Crosstalk where life and scripture meet review

CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet by Michael R. Emlet

crosstalk where life and scripture meet review

In Crosstalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet, Michael R. Emlet gives you .. This book was provided by New Growth Press for review purposes. Cross Talk: Where Life and Scripture Meet [Michael R. Emlet] on The Amazon Book Review Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. A review of Michael R. Emlet, CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet, New Growth Press, Available here from and.

His point is that we often look to the Scriptures to bring surfacy, cookie-cutter type of answers, when this may not necessarily be the best way to address something.

Book Review – CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet

Needless to say, this piqued my interest. Emlet outlines what the Bible is not Chapter 2 by bringing out the common fallacies committed by most people in their approach to the Bible.

This is one reason why we gravitate to passages that contain commands. The Bible is a not a timeless book filled with principles for life.

crosstalk where life and scripture meet review

The Bible is not primarily a system of doctrines. When this framework is in place, the Christian and especially the minister has a more appropriate tool for helping the sinner connect with the Scriptures and the Scriptures to connect with their lives. He models the necessity for approaching three different groups of people: The paradigm he uses is grounded around four questions: What is the remedy?

crosstalk where life and scripture meet review

It is the God-breathed, Christ focused, Holy Spirit applied manual for life. Michael Emlet, in his book CrossTalk: Arguably, most believers are very adept at using certain Scriptures in their spiritual repertoire to address certain situations in life.

Book Review - CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet - Servants of Grace

For example, if someone is facing a bout with anxiety, what better passage of Scripture to quote than Philippians 4: Emlet provides of infertility or someone suffering from a bi-polar disorder? Does the concordance provide anything useful for those topics? Emlet describes passages such as Philippians 4: Now that does not mean such a verse should be thrown out.

Portraying such a pericope as a ditch passage simply means that just as a ditch is relatively easy to step across, so also are the typical passages used to address life issues easy to use for those common situations we face.

Descriptions and Prescriptions by Michael R. Emlet

Understanding what Scripture is and what it is not is a first step in the process of properly exegeting and applying its truths. Those directives come to us clothed in redemptive garb.

Emlet provides the example of using Joshua 1: While that may be a valid approach, it is also important to understand the context of Joshua 1: Emlet builds on this redemptive-historical approach by noting the overall story found in Scripture.

  • CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet
  • Book Review: “CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet” by Michael R. Emlet
  • Book Review: Cross Talk: Where Life and Scripture Meet

Rather, God reveals himself to restore relationship with his people. He enters history to rescue his creation and then proclaims that fact through the many writers of Scripture. We are part of the same story line. This is not a declaration to just read all of Scripture although that is certainly included in that concept.

crosstalk where life and scripture meet review

In reality, what Emlet is proposing is the necessity to view Scripture in light of the Messiah. Since all of Scripture points to Jesus, it is a necessity to read the entirety of Scripture in light of that fact.

crosstalk where life and scripture meet review

Furthermore, for those who view the Old Testament as a product of a by-gone era, Emlet challenges those who take that route to take a different tact.