Mickey and eddie meet script writing

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mickey and eddie meet script writing

Talk about what happens to Mickey and Eddie as it happens. • Write what you think .. Now you know how to set out a script, try writing your own version of the scene. You can change the . She met Romeo and they fell in. ______. Romeo. This would have affected Mickey's view on Edward (Middle/upper class) and there is a centre ground where the pairs paths meet and have impacted on an audience and demonstrating this with specific moments from the script, would allow for a more rounded . was written as well as linking to later periods in time. How Mickey and Eddie have changed because of their different upbringings How does the writer bring out the humour in Mickey's first meeting with Eddie?.

The Johnstone family are enjoying a better life now they have moved to a new home and a new area, and they have not seen Eddie in all this time. Mickey has a crush on Linda, who is obviously interested in him too, but Mickey does not know how to act with her.

Both of them are suspended from school after insulting their teacher. Meanwhile, Eddie is suspended from his boarding school for refusing to give up his locket to a teacher, but he will not tell his mother about it, even after she sees the pictures of it "Secrets". Mrs Lyons sees Mrs Johnstone near her house and her worries are renewed. Eddie and Mickey bump into each other in a field, but do not initially recognize each other.

With each wanting to be like the other before finally realizing who the other is and become friends again "That Guy".

mickey and eddie meet script writing

Mrs Lyons confronts Mrs Johnstone and accuses her of following her family to stay close to Edward; Mrs Lyons then flies into a rage and tries to kill Mrs Johnstone, but is stopped and runs away.

Eddie leaves for university, but not before encouraging Mickey to ask Linda out. During Eddie's absence Linda becomes pregnant, she and Mickey are married and move in with Mrs Johnstone, Mickey is then made redundant from his factory job due to the recession in the early s, which forces him onto the dole shortly before Christmas "Miss Jones".

Plot summary

Eddie returns at Christmas ready to party and have fun, but Mickey realizes that they are now very different; after a small argument with Eddie, they part. Mickey is persuaded to assist his brother Sammy in a robbery, to earn money to support Linda and the baby. The robbery goes wrong, and he becomes an accessory to a murder committed by Sammy.

He is sentenced to seven years in prison. In prison, Mickey is diagnosed as chronically depressed. When released early for good behaviour, he is still dependent on anti-depressants. He becomes withdrawn and turns away from Linda "Marilyn Monroe 3". Linda, unable to get Mickey off the anti-depressants, contacts Eddie, who is now a councillor, and he gets them their own house and Mickey a job "Light Romance". Linda worries about Mickey and meets up with Eddie.

Mrs Lyons sees them together and tells Mickey about it, implying that the two are having an affair. Mickey, distraught over Eddie and Linda's 'affair,' grabs the gun that Sammy hid before he got arrested and then storms down to the council offices to confront Eddie "Madman".

There, Eddie is giving a speech when Mickey storms in with the gun. Mickey asks why Eddie would take away the one good thing that Mickey had — Linda. Eddie denies this intention, and the police enter, demanding that Mickey put the gun down. Johnstone runs in and, in an attempt to stop Mickey from shooting Eddie, tells the two brothers the truth.

mickey and eddie meet script writing

Mickey despairs that he was not the one given away, because then he could have had the life given to Eddie. Mrs Johnstone runs into the Council Chamber begging Mickey to not shoot Eddie, revealing that they are in fact twin brothers.

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At this news Mickey starts screaming that he wishes he had been given away so he could be Eddie. At this point the gun accidentally goes off killing Eddie.

mickey and eddie meet script writing

At the same time the armed police shoot and kill Mickey. I think the main issue surrounding Blood Brothers is the class hierarchy we have in Britain. Given that the play was written in the economically depressed, socially divided Great Britain ofthe suggested answer is unsurprising.

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She is used as a metaphor for the story. The life of Marilyn Monroe and the twins corresponds closely. In the first act all is well, and any mention of Marilyn Monroe is joyful. But then as Mickey gets put away in prison he becomes addicted to pills, which as we know killed Marilyn Monroe. Then finally in the end Mickey shoots Eddy, which might be seen as suicide as people say twins are so closely connected, they are the same person. Moreover Marilyn Monroe committed suicide.

I thought the performance of Blood Brother was good, I thought the story line was first-class and I liked the use of a strong character narrating, but I felt that the ending song especially was out of place. After a moment, she follows the pair. That this interaction after seven years spent apart so closely mirrors their first interaction only further emphasizes the fact that the forces of fate seem to be bringing Edward and Mickey together.

They quickly re-bond over their shared awkwardness around girls, and their desire to learn about the more adult elements of life. Though this exchange seems endearing and adolescent, a sinister note enters the proceedings in the form of Mrs. Lyons, who has now actually begun spying on her teenage son. Her paranoia has already become dangerous and destructive, and will only grow more so.

Active Themes The two boys walk along as, unbeknownst to them, the Narrator follows them along with Mrs. Edward offers to lend Mickey money, but Mickey says that he will ask Mrs.

Edward says that they need to move quickly, before his unstable mother sees them.

mickey and eddie meet script writing

The Narrator sings his refrain, mocking the idea of security, and adding that the past can never be locked away, that there will always be a debt to pay, and that the devil is waiting.

As usual, the Narrator embodies these darker ideas, but this time, Mrs. Lyons does as well, proof of how far gone she is on the road to destruction. Active Themes Mickey and Edward burst into Mrs. Johnstone is shocked but happy to see Edward, and she tells Mickey that he can take a pound to go see a movie. As Mickey goes to the other room for the money, Mrs. Johnstone asks if Edward still has the locket she gave him.

Edward replies that he does. Johnstone asks the boys what movie they plan on seeing. Although they try to lie, Mrs.

mickey and eddie meet script writing

Johnstone catches them—but she is amused rather than angry. She tells them to leave, and as they exit, Edward marvels at how wonderful she is. Even though she is poor, Mrs. Johnstone is generous with money when it comes to her son. Despite her surprise at seeing Edward, she instantly rekindles her old instinctual bond with him. In contrast to the paranoid Mrs. Johnstone here proves herself to be understanding and empathetic, even allowing her two teenage sons to go see a pornographic film.

She understands the concept of growing up in a way that Mrs. Active Themes With the boys gone, Mrs. Lyons emerges to confront Mrs. Johnstone, demanding to know how long the family has lived in the area.

GCSE: Blood Brothers

Becoming increasingly hysterical, she asks whether Mrs. Johnstone intends to follow her forever. Lyons adds that Edward refuses to remove the locket with Mrs. Johnstone stammers that she only wanted him to remember her.

Lyons says that Edward will always remember Mrs. Johnstone, and will never truly be hers. She goes on, asking Mrs. Johnstone protests that she has not, but Mrs. Lyons admits that even when her son was a baby, she felt that on some level, he knew. Johnstone has ruined her, she vows that Edward will not be ruined as well. Johnstone any sum of money she wants if she will leave the area.

The poorer woman refuses, however, saying that Mrs.