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Cagalli Yula Athha is a fictional character introduced in the Japanese science fiction anime . In the manga Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73 Δ Astray Cagalli meets a team from Mars during their visit to Orb Moreover, Liversidge favorited the episodes in which Cagalli and Athrun meet and fight for the first time , as it also. Hakuouki, Shinsengumi Kitan, Yukimura Chizuru, Kiss, Anime, Blood, Love .. Gundam SEED HD - Episode 40 - Special Ending: Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula. athletics athlon athlone athol atholl athome athos athrun athulathmudali athy ati brownlow browns brownsea brownson brownstone brownsville brownwood . cag cagalli cagamas cagayan cage caged cages cagey cagiva cagle cagliari guncannon gund gunda gundagai gundam gundams gundersen gunderson.

He had gone as Robin Hood, but the rest of his outfit was enough to give people the hint. He checked the feather in his hat to be sure it hadn't gone limp, tugging it farther down to give it a jaunty tilt.

The wide belt he wore brought emphasis to his slim waistline, and the earthy greens and browns paid a compliment to his natural skin tone and dark eyes.

As they turned a corner, the hallway went dark, and eerie music took the place of idle chatter. Skeletons and flickering Jack-O-Lanterns filled them with a thrilling sense of foreboding as they made their way shakily to the dance floor. Kira started as the pink princess to his left gripped his hand tightly, and the young Freedom pilot could not help but feel as if he were in ecstasy.

Once they had passed the forbidding entrance, the hall opened up into a vast ballroom that exploded with colored lights and sound, while music drifted from high speakers on the walls. The tanned youth turned as they approached, grinning wide and sporting a pair of razor-sharp fangs. His hair was slicked back, and he ran a hand through it as he waited for them all to gather around.

Even his wolfish grin looked attractive in the vampire costume. I bet you had her dress in something scandalous just so you could get a bit of eye candy. When Cagalli raised a questioning eyebrow, he went on. He couldn't help but smile at the antics of the happy couple.

He knew well that even Miriallia could be a tease at times. We'll just have to wait to find out. Dearka nodded to show he understood, trying not to laugh as the youth made his way to the table with difficulty, nearly tripping over his large yellow shoes. He had to duck his head to keep his orange wig from getting stuck in the streamers, and when he attempted to take a drink to ward off the heat that the heavy outfit caused, his red nose popped off and landed with a plunk in his glass.

Dearka and the rest erupted into a fit of hysterics. Though he could have brought a pie to peg someone with. It was Yzak, arrived at last. If I'm gonna dress up, I'm gonna make every detail count. A spiked necklace gleamed perilously at them from around his neck, and with all his black clothing, he melted in and out of shadows as the lights swept over them.

A fitted black T-shirt showed off the contours of his muscled stomach, and very tight leather pants, complete with studded belt, left no one guessing as to the attractiveness of his figure. His pants were so astonishing, in fact, that they drew a blush from both girls, who quickly looked away to keep from reacting. Athrun could no longer control himself, and he burst into a fit of uncontrollable snickers. This time Miriallia giggled. The others dropped their gazes as the silver-haired youth put his hands on his hips.

Miriallia followed him, tilting her cowgirl hat as she took her leave. She had tied up her plaid blouse into a knot at her stomach, and a fringed pair of mighty short denim shorts flattered her long legs. She set off after her project in a hurry, turquoise studded cowgirl boots clicking against the hardwood flooring.

Kira glanced up through his bangs at the feathered hat that was now drooping over his eyes. With a sigh, he decided he must look at least a bit odd. He shuffled his feet in agitation before sweeping it from his head and stuffing it into his pocket. Lacus let out a tinkling laugh. I'll be over by the punch bowl if you have the sudden need for me to bite you. On his way across the dance floor, he caught sight of Nicol, surrounded by a bunch of eager women.

The poor boy looked agitated. Actually, I can't do anything of the sort. It's just the costume, you see…" The girl's face fell, and she pouted, the kitty ears atop her head seeming to droop with disappointment. Dearka tried to hold back another snigger, making his way over to the unfortunate boy and clapping him heartily on the back. The blonde shook his head, grinning to show his gleaming fangs. Then he caught sight of Athrun, who had begun dancing in center stage with Cagalli.

The blonde princess had shed her helmet and Athrun had abandoned his eye-patch; it didn't look as if they'd be halting their activity any time soon. He noticed, with a tiny smile despite himself, however, that they still appeared tentative. While the others were dancing close and wild, the two new lovers looked as if they believed they'd melt if they got too close to each other.

He held her around the waist, the other hand loosely grasping her free one. Then he pulled her up slightly, bringing his lips to meet the soft flesh above her collarbone. He moved to her neck, where he again parted his lips and teased her gently, whispering afterward into her ear, "Let me take your blood with a vampire's kiss, my lady.

Her cowgirl hat had drifted askew, and her face was flushed when he pulled her back into a standing position. Athrun shook his head at the other boy's antics, turning back to Cagalli with a bit of a grin.

She had to halt without warning as they narrowly avoided a collision with a twirling Lacus and Kira. The pop singer's white gown billowed out in a wispy, dreamlike manner, and Kira blushed furiously when she laid her head down on his shoulder. Athrun threw him a thumbs up while Cagalli yelled at her brother to watch where he was going. Meanwhile, Yzak was pouring himself a second glass of punch when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He spun around, preparing a sarcastic remark for what he expected to be Miriallia, only to widen his icy blue eyes in shock when he found himself staring at a very scantily-clad French maid. The first thing to catch his eye was the pair of fishnets, and next the lacey band around the girl's upper thigh. His gaze traveled over a layer of frilled lace skirts and a low neckline, finally resting on her face. The redhead leaned over him, placing one hand lightly on his shoulder and batting her eyelashes in a suggestive way that Yzak supposed was meant to be enthralling.

He narrowed his eyes. It was then that Yzak recalled where he had seen her before. A name came to him, vaguely at first, but then he grasped it: He had no idea why she wanted to seek him out, but he had no intention of spoiling his fun, even if Kira was the one who had given him his scar. His contempt for the persistent girl before him was currently more powerful.

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If you'll notice, that's why I'm not on the dance floor. Athrun had to close his eyes and block out a rushing memory, the smile on Frost's face in that basement as he brought the power drill up into Athrun's mouth and pressed it against his gumlines Athrun opened his eyes with a start, sweat standing out on his face before being absorbed by the oxygenated gel filling his suit.

Strange how he could feel parched even when his throat was full of the aerated gel Kira, if that was Kira, and Athrun knew it was, seemed to be waiting for Athrun to make the first move. We are the ones that drove him away after all, it should be us that makes the apology first. God damn it, but he was a diplomatic ambassador for his day to day job, but put him across the figurative negotiating table from his best friend and he suddenly became as tongue tied as the first times he'd thought about asking Cagalli out on a date!

He'd been dreading this moment for weeks, but now The apology was expected, but Athrun couldn't really think it would make any difference now, could he? Kira was sorry too, but it didn't change what the situation was. I'm glad you realize the scale of the mistake you all made. Things cannot go back to the way they were. That the apology is meaningless?

Am I not your friend, despite the mistakes I've made, despite the mistakes you've made? Am I not your friend, Kira? Of my line in the sand.

I never dreamed, in my worst nightmares, that this would happen to us again, not after the first time. But after what happened to Lacus and my children, I've come to realize We know who committed those crimes now!

You were right, we were wrong and we want to show you that we acknowledge that. Please, Kira, come back to Orb with us. I loved Lacus too, like a sister, and your children were as precious to me and Cagalli as Allister is. But they are dead, Kira. We can only miss them now, and try to move on with life. I can't say I know how you feel, though I came pretty close after what happened on Halloween.

We're your family, Kira, even when we mess up royally. We love you, and we can forgive you for anything, as long as you can forgive us too! The Balmung pointed accusingly over Kira's shoulder. To your own best friend and sister and nephew? The man who tried to end the world, who wants to kill every living, thinking thing in existence! You're siding with Durandel now? You condone what he's done, what he's sanctioned? You stand there, across from me, under the orders and command of a man who is responsible for what happened to Lacus and my children?

Who may have expressly ordered their murder? He kills for fun, tortures those weaker than himself simply because he can! He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever! He laughs at them as he destroys them, he enjoys making the entire world suffer! I admit that Gilbert Durandel has done many things I hate. But he is not evil, not like Frost. He may be corrupt, he may be a tyrant, he may be meglomaniacal even You and Lacus said as much yourselves!

None of us are human. None of the over six million people living in this city behind me None of us have even a single human right, because we AREN'T human to them, we are classified as illegal medical experiments! This is not a war of reclamation, this is a war of genocide and extermination, and you are siding with the people committing the genocide!

I'm not the one who needs forgiveness Simply because we don't fit into the world as imagined by Gilbert Durandel! I did not know about these crimes you describe, Kira. You know me, you know that I would never stand for allowing that to happen if I knew about it! Neither would Cagalli, or Jiro, or anyone of us, your friends!

You are a human being, as human as I am, moreso even! But the solution to violence isn't more violence, Kira, we have fought several wars to prove that! You may not like it, but the fact is, the Edenites attacked us without warning, detonating a nuclear bomb in civilian territory, killing hundreds, including Ryuta Simmons, who had his decapitated head skewered on a sign post with a taunting message written beneath it!

Orb does not interfere in the affairs of other nations. We do not allow other nations to interfere in ours I know that isn't currently the case but we are working on legally attaining independence, you know that. We don't attack other nations. We don't allow other nations to attack us. This is your people's war, Kira.

I agree that attacking Orb was stupid, but this is not our war. We did not start this, we just escalated it into the open. Orb and the USN public just joined a war that has been raging for seven years already.

A covert war between peaceful groups of people who just want to live their lives and raise their families in a world that is already too hostile to human life as is, without interference; and a select group of people in the USN who cannot accept the existence of psychics and Ultimate Coordinators, any more than Blue Cosmos could accept Coordinators, for about the same reason.

Because they fear, irrationally, that we intend to replace them, dominate them, make them somehow obsolete. Because there is money and power to be had in the hating and persecution of us Edenites.

There is no excuse for his actions, he is irredeemably evil. But there is one thing he isn't, and that is dishonest.

He has never hidden his intentions, has never tried to dress up or hide what he has done, doesn't pretend to be anything other than a monster. He doesn't commit evil and call it good, he doesn't say one thing to people and then, when they turn their backs, do the opposite. He commits evil, he does it personally, he puts himself at risk to do what he does. He doesn't send other people to take risks and die in his place while he stands aloof and safe and reaps the rewards.

I would rather have him stand at my back a thousand times over than close my eyes to the monster that is Gilbert Durandel! The monster you serve now! The same people you once defended from he himself? I am not his friend, I am his enemy and he is mine. But right now, neither Frost nor I is interested in our past history. Because we are both threatened by someone who, if he gets his way, will make our conflicts, our very lives, meaningless.

One day, when this war of "reclamation" is over with, I will confront and kill Zacharis Frost, again, because he will then become the greatest threat to a peaceful future for my people. I would welcome your assistance in doing that.

All you have to do is step over and stand next to me The last thing he needed was Frost's taunting gestures in this situation. I realize that puts you in a really tough spot. The world has already been divided into two armed camps, Athrun.

Its been that way for years, happening right under our happy, contented little noses. You can acknowledge that and choose a side, or you can go on believing that there is still the possibility of the pipe-dream called neutrality even now. Of the three options you have, two make you my enemy. I kill my enemies now. All of my experience regarding Frost tells me that the moment I relax my guard, the moment I stop regarding him as the true, main threat And he'll kill her slowly.

He'll make her suffer, and make me watch helplessly if he can. I have to take the chance, for my sake, for Miri's sake, and my children's sake, that the USN and Durandel are the better choice, in the long run. I'm really sorry, man, but my family has to come first. But Dearka is right. Frost has given me nightmares for my entire adult life, and that was when I thought he was dead and gone for good.

You don't need him. You can protect your people without him! Get rid of him, Kira, and we will all be with you in a heartbeat! If I tried, it would set me against the Edenites, who are counting on his strength, deranged as it might be, to protect what is precious to them.

I can't deny them help, even from him, even though he's not trying to help them. Even the most evil of people can sometimes do good without meaning to. For you and your family, regular Coordinators, non-psychics, the USN probably is a better choice for the moment. You won't have to worry about persecution and I'm sure, if you wanted to try, you could probably rise pretty high under Durandel's system. Assuming, you know, you could ignore what happens to the psychics and Ultimate Coordinators.

The people like me. And probably Mina and Jamie too, just because both parents are psychic. Exactly, Yzak, they will. They've been marching over the dead bodies of those who stood against their genetic discrimination for almost seven years. What makes you think you're so special? The only reason they probably haven't come for you already is because you're more useful to them alive than dead, and they can always kill you later.

Everyone has some sort of family, Yzak, you can't kill someone without a ripple effect to someone else. I'm not asking you to not kill him I'm asking you to not kill him right now. I agree with what Dearka said. We'll work something out if it comes to it, Yzak will think of something.

You, though, stand with death, and we can't join you. He killed Yzak's mother Is Frost the greatest threat to humanity, or is Durandel? Can you live with supporting the man who demands I must die simply because of the way I am born? Lacus once asked you who were, and I'll ask you again. Who are you, Athrun?

Are you the son of Patrick Zala, the soldier of ZAFT who can close his eyes to what is going on around him because that is what is easiest and least painful to him? Do you fight for the orders of your superiors, or do you fight for what's right?

Answer carefully, because if you are my enemy, you aren't just fighting me What would you tell Allister The way Kira needed him to. He couldn't do it! The memories of the basement The Simurgh collapsed to its hands and knees with a rumble of falling metal. His eyes watering and tearing up, the Simurgh's polarizing lenses all that had saved him from permanent eye damage, Athrun staggered backwards, falling onto his butt next to the Dreadnaught and Balmung as they shied away as well, golden sparks crawling alog their Citadel Scale armor just from the proximity heat of the laser beams, the ground turning to glass beneath their feet, rippling waves of heat distortion expanding outward in a mile wide shockwave where the air itself ignited from residual heat.

His voice practically oozed arrogant smugness. Normally a target the size of a Gundam would be very hard to hit with the main guns of an Incarnate class, especially through the atmosphere.

You are to be commended, you lured their Gundams out and staked them down and we were able to take a one out of a hundred shot to remove them from the board before the game even started!

I was going to offer you the credit, but if you're going to be this way about it A lot, because of Rey's hunger for glory and inattention to detail. The eyes of one flashed purple. The eyes of the other glowed black. I was a fool to trust them. The USN has never treated fairly with others if they had any choice in the matter.

I don't know why I expected differently. I must still be a bit insane, expecting different results from the same process all the time. They are your friends after all I don't seem to have any friends in Orb anymore. I hope they kill you.

Cagalli Yula Athha

I hope they kill you Then he turned his attention to the three still slightly dazed Orb Gundams in front of him. He twirled his scythe happily around himself, making the scorched air whine and scream as he sliced it apart. It's been too long. However, the Balmung, Scarface's machine, was there to meet the charge of the Kratos with a blitz of its own, holding a deceptively slender two handed sword in both its gauntlets, the blade glowing an actinic blue, like an arcing spark frozen in time.

The Fafnir blade met and scraped along the inner edge of the Kratos's scythe, before locking against where the blade met haft, arresting the swing of the threshing tool and locking the two Gundams in a momentary clinch, thrusters throbbing as they each pushed at each other. Unless you're planning to jump on him swinging that axe-arm, which will just get you eviscerated, the Dreadnaught isn't suited to this kind of combat! The sooner we bring down their shields, the sooner the Stormhounds can launch their raid and the sooner we can end this battle!

Two of those will probably kill me too, and I don't need to be tripping over you all the time when you try to fight him in melee! Besides, you have something more important to be doing!

The Simurgh is the only machine fast enough to catch up to Kira before he reaches orbit and destroys our support fleets! In case you forgot, the Solar Knights are still up there, just starting their drop operation, and you know as well as I do how vulnerable Mobile Suits are when they're packed into drop pods falling through the atmosphere!

If you don't stop Kira, tens of thousands of sailors will die and we won't be able to counter the Eddie Mobile Suits and we will lose this battle! I have a camera with your name on it, waiting to capture the look on your face when he comes knocking on your door with candy and flowers, for all time. They have better taste than that. I'll make sure of it. The concussive blasts of protesting sound rolled over the Kratos and the Balmung, glass chips pattering off their armor like a horizontal rain of razors, before they were finally alone.

The Balmung's Photon Cloak swirled in the sonic breezes, a blue flag whipping proudly in the wind, flashing blue camera eye lenses bisected by a bloody red scar boring into the abyssal black depths of the Kratos's horn framed visor.

This is for Ezalia Joule! This time it was the Balmung that disengaged backwards, retreating ten meters in a single leg powered hop, the three Minion pods leaving their charging nooks on the Gundam's back before flying forward to form a large rectangular Citadel tower shield between the two Gundams, styming Frost's pursuit of the Balmung for a moment.

The Kratos slammed into the Citadel barrier hard enough to make the Minion pods scoot backwards several meters through the air, before Frost took a half step back, planting his back foot as he swung two handed at the offending field of aqua energy, using the high powered cutting action generated by the shape of a scythe's blade to saw right through the middle of the shield in an explosion of golden sparks, the bisected shield crackling into nothingness, revealing Frost grinned in pleasure, before throwing his scythe up horizontally, using the haft to block the descending sword and shield-edge strike from the Balmung, pouncing down on him from above, where Yzak had leaped as Frost was cutting through his Minion shield.

In a display of mechanical agility that would have been unthinkable the last time he fought Frost, Yzak pushed off with both arms and flipped completely over the Kratos in a somersault, landing behind the larger Gundam on one knee, the dual 75mm monodisc launcher on the left shoulder spinning around to cover the rear arc, firing a flurry of raor sharp explosive discs at the Kratos's back from point blank range. The Kratos seemed to blur and then another sonic boom was pinning the Photon Cloak to Yzak's back as the Kratos disappeared and reappeared a half kilometer away and to the left, Frost demonstrating that he'd lost none of his affinity for utilizing the true speed and manueverability of NIC and FPR equipped machines.

Well, Frost wasn't the only one, and Yzak had been training nonstop in utilizing these systems ever since they'd first been reverse engineered six years prior. While his friends had gone back to civilian or political jobs after each war or terror incident, Yzak had never strayed from the path of the soldier. Fighting to protect the people and nation that he loved was what his purpose in life was going to be, he'd decided that a long time ago. Yzak smirked, his vision blurring just slightly for a moment, as he moved over to stand in front of the Kratos again, between blinks of most people's eyes, his cloa once more flying out proudly behind him as sound belatedly caught up.

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Your life would be meaningless without conflict, without the clash of blades and the boom of guns. I really wish Mr. Machine had reincarnated me in your body rather than Yamato's, I could have enjoyed myself a little more then. I welcome you to this crucible of war, Scarface.

Let the holy conflict begin for real! The shoulder tentacles unwound from their resting positions on his shoulders, forming a writhing halo of slick grey living whips, sprouting thorns of bloody crimson energy along their lengths. And then the Kratos was in the Balmung's face, the scythe coming around in another horizontal sweep aimed at the waist level. Yzak interposed the Bulwark shield with the positron shield coating, daring Frost to strike it, knowing that even a QC weapon could not withstand the anti-matter particles within a Positron shield, if Frost carried through with this strike, he'd be holding a QC stick at the end, not a scythe!

But then Yzak noticed a shifting in the Kratos's grip, more a premonition than anything tangible, and the scythe blade was zooming by harmlessly just in front of his shield, as the Kratos simply physically ran the smaller Gundam over, slamming the Balmung down on its back in the dirt with the sheer impact of its mass!

Yzak rolled frantically to the side, swinging up with the Fafnir, parrying a few stabbing thrusts from the base of the scythe haft, which narrowed to a spear like tip, trying to get clear so he could regain his feet, but Frost stayed with him, trapping him with his legs, keeping him busy with the speartip.

So Yzak swung his shield horizontally, the chainsaw edge digging up gobbets of grey and crimson semi-liquid LCR armor as it grazed the Kratos's left ankle, forcing Frost to lift the foot or else lose it from the ankle down!

The Kratos lifted its right foot too, pole vaulting upwards with the scythe planted in the ground, and Yzak quickly rolled to his knees, the Photon Cloak wrapped around him like a tarp before its anti-fouling systems retracted it to free up his limbs. Yzak glimpsed the Kratos's angular wings rotating down and then forward, underneath its arms, and he knew what was coming, bringing his Bulwark shield up as twin ports in the tips of the Kratos's wings irised open, as Frost used his own Positron shields to try and slam the Balmung, the maneuver canceled out by the Bulwark being interposed, thought Yzak was still jarred backwards slightly all the same.

He dug in his heel and came up swinging, an uppercut with Fafnir that Frost sidestepped, the glowing blue sword tip passing within feet of the Kratos's leering, horse-like head, before Yak engaged the scythe haft with his chainsaw edge, and brought Fafnir back down in a backhanded diagonal stroke. That attack was arrested in midswing, the Kratos snatching up with its left hand, ensnaring the Fafnir blade with the QC sword claws, the keening shriek of grating crystal echoing around them as they locked their melee weapons against each other yet again, neither able to break free of the clinch.

Both Gundams reacted similarly, Katie bringing the monodisc launchers and Guillotine FRALA to bear even as the Kratos lashed the Balmung on back, sides, and shoudlers with its tentacles, golden sparks flying and limbs shuddering as the beam tipped tentacles were repulsed time and again by the Balmung's Citadel Scales, though with the way the tentacles were whipping like a nest of frenzied cobras, it wouldn't be long before the Citadel Scales were overwhelmed.

More gouts of crimson and grey flecked semi-molten armor flew from the Kratos as the monodisc launcher hurled volleys of its explosive sawblades into Frost's torso and sides, but the Kratos's armor was thick and the low caliber monodiscs would take time to chew through to internal structures.

Frost displayed his usual agility though, and was already back on his feet and ready by the time Yzak had recovered his balance. Let's finish this guy off. Yzak sent with a secret smile. You ready for it? Got control of the fear? It was never Frost I was afraid of. Katie retorted with indignation.

Unlike Miri or Cagalli, he's never really done anything to me personally, besides hurt you. But he doesn't stalk my nightmares, he's just another psycopath that needs to be put down. Let's do this, Yzak. We've been training for moments like this for six years now, time to strut our stuff! Lead the way, Yzak, I'll follow you anywhere! You're fighting both of us. With the Seed, he gets much faster and stronger and can think and react quicker.

Too much quicker in some ways, I can't keep up with him while he's using it, can't provide the data he needs, I just slow him down. Used to be, Yzak only got about half the real boost from the Seed, because I was holding him back, in the Vorpal.

But that's changed now. This Divine Eye system we have All humans have the Seed, Frost. Most of us just can't access it normally. This is not normally. Both reached an invisible, unyielding surface at the same time, both exploded in a joined cataclysm of white and cerulean light that illuminated their shared universes. Katie and Yzak opened their eyes, both sets of blue eyes washed out and metallic.

What, oh what, should I call you now? So fierce, yet so cold about it, so focused, not like Fiery Zala-Attha at all. So independent yet so easily gentled by the call of her master, and so small and immature too You shall now be known forever more as the Chibi-Hawk!

Congratulations, you have ascended to the ranks of the worthy! Katie complained, not bothering to deign to reply to Frost's insanity. Let's kill him together, that's the point of this, isn't it? Are you sure you can handle it? Going into his mind? It's not a nice place in there, you've told me that many times. Yzak answered, concern in his tone. If Lacus could do it, there isn't any reason I can't stand a little depravity either. Katie answered resolutely, her perceptions of the physical world fading, leaving her mental avatar, a fairly accurate representation of herself, except armored in blue plate mail, and with shield and sword in hand Across from her was a writhing ball of tentacles, slavering mouths, stingers and barbed claws, a thing with no definite form or physically concievable function.

For what I am about to recieve, may God make me thankful Katie thought, steeling herself