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Someone with street smarts is practical, possesses common sense and works off of personal They remember everything they've ever learned and aren't afraid to show it. Also Nelson Mandela, who stood up to Apartheid in South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi also fought in his country for independence. How do we wrest meaning from the unexpected death of someone close to us? and memorize them and become a bigger fan than he ever was.” a Jane Austen, a Bill Gates, a Mahatma Gandhi, a Nelson Mandela, and all four Beatles. . her to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author, Peter Van Houten. Nelson Mandela did not meet Gandhiji but was greatly influenced by him. He was alone in a solitary cell and could not even share his grief with anyone.

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Sometimes they make it look effortless, like the solution to the crime is right under everyone's noses. Usually they present the solution at the end of the story, which in turn reveals to the audience how it all happened. Pick the name of the detective who lives on B, Baker Street in London. Question 12 In a new city, if there's a woman with a child and she says the child hasn't eaten in days what is the best solution?

Give her as much money as she needs Find a public official who can assist Ignore her and walk away Drop everything and wander the streets for a place to buy food It's always nice to have a helping hand. Part of what makes the world a better place is when people are willing to do selfless acts for one another. Imagine, traveling in a new city for the first time. The streets aren't very familiar, and it takes some getting used to.

Along the way, there's a young woman with a child who asks for money. She says the child hasn't had anything to eat for days. Choose the next step someone should take in response. Question 13 What is the acronym for what "D. It's considered the capital of the country. Not only does it have museums like the Smithsonian Institution and historical monuments, but the White House. The Capitol Building where Congress resides are also located here, known for its huge domed architecture.

Question 14 In a new city exploring, where is the best place to keep one's wallet? Back pockets Front pockets or money belt Backpack or purse Tie to a string or chain and wear as a necklace It's the first time going to a new country.

After hopping off the plane, checking into a hotel and getting a good meal, he or she finds himself ready to explore the city. Heading out, there's plenty of sights to see. After soaking it all in, he or she wanders down streets that head deeper into a district. The streets become narrow and on all sides there's vendors selling wares in a market.

It's packed and one has to shoulder their way through the mass of people. Choose where he or she should store their wallet.

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Question 15 What year did Columbus sail the ocean and find America? Under Spain, he did a total of four voyages that spanned the Atlantic Ocean. He's buried today in Seville, Spain. In many ways, he ushered in Europe's ultimate colonization of America and laid the groundwork for what the United States is today. Born inpick the year that Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America. Question 16 When in a new place traveling alone, should somebody be following them, what is the natural response?

Turn around to confront the suspected stalker Call someone and look for a populated place Keep walking and try to pretend no one is following Find an alternate route, preferably the quickest one, and walk faster It's best to live life assuming positive intent in others. Expecting good from others will lead to more enjoyment in life rather than always being suspicious.

However, it's always important to be on guard in the back of one's mind, especially when traveling to new places. Imagine traveling alone in a town where there's little activity going on. Should someone suspect that a person is following them, and has been for some time, there are few ways to go about the situation. Pick the natural response. Question 17 What was the name of Daedalus's son who flew to close to the sun and melted the wings that were for their escape?

Hermes Odysseus Icarus Greek mythology is full of tales and figures that can relate to real-life circumstances. There's the story of Daedalus who made a complex maze to entrap the Minotaur.

The Minotaur resembles both a man and a bull. In order to escape, Daedalus, along with his son, created wings. Made out of two ingredients, Daedalus made the wings using wax and feathers. Since the wax could melt, he warned his son from flying near the sun. The boy didn't listen and fell as a result. Pick the name of this boy. Question 18 What is the safest way to travel in a new city? Out for a night on the town, cities often become congested when there's lots of activities.

Although there's several options available, it can make simple tasks like parking a chore.


It's important to plan one's night out beforehand. Things like transportation are best handled on the front end before setting out for a movie, bar or nightclub. Pick the safest option. Question 19 How many different squares are there on a chess board? Although the rules are simple, there are endless strategies one can employ to win.

Many look to the country of India as the source of this popular game. The chess pieces vary in function and color. Between the two sides, white always takes the first turn. The first piece a player has to move is a pawn to start out.

Choose the number of square spaces there are on a chess board. Question 20 What is the best thing to do when leaving stuff on the sand when at the beach? Although it's really fun to join friends for a trip all day, it requires some planning ahead. It's important to bring proper swimwear, sunscreen and any snacks. Not to mention other belongings like keys, a phone and even a portable speaker for music.

When it comes time to leave the beach and head into the water, there's still all the belongings to take note of. Choose which is the best approach to take when leaving stuff behind.

Question 21 Which of the following figures was not a professional boxer? Fighters can assume either an orthodox or southpaw stance. It's required for boxers to wear gloves by the majority of sanctioning bodies. Many date the sport all the way back to Ancient Greece.

Mandela Took Inspiration from Gandhi

Though at one time, there existed bareknuckle boxing which foregoes the use of gloves and still exists today. Some of the world's greatest athletes have been boxers. Of the following figures listed below, which one was not a professional boxer.

Pocket the money No one has a right to it, tear it up Pick it up and leave it close on a more visible spot Find a store manager and hand it over Some people have the best of luck. They might go wandering one day and look down to find some spare money on the ground. Many feel that when money is on the ground, it's free for anyone to claim. Others feel that it belongs to the original owner. Question 23 What does USB stand for?

It's been around for over 20 years and is on computers, devices and even airplanes. The first technology company to release a product that employed USB was Apple.

Though in reality, Intel first latched on to the idea of this revolutionary technology. More than likely, there's some new tech already in development that will change the world just like USB did. Pick the acronym that USB stands for. Question 24 Which way is the best to find a missing kid at a park?

Having had a younger sibling, it's going to be a breeze. While watching a kid for the day at the amusement park, they suddenly go missing. Before freaking out, there's a few options one can exercise before all hope is lost.

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Although the child has been missing for five minutes, one method is sure to find the kid again. Choose the best option for tracking down the kid. Question 25 Which Astrology sign is represented as scales? Libra Aries Taurus Some people look to Astronomy to learn about their personalities and behavior.

Horoscopes may provide insight into what makes certain people tick. Altogether there's 12 Astrology signs that each overlap certain times of the year. Like people, each sign has strong-points as well as flaws to consider.

There's also an symbol for each sign. Pick the sign that's represented by scales. Question 26 What is the best thing to do when trying to pacify an aggressive lion? Many believe mankind has tamed the wilderness, when in reality, animals still roam the wild in their natural habitat. Should one ever encounter a mountain lion, there's plenty of options of how to respond.

Different animals react to certain actions. He could do so because he was a rational pragmatist. Inclusion Both Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are entitled to our affection and respect for more than one reason.

They eschewed violence against the person and did not allow social antagonisms to get out of hand. They felt the world was sick unto death of blood-spilling, but that it was, after all, seeing a way out. At the same time, they were not pacifists in the true sense of the word. They maintained the evils of capitulation outweighed the evils of war. Needless to say, their ideals are relevant in this day and age, when the advantages of non-violent means over the use of force are manifest. Gandhi and Mandela also demonstrated to the world they could help build inclusive societies, in which all Indians and South Africans would have a stake and whose strength, they argued, was a guarantee against disunity, backwardness and the exploitation of the poor by the elites.

He called for brotherly love and integration with whites, and a sharing of Christian values. He did not unsettle traditional dividing lines and dichotomies; instead, he engaged in conflict management within a system that permitted opposing views to exist fairly. Without his global perspective, India arguably would not have been an active participant and partner in the Commonwealth.

This is not to say the views of Mandela and Gandhi fully converged. Gandhi had no doubt in his mind that, by adopting the traditionally accepted form of protest, he had mounted sufficient pressure to ease government control. Today, the India that Gandhi helped shape appears to be in disarray. Our institutional inefficiencies are gloriously obvious. The political process has been fouled by the politics of caste and community.

Unemployment among blacks is high. Slums still exist in the cities. Fundamental obstacles to racial reconciliation have not been removed.