Meet the press netcast and podcast

NBC Meet the Press | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand

meet the press netcast and podcast

Libsyn is your one-stop solution for everything you need to start podcasting, get your media hosting and delivery, RSS for Apple Podcasts and iTunes, a website, next step we have podcast apps for iOS and Android to extend the reach and. This podcast has been discontinued. 1, NBC Meet the Press (video) - , Play · Download. IN COLLECTIONS. Meet the Press Netcast · Podcasts · Podcasts Mirror. Uploaded by chris85 on April 22,

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As more people learned how easy it was to produce podcasts, a community of pioneer podcasters quickly appeared.

While this made access to podcasts more convenient and widespread, it also effectively ended advancement of podcatchers by independent developers.

meet the press netcast and podcast

Additionally, Apple issued cease and desist orders to many podcast application developers and service providers for using the term "iPod" or "Pod" in their products' names.

Concurrently, CNETThis Week in Techand later Bloomberg Radiothe Financial Timesand other for-profit companies provided podcast content, some using podcasting as their only distribution system. IP issues in trademark and patent law[ edit ] Trademark applications[ edit ] Between February 10 and 25 MarchShae Spencer Management, LLC of Fairport, New York filed a trademark application to register the term "podcast" for an "online prerecorded radio program over the internet".

The company amended their application in Marchbut the USPTO rejected the amended application as not sufficiently differentiated from the original.

The Meet the Press Podcast | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand

In Novemberthe application was marked as abandoned. Apple sent a cease and desist letter that week to Podcast Ready, Inc. However, no statement was made as to whether or not Apple believed they held rights to it.

meet the press netcast and podcast

Patent and Trademark Office invalidated five provisions of Personal Audio's podcasting patent. These can contain chapter markers, hyperlinksand artwork, all of which is synced to a specific program or device. Friday, January 19, As in noticably cleaner audio with fewer artifacts - especially at the lower kbps rates that many clients want to take advantage of.

'Meet the Press' Frequently Asked Questions

I beleive there is also a way to make Lame work with iTunes -- http: Now I can forsee several late nights in a row up at the computer reading through the many many discussion threads of different codecs and how they play nicely with different software packages Y nyc On Thu, 18 Jan What do you mean by "much better results"? It's slow, deadly slow and the MP3 files don't sound any better to my ears than just letting iTunes do the work.

meet the press netcast and podcast

Sometimes LAME produces a little bit smaller file, not sure why. I used to MusicMatch to do the ripping but iTunes is just as fast and takes care of putting into the library and my iPod. MP3 saved out of Sony Soundforge seem to sound just fine but for some reason are always larger file size for the same bitrate than iTunes or MusicMatch.

I can't understand that since all three use the official German codec as far as I know. Thursday, January 18, Jackie Robinson, the first man to break the racial barrier in Major League Baseball, also becomes the first athlete to appear on "Meet the Press.

Here she talks about her trip to the Soviet Union.

meet the press netcast and podcast

Indeed, it can be said that he is the poet of all mankind. Castro was annoyed that permanent panelist and producer Lawrence Spivak would not allow him to smoke cigars in the studio. Civil Rights leader Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Kennedy October 16, After this interview, then-Senator John F. Kennedy calls Meet the Press the nation's "fifty-first state. After the interview, Hoffa was furious about being asked whether his insistence on dealing only in cash and keeping few records gave the appearance of impropriety. The potential Senate candidate was coached by his older brother, President John F.

On the day of the program, President Kennedy delayed his departure from Palm Beach in order to watch the show, but later told his brother that he was almost too nervous to watch. Ronald Reagan, making his first bid for public office, appears on "Meet the Press" with his Democratic opponent for the governorship of California, the incumbent Gov.

Reagan appeared on "Meet the Press" seven times -- all before he was elected president. Kennedy makes his ninth -- and final -- appearance on "Meet the Press" with Lawrence E. Kennedy was assassinated in California less than 3 months later -- shortly after claiming victory in that state's Democratic presidential primary.