Luffy and hancock meet again

luffy and hancock meet again

Meet the Kuja's. By: Didannl. Luffy and crew rescue some castaway Kuja Pirates. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Boa Hancock, Straw Hats P. - Words: 1, - Reviews: . "But we wanna stretch him again!. Our first candidate is Lola, who Luffy and the crew met back in As Gin forces Krieg to retreat, he leaves Sanji with a message for Luffy: to meet again on the As they depart, Hancock asks Luffy not to say “farewell,” and Luffy. As Hancock had helped Luffy in the events leading to the Marineford arc and during the timeskip, I am certain that Hancock will seek help from Straw Hats to defend Amazon Lily. In the future arcs, these dresses were worn by Robin in the Sky Island arc and by Boa Hancock.

It was the morning after a storm, which were quite frequent in the New World. The strawhats were enjoying their first sunny morning in weeks. Sanji was making breakfast, Usopp and Franky were repairing some holes, Zoro was asleep, Robin was with Nami in the aquarium room discussing how off course the storms had pushed them. Brook was on lookout, and Chopper was in his medical room with Luffy who had swallowed too much sea water the night before.

I see a ship! Everyone except Luffy and Chopper came out on deck. Could be a life raft. Usopp walked over to the edge of the Sunny an pulled out his binoculars.


It's a life boat, looks like the storm hit it hard Does she need a prince to rescue her?! Now I would feel bad if we just left them there!

Lets reel them in then! Usopp tied one end of the rope to the mast and placed the end with the hook into his slingshot. He shot the hook at the sinking ship and it clasped on tightly to the edge. The girl bailing out the ship looked up in surprise. The rope tightened and the small boat shot toward the Sunny at an alarming pace, eventually slamming into the side of the larger boat.

Boa Hancock

Sanji and Zoro looked back at her with nonchalant faces "Oops. Robin had already lifted the three girls onto the deck.

luffy and hancock meet again

The one who was bailing the ship before sat up and rubbed her head, the shock had woken the other two girls up. All three of them were wearing what looked like animal print bikinis and those white mantles with gold shoulder pads that were often worn by high ranking marines.

But the girls didn't look like marines.

luffy and hancock meet again

The first girl had short blond hair and had a brown outfit with black spots, the other two had long hair- one orange, one brunette. The brunette had a green outfit also with black spots. The redhead had a pink outfit with black tiger stripes. But the strangest part was that all three of them had a snake wrapped around them. The blond first checked on the health of her comrades. After confirming their safety, she glanced around at her surroundings, eventually laying eyes on the pirate flag waving atop the Sunny Go.

She gasped an noticed all the people around her. Hey someone go get Chopper! The three girls stood up in an instant, sensing danger they grabbed their snakes, who somehow turned into bows and drew an arrow each. Zoro reached for his sword, but Nami stopped him. We're not going to hurt you! We saw your ship sinking an decided to help! We can't trust you! The blond turned to Nami and said "You.

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You we can trust. Our first candidate is Lola, who Luffy and the crew met back in Thriller Bark. After saving Lola and hers from Gecko Moria, the Straw Hats form a close bond with them and promise to meet up with them again one day. Still, this is pretty flimsy conjecture, hence she is my first example.

After Luffy defeated Don Krieg, his attitude rubbed off on Gin and gave him a new lease on life. As Gin forces Krieg to retreat, he leaves Sanji with a message for Luffy: As Luffy departs from Fishman Island, Shirahoshi asks him to return and show her even more of the world. This scene is given the kind of attention that just screams foreshadowing, so we can say pretty definitively that Luffy and Shirahoshi are going to meet again, and even the promise itself, to take her above the waves, would be fulfilled quite nicely with her on the crew proper.

However, Shirahoshi is no fighter, and while her ability as Poseidon to control the Sea Kings is incredibly powerful, its use is also rather limited to the sea. Still, if she were to join, her role on the crew seems pretty clear; controlling the Sea Kings to act as guides.

After Luffy spent two years training on Rusukaina, Hancock delivers him to Sabaody Archipelago to meet back up with his crew. Also, as I said with Lola, Hancock has her own crew, and more than that, she has her own kingdom to take care of.