Goku and chichi first meet

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goku and chichi first meet

Goku promised to marry her when they were kids without knowing what it meant, and his nature compelled him to follow through when they met as Not at first of course, he grew into the role, while Goku never made much progress. Goku and Chi-Chi's relationship has never been normal, things were weird right off the bat. When Goku first met Chi-Chi, they were only kids. Krillin/Chichi because Chichi's pushy and Krillin is a pushover and Goku and First of all because when Bulma and Goku met for the first time, Bulma was a.

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They would go on to have two children. But that's all stuff you probably knew. Chi-Chi gets a lot hate in the Dragon Ball community for being an overbearing, irrational and nagging hag.

While some of this criticism is justified, Chi-Chi has seen and been through a lot of awful things over the course of her life.

goku and chichi first meet

In this article, we're going to go into some of these secrets some fans might not know about. There are plenty of fingers to go around for these dark facts including her own husband, his friends, and even her creator. Here are the fifteen dark facts about Chi-Chi that you don't really want to know.

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While it was true that at some point in time Toriyama wasn't fond of Vegeta, the prince got off easy compared to Chi-Chi. In an old interview fromthe author of Dragon Ball spilled the beans about his thoughts on Chi-Chi.

One of those critiques has to do with how Goku's character seems to have regressed to the point where instead of just being a naive man, he's more akin to a pure buffoon.

goku and chichi first meet

Things weren't helped by this little nugget of info he dropped. He then admits to Vegeta that he has never done this to Chi-Chi. Frankly, at this point, I'm surprised Chi-Chi didn't get a smooch from Master Roshi just to get some action.


Fan art is the closest we're gonna get to a kiss. He Loves Me Not via: Well, if he can't do that, he might as well put his admiration for Chi-Chi into words just so he can make his wife feel good. Well, he has done that For nearly the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise, we never hear Goku tells his wife that he loves her.

Now for most couples, that's something that you say every day. But not for this monkey to who romance is still a foreign concept. We only hear Goku say the magic words at the end of the Buu saga after he defeats Kid Buu.

I mean I guess it's a sweet moment, but it's more of an "about darn time" moment. No, mostly this is just for her explosive anger because obviously, she can't fight a Super Saiyan.

goku and chichi first meet

That, however, hasn't stopped her from trying to fight her entire family. Her fight with Goku takes place in 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and while she can't lay a hand on our goofy protagonist, she certainly tries.

Goku & Chichi

Not only that, he didn't even remember the promise he made either, a fact that Chi-Chi was quick to yell at him for. Also, Goku's not the smartest guy in the world, so it's fair to say that he didn't forget about her on purpose or out of any sort of malice.

goku and chichi first meet

Luckily, he made up for things by following through on the promise he forgot, and the two have been together since. In these episodes, Goku and Chi-Chi are getting ready to get married, when a fire breaks out in the Ox-King's castle.

Desperate to save Chi-Chi's mother's wedding dress, which he was saving for the wedding, the Ox King is trapped in the fire and Goku and Chi-Chi head out to find the bansho fan in otherworld, where they run into Grandpa Gohan.

Things You Didn't Know About Chi-Chi And Goku's Relationship

The fire is eventually put out, and Goku and Chi-Chi have their wedding. But, can you really blame her? Goku is an absent and negligent father and husband at times, usually more preoccupied with training and fighting.

As a result, Chi-Chi tends to yell at Goku a lot, usually to get him to put at least a fraction of the effort he puts into fighting into being a good dad.

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However, all this yelling doesn't mean that Chi-Chi hates her husband. In fact, if anything, it shows that the cares about him. At least, that's how we like to see it. This fact was presented after Goku explains that part of the reason he's been with Chi-Chi all these years is because he enjoys her feistiness. Chi-Chi is a strong-willed, fiery woman who isn't afraid to push for what she wants, especially when it comes to dealing with Goku, resulting in the aforementioned yelling.

And yet, even though Goku is afraid of his wife at times, he still enjoys her feisty energy, most likely because of a mix of his Saiyan biology and the fact that he respects strength, no matter what form it takes.