Barbie and ken look alikes meet

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barbie and ken look alikes meet

Apr 20, Would you spend K to look like Kim Kardashian? Meet the human Ken & Barbie dolls! Surgery to become a genderless alien! The woman. When Keira arrives to the palace for the festival, she meets Tori. They then realize that they look just alike. Aunt Amelia walks into He is portrayed be Ken. And her unique looks are pulling in the views on her Youtube videos, Valeria lives, as it's claimed the city has 'Barbie-flu' with several other lookalikes. HUMAN KEN AND HUMAN BARBIE HAVE A WAR OF WORDS.

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We want to spend the rest of our lives together morphing into the dolls we love," he added. Anastasia and Quentin both confessed their plastic surgery dreams to their parents and they happily obliged their wishes.

barbie and ken look alikes meet

Anastasia, who is an only child, says: I had always had a tiny, ugly bump on my nose but after the surgery, it was slightly less visible. Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now "However my mum and dad weren't so happy about my boob job.

They didn't understand why I would want bigger breasts but they couldn't resist treating me to cosmetic surgery.

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At the end of the day, my parents would rather have a teenage daughter who takes care of her appearance than one who takes drugs. I felt like I was getting closer to becoming the real Ken. But deep down, I think they found it hard to see me go off and do something that was 'different' to my face.

But my mother and father accepted my wishes because they could see that I was intelligent and hardworking. The pair have spent thousands of pounds on surgery to look like plastic dolls Image: News Dog Media "I was always going to do well in life and I had a very entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted to make more money so I could get more cosmetic surgery and live the flashy Ken lifestyle. It did well and within a year, I opened a second store.

Meet 7 People Who Became Real-Life Barbie and Ken Dolls (PHOTOS)

I was getting closer to my plastic dream. But I felt that there was a certain joy missing from my life. A Ken doll like the one Quentin wants to look like Image: I felt I had made steady achievements with my look but I wasn't accomplishing my full potential as Ken. I was on the dance floor and suddenly, I saw Anastasia.

The Diamond Gardenia makes the kingdom magical. Tori finds two tiny diamonds at the base of the Diamond Gardenia. The fairies put the diamonds on their necklaces, making them their friendship necklaces.

Outside, Keira's manager, Crider, is tired of not being a star and comes to the palace to find valuables while getting a tour from Tori's aunt. Tori's aunt then notices that Tori has bought Keira to see the Diamond Gardenia and scolds her about bringing strangers into the secret area.

Keira's manager, who has been secretly eavesdropping, plans to steal the diamond plant. Tori and Keira head back to Tori's room after Keira almost got into trouble. Tori and Keira realize they want to continue to be each other and agree to remain as each other for one more day. Tori teaches Keira how to be a princess and Keira teaches Tori how to be a popstar.

Tori, under the disguise of Keira, gives autographs to people and enjoys it, but later learns about a drought that she should have been aware about. Meanwhile, Keira, under the disguise of Tori, learns to behave like a princess. She also learns a new song while playing with Tori's younger sisters, who discover Keira's true identity but promise to keep it secret. Later, Keira gets locked in Tori's room by Tori's aunt for not writing a commemoration speech, but Vanessa shows Keira a secret exit in the room through which she escapes.

Meanwhile, Tori sings a song for the first time on stage. The fairies try to stop them, but their efforts are not enough, as Rupert sprayed strawberry-scented spray all around Gardenia. Tori and Keira use their respective magic tools to change back into their true selves.

Both stop the two, with the unexpected help from Keiram, and discover it is always best to be yourself. Crider tries to flee with the Gardenia using his airy coat but the girls imposed a heavy makeover on him using their respective magic tools, causing him to drop the plant and break it into pieces.

Using the diamonds of their friendship necklaces, Tori and Keira plant a new Diamond Gardenia to revitalize the dead plants in the kingdom. Tori, now confident about her life, finally gives her speech. The two go back to the concert and end the film both as entertainers and as best friends.

Tori is a childish, naughty, fun-loving and disobedient teenage girl who always neglected her royal duties and just wanted to play around. When she and Keira met, Keira made Tori understand that she should be aware of the kingdom's condition, take care of it and work hard to fulfil her royal duties. With the help of Keira, she became responsible and put her duties before fun. She is portrayed by Barbie. Her appearance is blond hair with a pink heart-shaped necklace.

Ashleigh Ball speaking and Tiffany Giardina singing as Keira — A famous, organized and talented popstar, Keira dreams of being a princess. Besides Tori, Keira is more calm,confident and has a gentle caring nature. She's compassionate and considerate. Keira is kind and has a strong personality. Her appearance is brown hair with a purple star-shaped necklace. Ellie King as Duchess Amelia — Tori's strict and dignified aunt.

Peter Kelamis as Seymour Crider — Keira's greedy and ambitious manager and the main antagonist of the film. Jonathan Holmes as Rupert — Crider's dumb and bumbling assistant and the man who wants to be Crider's best buddy. Christopher Gaze as King Frederick — Tori's kind and fair father. Lauren Lavoie as Princess Meredith — Tori's younger sister. She is very smart and seems to be little bit serious.

She is portrayed by Barbie's younger sister Stacie. Ashlyn Drummond as Princess Trevi — Tori's youngest sister.

barbie and ken look alikes meet