House of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

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house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

After the prom Nina, Fabian, Patricia, Alfie, Amber, Jerome and Mick walk to Anubis house from prom. They kiss and walk back to the house when they get to the house Mick is in the kitchen, Alfie, Patricia, Jerome and Amber. But when Patricia steals her diary and finds out a sercet about Nina and Fabian, she isn't afraid to share it with the rest of Anubis hosue. TV ShowsHet Huis Anubis/House of Anubis. Follow/Fav Hey guys! So I had a dream last night about how Nina met Fabian's parents! It wasn't.

I will not die I promise and also don't talk like that because we can beat Rufus together you, me and Mick and Mara and Patricia and Jerome and Amber and Alfie and Trudy are all a family and we will all protect each other. I promise you okay? Thank you Fabian I feel better kisses him on the cheek and this is what I love about you. You are always uplifting. Well I get it from my mom and dad. But I know that we can beat Rufus and then we will have a good future together.

When Fabian and Nina were about to kiss Amber had come and interrupted them. She then saw that she had interrupted them and backed out of the room so they could finish what they were doing.

But they had changed their minds and went to sit down and talk. Everyone was coming up with a plan when Fabian said that only he and Nina were going everyone else was arguing Nina and Fabian snuck away and started to pack for their trip when Nina had Nina: Mara and Amber told Fabian if he could leave the room so they get wake Nina up and he said sure. When he was in the hallway he was pacing back and forth wondering what made Nina pass out while he was figuring it out he had heard Sarah talk to him Sarah: Fabian what is wrong?

Nina passed out Sarah but I don't know how she got sick. Do you understand Fabian? Thank you Sarah I really appreciate it. Should I go check on Nina?

Amber had gone and got Fabian when she did Nina was waking up. Fabian I need to tell you something privately. Turns to the group um guys can we get some privacy please? I feel stronger Fabian. But Sarah told me that she was going to talk to you. So what did she say to you?

That you and I would get stronger and that I too will take the test that you took when you passed out. After they talked Trudy then called everyone for dinner.

They went downstairs and sat down and ate their food when Nina saw that Fabian was looking a little dizzy. Fabian are you feeling okay? No I feel light-headed. Fabian's head falls in his food Nina: Well come on Mara let's take care of Fabian. Mick Jerome Alfie Pick up Fabian Amber turns to see Jerome take a picture of Fabian's head in his food and was about to draw on his face when Nina slapped Jerome and broke his phone in half then glared at him with a look that said do something else and I will finish it.

After that look Jerome backed off. Go Nina I didn't even know that you were that strong.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

I stood speechless, though so many things ran through my head. Why would Fabian kiss her? I loved that boy to death, but he really earned the title "Stutter Rutter" for sure.

See, the problem started when Jerome sold me and Joy the same dress.

house of anubis nina and fabian meet fanfiction

Kill Jerome later for ruining the ball. Joy, Fabian, and I went to hunt him down. Once we did, he turned the tables around. That was one thing we could agree on. That wasn't right of you to do. Thank you Mara, for having Jerome's heart wrapped around your little finger.

My arms folded across my chest, and Joy's hands on her hips. Oh Fabian… don't you know you're supposed to back your girlfriend up on everything. Bright side is we did get our money back. Down side is, we still were stuck in the same dress, both competing for Fabian's love.

The only differences were I was dating him, and I had a prettier mask then she did. However after that little episode of not backing me up I stormed outside.

I heard Joy try to comfort him, but he just had walked away. Now I'm standing here, watching them break away from a kiss.

A kiss that should have been shared between me and Fabian. And I can't help but hear the own cracks my heart is making my the millisecond. I see Fabian stare at Joy in shock, but a dream shock. Then, I watch his gaze as it goes up to my face. He's speechless, just like I am. It must have been a few minutes before he says anything. I couldn't take it. I bolted out the door, I didn't want to hear his story explanation of how he didn't know it wasn't me.

Because you know who you are kissing. I ran out into the hallway where I found Amber and Alfie kissing. I hated to pull my BBF away from her boyfriend, to help me cope, but I was desperate.

I watched her pull apart from her kiss she shared with Alfie, just like I had watched Fabian and Joy. He was sweet when he wasn't pranking someone. Make your love clear to him. I had always been taught never to stoop to the other person's level.

That revenge was for the birds, and that revenge only led to a full blown out war. Listen, I am in charge of this ball. I get to say what happens next, and I say we have a karaoke ball.

I could see the little blonde wheels spinning in her head. She was smart and ditzy at the same time, a lot of people didn't give her any credit.

How that a major trust is gone now, and that he really cut a wound deep into your heart. I really wasn't in the mood for singing. Besides, it will make him realize what he's giving up. I could never say no to those eyes. I'll go tell Mr. I followed behind her with Alfie walking beside me.

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Was I really doing the right thing? For the time being it was. I walked into the auditorium just in time to see Amber prance onto the stage. My heart started to be out of my chest, as I glanced all around for Fabian. He was nowhere to be found. I heard Amber tap on the microphone and my heart was beating literally almost out of my chest.