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Fox Searchlight's released the official trailer for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, winner of both the Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize at this year's Sundance . | Trailer . RJ Cyler in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl () Jesse Andrews at an philosophy on life changes when he meets the not-so-typical " nice girl." . finds an unexpected friend in Owen, manager of the Water Wizz water park. In this, at least, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl poses a good question regarding tag-park-jiha tag-the-necks tag-aisha-devi tag-giulio-aldinucci tag- clau-aniz "caption": "ROMA Official Trailer () Alfonso Cuar\u00f3n, Netflix Movie Maybe it's their meeting, and their mutual recognition as two individuals.

It's cute that this title gestures toward his high schoolishly incorrect grammar, and perhaps more pointedly, in its also cute rhymes, the individuals who will help him to emerge at the end of this year as the storyteller he imagines himself to be at its start.

The title is cute and a little preemptive too, in that it lets you know right away that the makers -- and maybe even narrator Greg -- have some sense of the conventions in play, the white boy who will be made better by his associations with others, specifically, a black classmate, Earl RJ Cyler and a dying classmate, who does have a name too, Rachel Olivia Cooke.

It's not a terrible or new thing to note such conventions and then go on to challenge or make fun of them, improve on them or do pretty much anything other than note them.

A few lessons from 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl notes. Greg's year begins as he's contemplating college, or more precisely, contemplating submitting college applications, per requests made by his mother Connie Britton. College may be a way to do what he wants, which is to make movies, but Greg is unconvinced that it's the only or even the most effective way. And so he resists, in manners you might expect, procrastinating, retreating, seeking distractions.

'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' Serves as Another White Boy's Life Lesson

And then his mother finds one for him, a friend's daughter diagnosed with leukemia. This not being quite the distraction he was seeking Greg resists, until he doesn't, because, he tells Rachel, his mom is "the LeBron James of nagging," and also because, well, his film's title. Predictably fraught in its first moments, the Greg and Rachel relationship is salvaged when they're not together, that is, when he and Earl are making movies.

His reason -- which no one quite says out loud -- is that the movie he's making especially for her will keep her alive, as she waits for his perfect product. In the meantime, he allows her to see the trove already made, which means you get to see little bits as well. You might wonder how, in all of their movie-watching, Greg and Earl managed to miss seeing the one movie the movie that they're in most closely plagiarizes, Be Kind Rewind, the one where Mos Def and Jack Black make movies to save a neighborhood, and oh yes, remind you why you love movies.

A few lessons from 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' | Deseret News

Earl and Greg's movie doesn't have that in mind. As lovely as Earl and Greg's mini-movies can be, they're distractions, efforts to deflect attention from its frankly sentimental center. These efforts too often feel like efforts, as if Me and Earl and the Dying Girl knows the dying girl story is unbearably sentimental, even as a conventional life lesson for a white boy.

On the other hand, some might define high school as a time of suffering and better left buried and forgotten. While he may have to live through it, that doesn't mean he has to participate in it. Survival is key, though, so Greg knows every group there is to know by his senior year — the drama geeks, the Jewish girls, the drug addicts, the loners — and yet he belongs to no one.

Not even his "co-worker," Earl, has earned the title of "friend" in his book. So, the question is, what happens when people start telling Greg that they care about him?

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True to Greg's statement, "this isn't a touching romantic story. However, Greg doesn't mention leukemia to get sympathy.

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He mentions it because it is a part of his life, because it shaped him, and because it deserves to be documented. Despite its title, "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" is anything but a downer. Thomas Mann is brilliant in his role, acting like a true teenage boy who cheers up the girl with leukemia because he was told to. A natural comedian, Mann invites the audience to laugh at him, and to do so often. The supporting characters Earl RJ Cyler and Rachel Olivia Cooke are also well cast and become old friends of both Greg and the audience by the end of the movie.

Not evident in the movie trailerthough, is the frequent use of profanity.