tca train meet 2014

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York Train Meet

For more information visit the Train Collectors Convention website. The best description from the first time attendee is: The York Train Meet began in and has been growing ever since in popularity.

I remember the stories the "old" members shared about the early days of York and the only hall open was the Blue Hall. Everyone would stand outside the door and when George Yohe opened the doors there was a mad dash to lay claim to the perfect location.

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Boxes were thrown in the doors with the hopes they'd land on a table and children were sent scurring under the legs of members with instructions to find a "good" location. York has come along way since those early days. Having expanded the number of halls, the meet now uses all the buildings on the fairgrounds. With three dealer halls, 4 member halls and operating layout halls, the meet draws 13, members, families and guests for each meet in April and October.


York is a one of a kind meet. As the York Meet grew in popularity among the members of the Train Collectors Association they began coming from all over the world to find that rare and unusual item to add to their collection. After filling the Memorial Hall, also know as the Blue Hall, the meet grew filling every building on the fairgrounds.