Cracks where wall and ceiling meet the robinsons

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state-of-the-art telo-vid screen (lowered from the ceiling), surround-sound room stereo (voice-automated), . He clutched a Robinson Industries clipboard to his little chest. .. "Right, didn't he end up blowing out two wall sockets?" possibility that its very foundation could be cracking rattled him deeply. unless they hate Meet the Robinsons, which wouldn't make sense since, well, this is kinda under the Meet the Robinsons category. Wilbur looked to the ceiling of his room. . find his father curled up in fetal position, his back against the glass wall. His voice cracked, and tears began to well in his eyes. Love this movie! Meet the Robinsons: why is your dog wearing glasses? Oh, cause his insurance won't pay for contacts. The best part of the entire movie!.

This story takes a look into the lives of Franny and Cornelius as they struggle through the curve balls of life. This fic contains mature material. It took me a good minute to get this chapter written I know it's a little shorter than usual, but what can you do? This particular chapter has a moment in it that originally made me want to write this story at the very end of the chapter.

I hope you can see where this story is going now. Always a great feeling! As always, I don't own Meet the Robinsons Enjoy! Good News and Bad May "Franny!

He ran inside, frantically pulling off his lab coat while running into the kitchen. The young inventor whipped around, a huge smile plastered on his face. I have amazing news. Care to tell your dear, sweet mother? A thought suddenly occurred to him. Cornelius made his way up the huge flight of stairs, looking around every corner for any sign of Franny.

Eventually, after not finding her anywhere, he decided she must be in their bedroom.

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He reached for the handle to the door and froze, second-guessing the sound coming from behind the door. He couldn't tell exactly what he was hearing, but the sound had been so sweet upon meeting his ears that he instantly wanted more. He opened the door just a crack and peeked in. Sitting on the couch on the far end of the room was Franny laying casually on the couch rubbing her tummy and…singing? Cornelius knew his wife loved all things music, but he had never really heard her sing.

At least, not like this. She smiled down at her abdomen, rubbing lazy circles while singing "You are my Sunshine. The scene before him was so heartbreakingly beautiful that he didn't realize her angelic voice had drawn him into the room to stand behind the couch.

Franny, continuing her song, smiled up at Cornelius. It took everything in him not to melt into a puddle in front of her. Franny finished her song, punctuating it by kissing her hand and placing it on her belly.

With her fingers crossed for good luck, and her heart full of hope, she kissed them both goodbye. The road to hell is paved with good intentions…kept echoing in her brain. She watched her husband's hovercar pull up the driveway and into the garage. She waited with baited breath—an eternity passing between every heartbeat until her husband finally entered the room. He embraced her—pecking her on the lips. Fix-It…how did it go? She followed him back to their bedroom feeling her nerves tighten again when he closed the door.

Something he did when he needed to share less than desirable results from their son. He set his tie on the dresser, fingers fiddling with the ends—studiously avoiding her gaze. Did he…Did he tell you? Music was her passion, if Wil had learned an instrument without even telling her… "No" she assured him.

His eyebrows rose, perplexed—a rare expression for her brilliant hubby. Cornelius blinked, mulling that over. I found it on the floor…and it wasn't crumpled as tightly as the others—that's the only reason I noticed. Wordlessly, Cornelius smoothed the paper out. His eyes scanned the dotted lines, equations, question-marks, and side-notes. Franny smirked when he practically lunged for the plastic bag.

He spilled the contents on their bed and carefully began unfolding each one. Franny joined him and soon they had thirty pages of ideas on crinkled paper. I see, it converts what most construe as operating noise into a beat of your choice! Now that's an interesting one! Though she wondered how her son came up with that bizarre gem. He made a tutting sound in the back of his throat, "I can't believe he'd just toss these aside.

Franny couldn't help but smile. Cornelius was his son's number one fan. It was vastly entertaining watching him at Chargeball games—her usually mild-mannered husband yelling with the rabid crowd about bad calls. Ah, parenthood at its best. She'd been ecstatic for his B minus on a History exam, urging him to share it with his father. Bet he's never seen one up close.

The depth of bitterness there had shocked her into silence, giving him ample time to stalk away to his room. She ended up rescuing that exam from the trash and pinned it to the fridge. The family had warmly applauded him at dinner and Wil nearly choked on his steak sandwich. His father had pulled him into a tight embrace, proudly congratulating him for a job well done.

In the midst of it all, she and Wil locked eyes—a silent pact—neither of them would speak about that moment earlier OR about what he'd done with the test.

Now she found herself itching to tell Neil about it—knowing it needed to be shared, knowing that it would hurt him, knowing that if they could find out what fueled that outburst—peace would reign through the Robinson Household again…barring the occasional explosion. Neil frowned, tapping his finger on a nearby sheet, "These are solid, good ideas—what's not to be proud of?

I think the Blender has merit, don't you? It's clear he wants a "Yes, of course. The full weight of her husband's gaze settles on her and she ploughs on, "Well, Neil, it's not a Memory Scanner. The shocked and offended look he shot her stole her breath away.

He rigidly collected the pages, holding the stack carefully away from her. Like her gaze could contaminate the paper dreams. Their fights were few and far between, but when they occurred they were rather explosive.

She'd always gone off like fireworks—quick to anger and quick to apologize. Cornelius was slow to anger, but once he was hot it took him a while to cool back down. The only reason her own temper wasn't flaring was because she knew…he was shielding their son. I'm the woman with singing frogs. If I had a dime for every time people scolded me about supposedly ludicrous ideas…" She felt him relax and she cautiously continued, "But Wil's always been rather preoccupied with how others perceive him.

It's got to be hard being constantly compared with the Father of the Future. The skill level between you two-" "-I've got a few decades on him" he remarked dryly. The atmosphere crackled tensely, a change in subject was needed. They could revisit this issue later. We're going to fix it together. So he proved himself?

I-well-I freaked out-called him, called you, used his GPS to track him. He was at RI. Apparently, he'd never left. So I jammed back there, found him in the lab levels--" "Whoa whoa whoa…whooooa! He called me and said, but he was actually-" "Franny-" "-That sneaky little-wait, in the lab? Oh no, don't tell me he was playing with-" "-Seems he was helping out Dr. That nasty ol' windbag? And it seems Haynez was more than content to just soak up all the credit. He was so-so mean.

So blatantly vicious to Wil—when I think of the verbal abuse he suffered almost daily-" He slammed a fist down on the dresser top. Struggling to convey exactly what he felt: Anger, Fear, Worry, and something deeper…more painful.

Righteous parental anger for his mistreated child proved easiest to deal with—he'd gotten to act, to punish the perpetrator. The awful anxiety that accompanied a missing child was harder to placate. If anything HAD happened to Wil, he'd never forgive himself. But Wil was safe, that awful "What if" was just another fuzzy nightmare left to fade with time.

Still, Cornelius found himself fretting even more: How oblivious was he? How in the dark was a man who didn't notice his child vanishing intermittently on him? Even while he kept trying to reassure himself that teens were naturally secretive at this age.

His child would rather spend his time with a scientist who degraded him at every turn; who scorned his talents, mocked his interests, and demanded unrealistic results. Would voice his ideas to him and not his father who once spent six hours waiting in line, drenched by unrelenting winter rain for the newest Captain Time Travel videogame.

Filling Gaps Between Walls And Ceiling

THAT was the ONLY item on the nine-year-old's letter for Santa that year and he'd be darned if Christmas morning passed without seeing that watt smile with all its glorious little gaps courtesy of the tooth fairy. Years might have passed, but that smile still meant the world to him, especially since he'd seen precious little of it as of late. Their earlier interaction with XR90 kept replaying in his mind: Bossily instructing him what to do—scornfully simple orders.

As if Wil could be content pushing buttons, flipping switches, and mopping spills rather than offering scientific input. Neil took off his glasses, cleaning them rather forcefully. Did he act like such a know-it-all that Wil didn't feel comfortable venturing the slightest suggestion?

He looked at her sadly, "I don't know. Why didn't you tell me? Didn't want to send you into panic mode unnecessarily. Your voice-" "Yeah, missing son equals brink of hysteria. For one reason or another, he got it in his head to personally offer his help" "And Haynez accepted. Now I understand Wil keeping secrets—he's sneaky, but why didn't Haynez say anything about it?

When he found out whose kid he was bullying, he resigned. Unsure…like he was afraid of me. Or of what I'd say. But I think with proper encouragement, we can booster his confidence.

So he broke Haynez' invention. Began skiving Chargeball practices to help in the lab. Lied to both of us about his whereabouts--taking advantage of our trust, using our ignorance to traverse the town, and willfully if unknowingly endangering himself. If anything HAD happened during his little unannounced trips, we'd have been at a loss of how to find him.

Fame had its pitfalls: He'd meticulously designed their home security system—house was practically a Fort Knox. That didn't stop him from worrying though. Franny much like a commander, sizing up strategies had gone silent—tapping her fingers against her lips, tapping her foot, nodding grimly, "We're going to need to lay down the rules here firmly.

We need to clarify that we're reprimanding him for the lying. And it worries me that he felt the need to omit what was clearly an accident.

He needs to know that he can tell us anything. Parental Units don't exist solely for punishment. We're here for guidance, reassurance, and affection. I mean, he needs to feel free to come to us, ask us questions, confide in us. He could answer questions. Forum

He could soothe fears. He could keep secrets and offer companionable anecdotes. Yes, yes that invention would provide an excellent bonding tool.

Here he thought equal parts encouragement and reassurance would patch up their relationship…the possibility that its very foundation could be cracking rattled him deeply. Brow furrowed, head bent in concentration, Neil sported his usual 'calculating' expression. The one he wore when dealing with particularly difficult equations; too bad where family was concerned, simple answers seldom existed.

Franny sidled up to her husband, rubbing a soothing hand on his forearm. Racing downhill, they saw that the whole of the Robinson family was still gathered around the young girl.

Lewis turned to Wilbur and asked, "Who is that? She-she-well, she's hard to explain. She is very mischievous and loves getting attention. She does many more dangerous stunts than this," he motioned at the dinosaur's wreckage. Lewis's eyes widened behind his circle frame glasses in amazement. She had jumped off buildings, stolen the time machine, and swung from the chandelier.

The list went on and on filled with scary and frightening stunts to pull. From the middle of the large group, Lewis heard Lela's earnest voice, squealing. No, Mom, I'm okay!! Up close, Lela was a mess. She had twigs in her hair, dirt on her clothes, and was clutching her left knee in pain. Franny rolled her eyes and lifted her daughter off the ground. Lela's face, Lewis also saw, was scattered with scars, not from the dinosaur, but from prior accidents.

Her head cocked when she saw Lewis. He is from… um… oh yeah, North Montana," Wilbur told his little sister. The little eight-year-old smiled. Did you see that dinosaur back there? I flew so long! Lela simply tittered with glee. Why would I be? They all had the same worried, uneasy look on their faces. Every so often one would cast their gaze to the little girl and her mother. Lewis stayed behind with Wilbur, who was also watching his family stroll into the house.