Do jon and arya meet again westford

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do jon and arya meet again westford

The first character is Mors Westford, a sworn brother of the Night's Watch who is serving Locations from the TV series will include Castle Black and King's Landing. ​Mors returns to Castle Black to find a letter from Jon Arryn asking him to protect a girl. He takes Jeyne and Mors to Castlewood to meet with Lord Harlton. See what MM (martamiller) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Game of Thrones is an action role-playing video game based on A Game of Thrones, the first of Mors Westford is one of the best rangers of the Night's Watch, and prior to Mors is also a skinchanger, and has a dog which he can control at will. Varys helps him escape and meet with Queen Cersei, who decides to hire.

The saddest part of all this is that Maester Luwin is murdered, for trying one last time to save the unworthy Theon. And when Bran and Rickon get out of their hiding place, they find that Winterfell has been set on fire, destroying everything. Presumably not Dagmer Cleftjaw, who just wanted to get out of there in one piece.

do jon and arya meet again westford

No, it seems more likely that the rescuers who came to kill Theon decided to sack the place, and then burn it to cover up their treachery. So in the end, Robb goes off to the woods with Talisa, to have a pagan handfasting ceremony where they recite the names of the seven new gods.

do jon and arya meet again westford

Sansa Stark, meanwhile, gets to watch Good King Joffrey struggle with a similar dilemma to the one Robb is busy running roughshod over. Joffrey is promised in marriage to Sansa, the same way Robb is promised in marriage to the anonymous Lady Frey.

Game of Thrones season 7: Jon Snow reunited with his Stark siblings Arya, Sansa and Bran

But instead of just quietly marrying someone else, Joffrey stages a huge pantomime in which Loras Tyrell asks him to marry his sister, Margaery Tyrell. At last, the question is resolved, because Sansa is the daughter of traitors, and for the good of the realm, the betrothal must be dissolved.

This leaves Sansa Stark free and clear — except that Littlefinger, the new Lord of Harrenhal, tells her that Joffrey will still enjoy brutalizing her and probably raping her too. Littlefinger offers to steal Sansa away and return her to her family, but Sansa declines — probably wisely, considering what we know about Littlefinger.

Which raises another question: Varys has a very intriguing proposition for Ros — work for him, instead of for Littlefinger. So when she gets almost caught, she has the option to give up her prisoner and maybe get away.

Instead, she first tries to help Jaime pretend to be some nobody who got caught stealing a pig — in a pretty hilarious sequence — and then she murders three men to keep her prisoner. The Stark men gave two out of these three women a quick death — so Brienne does the same for two out of three of them. His power base has been dismantled, too: Worst of all, he wakes up to find Grand Maester Pycelle standing over him — the man whom Tyrion sent to one of the Black Cells for betraying him.

Shae genuinely seems to care about Tyrion now, and is no longer just being paid richly to pretend, as he puts it. Tyrion says no, because he has discovered he really loves outsmarting everybody else in this horrible town, and he wants to keep doing it. And I like it. Qhorin keeps trying to bait Jon into a fight, so Jon can have an excuse to murder him, and Jon is clearly hesitating.

But finally, the two men do get to have a brutal swordfight in the snow, with their hands still tied, and Jon skewers Qhorin through the sternum. And amazingly enough, the ruse works. Jon is untied and accepted as the man who killed Qhorin Halfhand. He offers to take her to his order, the Faceless Men, where she can learn to be a super-assassin, just like he is. But Arya decides not to go off with Jaqen, because she needs to find her mother and siblings — even Sansa, whom Arya grudgingly accepts she needs to be with as well.

So instead, Jaqen gives her a coin which will serve as her token of admission to assassin school. Or maybe the sorcerers in the House of the Undying are just showing her what she wants to see — the Iron Throne, Drogo alive. Alester searches the sewers for Gawen but finds bandits sent by Janos Slynt. Alester infiltrates the City Watch and finds a Gawen's corpse, and a letter showing that Slynt was hired by Valarr. At this point, Harlton reveals that he is part of a conspiracy to reinstate the Targaryens, as was Alester's father.

Alester joins and goes to Harlton's estate, Castlewood. While all this happens, Mors Westford is tasked with hunting down Night's Watch deserters.

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On one chase, he takes three new recruits to the castle Icemark, but they are attacked by wildlings. Two men die, one man named Poddy deserts, and Mors survives only when rescued by Qhorin Halfhand.

Mors pursues and kills Poddy. Arryn's knights, led by Godric, appear to help Mors locate her. They find her in Mole's Town but Jeyne insists that Godric is an impostor. Mors and others have several fights against the impostors, as well as members of the Night's Watch who were bribed.

do jon and arya meet again westford

As Yohn, the false Godric, dies, he reveals he was sent by Valarr. Jeor Mormont is furious and wants to strike back. He makes Mors a recruiter for the Night's Watch to give him a cover to head south, so that Mors can hide Jeyne and to bring Valarr to justice. Weeks later, Mors and Jeyne arrive at a deserted cabin belonging to House Westford, where Jeyne reveals that she is a bastard daughter of Aerys Targaryen, one of King Robert's mistresses, and pregnant with the king's child.

Shortly after, Mors discovers his wife and daughter's graves. They are attacked by Valarr's men, but soldiers from Harlton counterattack and take Mors and Jeyne into custody. Harlton reveals that, as a top advisor, he arranged Jeyne's relationship with the king to produce a half-Targaryen, half-Baratheon to be a puppet ruler.

Mors is tortured in the dungeon, but one night, he uses his dog to free another prisoner, Gawen. Gawen meets with his brother Alester, who is staying upstairs, and reveals that Harlton murdered their father and faked Gawen's death. Alester liberates Mors, but Gawen is killed.

It is revealed that Mors and Alester are old friends, who fought together in Robert's Rebellion.

do jon and arya meet again westford

Alester and Mors are forced to flee Castlewood without Jeyne. At Riverspring, they find that Valarr is holding the entire town hostage, but they successfully break in, derailing Valarr's wedding. Mors duels Valarr, but is killed by Valarr's shadow magic.

As he dies, Valarr reveals that he was behind the murder of Mors' family. The wedding guests proclaim the duel invalid because of the shadow magic, and try to support Alester, but Valarr reacts by massacring the town. Alester reveals Jeyne's location to Valarr in an attempt to save Elyana, but Valarr kills her regardless. Alester and his supporters organize a resistance while Valarr takes most of his men to Castlewood.

Afterwards, Alester pays respects to Mors by performing the ritual of the Last Kiss, which unwittingly brings Mors back to life.

do jon and arya meet again westford

As Valarr attacks Castlewood seeking to capture Jeyne, Alester and Mors sneak into the building, but find that Jeyne is in labor.