Fairy tail cobra and kinana meet

fairy tail cobra and kinana meet

I want to see Kinana and Cobra meet again. – submitted by submitted by anonymous Fairy Tail. Visit Kinana x cobra:)))) Fairy Tail Cobra, Fairy Tail Art. Kinana (キナナ Kinana) is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild, former pet and currently "Cubellios" appears with her owner, Cobra, when Oración Seis confronts the .. of Fairy Tail, Kinana receives a letter from Lucy which asks her to meet up at. Cobra (コブラ Kobura), whose real name is Erik, is a former member of the Kinana (キナナ Kinana) is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and the former pet of Oración The two finally meet right as the Infinity Clock is wreaking havoc on Fiore.

I never thought I would see you again!

fairy tail cobra and kinana meet

He grimaced as he finally managed to stand before his old snake-friend. He hadn't meant to attract her attention. Come to think of it, how had he even done that? He had only intended to see her again and if it were possible, to hear her voice once more. Unknowingly right on top of his injury. Kinana flinched back in surprise, and held her hand close to her chest.

A flash of red drew her attention to her hand. Kinana's eyes widened in shock. You're still hurt from back then? That was days ago! You haven't been treated for that long? The thought brought a frown to her face. This line of questions had been what Cobra was afraid of, that she would fear him and view him as a lowly criminal. Well…that description wasn't entirely wrong, yet he had hoped they could be friends again. Still, she deserved an answer. Cobra opened his mouth to respond when a sudden wave of pain crashed over him.

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He fell to his knees as his wounds burnt bright hot with nauseating intensity. It took him a moment to decipher the buzzing in his ears as questions Are you okay? His vision kept slipping away alarmingly while he fought to maintain his breathing. She reached her other arm around his waist but quickly withdrew it when he gave a choked gasp.

My apartment, you'll be safe there. She took slow steps forward, stumbling under his weight. Gritting her teeth, she increased her pace and used her other arm to steady him, mindful of his injuries.

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Cobra glanced at her. She was so like Cubellios. Her purple hair, so reminiscent of past scales, shone under the streetlights. The elegant way she walked reminded him of graceful turns through the sky. The determined set to her shoulders and complete focus she held could belong to no one other than his former partner.

He missed his friend terribly, but at the same time, he couldn't help but think that Cubellios was…prettier this way.

She gave him a tender smile that filled him with warmth in the freezing air. What a beautiful name. I hope I got their personalities right! This was hard so please bear with me. Sorry it's so short but the next chapter will be longer! Finally an update after three years? Yeah not quite, sorry to disappoint! But, I believe you all will be happy to know that I have renewed my interest in this story after a lengthy break…haha, please don't kill me. However, first I have decided to edit the living shit out of the earlier chapters of this story, because good god people.

How did you even like this stuff I wrote? The major plot points of course will remain the same, I just hope to make some changes in descriptions, dialogue, characterization, yadda yadda yadda.

Seriously, I feel like I made Kinana so ooc in this fic like for real. But that's not all! I'm gonna finish this flipping story once and for all!

I have in fact already written chapters 17 and 18, so look forward to that once I get around to posting them.

I thought I should maybe wait until I was done with the story entirely and the edits but I figured I ought to throw you guys a bone for waiting so…patiently? I'm back, you guys! Cobra eventually succeeds in finding Jellal and bares witness to Nirvana's activation. Seeing her, Cobra becomes shocked, believing her to have died at the hands of Cubellios' poison.

fairy tail cobra and kinana meet

After failing to undo the spell, Cobra tries to regain Jellal as an ally but becomes horrified when he sees that Jellal has placed a Self-Destruction Spell on himself as well. However, as the great Magic activates, the Fairy Tail delegates slowly make their way up Nirvana's legs, unbeknownst to Brain and Cobra. Now confronting one another in midair, Cobra momentarily overwhelms Natsu due to his ability to hear the Fire Dragon Slayer's movements.

However, after hearing Natsu's thoughts, Cobra maliciously chuckles, stating that he'll gladly "play" with Natsu. Charging at them, Cobra and Cubellios repeatedly knock Natsu and Happy away; Cobra repeats multiple times that Natsu's efforts are in vain, as he can hear him. Cobra then pauses before laughing at a joke Natsu formulated inside his head, confirming his just-prior statement. Right after, Cobra repeats the battle strategy Happy is conveying to Natsu, once more telling them that he can hear their thought process and that they have no hope of defeating him.

Much to Natsu's fury, Cobra counts off the number of other strategies Natsu has formulated inside head, mocking him as he does so. Natsu then goes on the offensive, charging at Cobra; Cobra dodges Natsu's first two strikes, but is nicked by third and taken aback. He is then repeatedly hit by Natsu, completely shocked at Natsu's lack of thought.

Blocking Natsu's final punch, Cobra praises Natsu, telling him that he's never encountered someone such as him and that cheap tricks won't work.