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meet and play music

Whether you want to form a band, collaborate on original songs or just jam. You might run into a future band mate this way or meet someone who can. Meet Robin McKenzie, musician and teacher in Victoria, BC. She's on a mission to share music with the world!. Joanne Barker, UMTC, ORMTA Affiliate member, has been teaching music created 6 levels of materials for exclusive use at the Let`s Play Music Studio!.

Every family member must be based in the same country as the family manager to join a family plan.

meet and play music

Family manager requirements To sign up, you must meet all these requirements: Be 18 or older or the appropriate age in your country and have a Google Account Have a valid credit card to use as the family payment method Live in a country where the family music plan is available Not be part of another family group Family member requirements Anyone you invite to join your family must meet all these requirements: Have a Google Account.

If you have a family member under 13 or the applicable age in your countrythe family manager needs to create a Google Account for them. Live in the same country as the family manager.

Not be part of another family group.

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Anyone you invite to join your family will see your name, photo, and email address. Subscribe to the family plan Only the family manager can subscribe to the family plan. If your family manager doesn't want to subscribe, you can still purchase an individual subscription.

Open the Play Music app.

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Finding Musicians Online There are also a whole bunch of ways you can find musicians without even leaving your house. Or even get out of bed!

meet and play music

So here's a round-up of the available options to find musicians online. I am not associated with any of these sites or apps in any way.

Just wanted to give an overview of the options! Facebook Get the word out on Facebook. The average post is seen a couple hundred times. And all those people have hundreds of facebook friends who might be a good fit. Craigslist It might be a hit or miss, but many people find jam buddies or band members through Craigslist. So it might be worth checking out! Jamseek London Jamseek is focused on beginners or hobbyists learning music, guitar and other instruments who are looking to find musicians to jam with, have fun and learn.

This sets them apart from other platforms like join-my-band or bandmix that include semi -professional groups looking for band members. Close to half of all their users are based in London aboutand growing fastso if you're based in London you can be sure there are plenty of musicians around that actually use the app and will reply to your messages.

If you live outside London, there are better options at the moment. You can also use the search function that allows you to filter by instrument, genre, age and distance.

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As for future plans, a website version is in the works and Jamseek plans on getting more users in Birmingham, Manchester later this year. Flint Flint was created by two musicians with a single goal: It is set up like a dating app where both sides need to say yes, after which you can send messages, share images and upload music.

What's cool is that each profile has a play button, so you can immediately listen to someone's music. As far as I could tell, there's no way to filter by location, so this app might be more suited for online collaboration than finding musicians near you. Flint has both a website version and an iOS app. Their focus is on quality.

In the founder's words: They also have very few 'ghost' profiles: Hendrix is working on matchmaking system to connect musicians and venues, as well as other tools to help musicians run their business as independent artists and make money. They'll also be organizing real-life meetups across the US this year Melloplot France Melloplot is built around the idea of blind auditions.

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You flip through profiles like on a dating app, but your decision is purely based on the music you hear. No name, no gender, no picture. Just swipe right on music you liked and swipe left to pass. Only a match will lift the anonymity. The app is available in French and English, but most of the users are based in France, where the app was created. Since launching a year and a half ago, the number of users has grown to From finding band members, to studios, stores, luthiers, roadies, venues, or even selling tickets to a concert.

Fleeber has grown a user base of over 63, users in just under two years, which is impressive. Musolist Musolist has been around sincemaking it one of the longest running musicians classifieds sites on the net. In addition to finding musicians, they're also moving towards helping musicians showcase their careers. Part of that is Musolist Radioa daily commute podcast where host Nick plays music that was uploaded to Musolist.

So, a cool opportunity there to get your music heard!

meet and play music

Their goal is to attract more people to listen to great "unsigned" bands and musicians by offering it in a familiar format. As for other plans, Musolist will also be releasing a mobile app soon! Vampr One of the newest apps to find musicians is Vampr. It offers 50 categories you can tag yourself with or search through. Think hip-hop programmer looking for a classically-trained trombonist. The app has a clean design and offers swipe discovery yes, like Tindersuggesting potential collaborators based on your search preferences and of course your taste in music.

They recently passed 1 million connections made on the platform.

meet and play music

Vampr is available both as an iOS app and at the google play store.