Bitten tv show clay and elena meet

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bitten tv show clay and elena meet

Bitten is a Canadian television series based on the Women of the Otherworld series of books by author Kelley Armstrong. The name was inspired by the first. This episode is peppered with flashbacks of Elena and Clay's courtship. When first they meet, a ponytailed Elena (this is how you know you're in a Bitten. Devastated by Clay's capture, Elena returns to Stonehaven, where she gets "the call" from Santos. As Elena attempts to persuade Jeremy to let her meet with Santos, Logan's car pulls into the Stonehaven Show more on IMDbPro».

Jeremy and Clay, genuinely knowing nothing, agree.

Clay & Elena - Narcissistic Cannibal

While searching, Elena calls Philip for some romantic chit chat and Nick hears. He taunts her after. Elena finds Braxton's body and turns to wolf form to hide it. With no evidence, the townsolk leave. Elena explains to the Pack that she suspects Karl Marsten killed Braxton to frame them.

Elena Michaels

Daniel Santos, the ex-Pack member who appeared last episode with the offer of Marsten dirt in exchange for Pack re-entry arrives to see Jeremy.

His "information" is kinda sorta what they already know - that Karl Marsten is behind turning psychopaths into mutts. He mentions it's about claiming territory that Marsten wants. Jeremy says he'll "think about" letting him back into the Pack. Before leaving Stately Stonehaven Manor, Daniel reminds Elena that Clay killed his brother because he's an impulsive crazy person.

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She's going back to Toronto. Which is convenient because Philip's sister needs a new bridesmaid for her wedding so, hey, great timing. Speaking of Philip, remember that business dude James Williams, from Episode 3 that wanted Philip to work on his new Vodka company, Viljandi? He sends Philip a "video he found on the internet" that he wants Philip to work into the ad campaign for Viljandi.

bitten tv show clay and elena meet

It's the video, from Episode 1, of Elena and Logan as wolves frolicking! Philip, following orders, makes the Viljandi logo that of a wolf.

He is the one who turns her into a werewolf. She blames Clay for what happened to her, she didn't want to become a "monster". But later she starts to understand that she still loves him. At the end of season one they are back together.

Unlike Elena, he was a human.

bitten tv show clay and elena meet

He didn't know about pack, werevolves, or other supernatural forces. Elena wanted to have a normal life with him and forget who she really was. In the first season they break up. He is like a father for Elena, she respects him and listens to his commands.

bitten tv show clay and elena meet

Logan Jonsen He was a member of the Jeremy's pack. Logan was like a brother to Elena. She could talk to him about everything.

bitten tv show clay and elena meet

Nick Sorrentino He was a member of Jeremy's pack. Antonio Sorrentino He was a member of the Jeremy's pack and also his right hand. He was like an uncle for Elena.

bitten tv show clay and elena meet

Peter Myers He was a member of the Jeremy's pack. He was like a brother for Elena, they truly cared for each other. Savannah Levine She is a young witch.