Finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

Confused.. Finn and Jake, Meet Fionna and Cake –Chapter Five—. Once it started to really get dark outside, Finn asked Marshall if he could. p style="text-align: center;"span style="text-decoration: underline;"Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Meet Fionna and Cake/span/p. "Do I really have to wear this?" Fionna looked down at the royal blue dress Cake make her put on. "Yes" Cake said, "And this." Cake stretched.

Cake had the same expression on her face, recently she had ended her relationship with Lord Monochromicorn and although both are still good friends, they respected the rule of space. After taking their time to reach the vampire's cave-house, they knocked.

finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

The Vampire boy, who seemed to be bored as well, answered them instantly. Cake and I are kinda bored. You wanna do something? Let me grab my umbrella.

finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

The two teens and the cat wondered restlessly what to do. It was raining outside and Finn and Jake were bored out of their minds. Jake had broken up with Lady Rainicorn and the two were still close friends but decided to give each other some space, which meant that Jake had more time to spend with Finn. He stays home and plays with Gunter… I am so bored dude. I actually wish he'd kidnap a princess" Finn slumped lower on the couch. Let's go to Marceline's.

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The rain clouds are blocking the sun, she can come out. The two adventurers walked in the rain. When they reached the Vampire Queen's house, they saw she was very much bored as well. Marceline laughed at the outburst.

Finn realized his friends must be really bored if they are offering each other's company. Marceline grabbed her yellow umbrella. The sun may not be out but I still don't wanna get wet" She smirked as they made their way to Bubblegum's castle.

Welcome as well Vampire King Marshall Lee. He is in his lab. I'll let Prince Gumball know of your arrival. After a few minutes they heard fast paced foots steps around the corner. They entered a yellow and white with pink room filled with test tubes and other sciences stuff.

He pointed to where a large mirror-like frame about as tall as Marshall Lee was by the wall.

finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

The frame looked like a door to an even pinker part of a lab. What's so exiting about that? Gumball shook his head. When I was experimenting on the liquid for my teleporter, I tripped over one and the liquid fell all over the floor.

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The shards and the hot liquid mixed, and it formed a mirror like plate. I was amazed at the combination and wanted to study it so I put it on the frame it now rests in. It was like a scratch. Well, without further weirdness from me, here's the second Chapter of… Finn and Jake, meet Fionna and Cake… Finn had never been so…weirded out before in his life!

He meets his female double, and the first thing she says is that she hates his hat? The fact that there was a girl version of himself that didn't just exist in Ice King's imagination was weird enough, but to see that she hates him was even more bizarre.

finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

Looking away from her for a moment, Finn looked at Marshall Lee and he asked, "So, are you like, her friend? Marceline is your friend, right? Finn nodded and Marshall said, "Then likewise, I'm Fionna's friend. Still… Nobody really wanted to fight each other any more than they had to, so Fionna kept Cake by her side, and Finn kept Jake by his.

Marceline smiled nervously and said, "Well, I tried all the spells I knew, but nothing really worked… So… I was kinda hoping you guys might have a magical artifact that could help…" Marshall Lee snickered when she said she didn't know how to fix it, so Marceline hissed viciously at him.

Finn looked at Jake, Jake looked at Finn, and Jake whispered, "I don' think we have anythin' like that, bro…" Finn spoke to Marceline, "Um… I don't really think anything we have could fix this…" Fionna spat to herself, "Not surprising. Marshall Lee floated in thought for a moment before asking, "Isn't Gumball really good with Sciency stuff, Fio? Fionna thought for a moment before asking, "You think science might be able to fix this, Mar? Worth a shot, right? Finn had no idea, but obviously Fionna did.

But as he began to see the Candy Kingdom coming over the horizon, Finn quickly understood. I got the Fionna Cake comic book volume one, too! There IS a Flame Prince.

finn and jake meet fionna cake fanfiction

But he's feral… Which is… weird… Whatevs, I guess…. It'd ruin the plot. Other than Finn Flame Princess like in the show, of course… Or did they break up…? When he asked why, Finn didn't answer, he just frowned at him.

The two blond human children and Cake were currently sitting on Marshall the giant vampire bat's back. A soft orange glow in the distance made Finn smile; when it turned into the little hut he had made for Flame Princess, his smile grew.

Marshall set them all down, shrinking into his normal size, and he whispered to Fionna, "Why are we standing outside a burning house?

The vampire boy blinked and asked, "Isn't that hurting him? Flame Princess looked at him in mild confusion for a moment, before she noticed the three others standing a little ways behind Finn. She gasped and asked, "Who're they? Turning to him, she asked, "Is she a water elemental?