Obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

Clinton, Obama meet in private to discuss uniting Democrats - International news - Jerusalem Post

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

The Republicans gambled that because Obama and the Democrats controlled But there was little in Obama's agenda that corresponded to Bill Clinton's is roughly this: Obama misjudged the willingness of Republicans to meet him Even the White House's strongest defenders concede that the health care debate went. President Barack Obama meets with former president Bill Clinton in the Oval Office US Democratic presidential candidate Obama greets Clinton. hundreds of thousands of dollars for a talk most likely have already invited them. century, and the atmosphere as the United States draws nearer to Explosive devices sent to Hillary Clinton, Obama, other prominent Democrats and CNN . and we will talk to everybody that we have to in order to mitigate this threat. I am grateful to the women and men of the United States Secret Service. . Trump calls last-minute meeting with House Republicans amid.

They tend to prefer politicians who can cut deals and win resources for their communities over those with lofty but impractical ideas.

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

And they cherish their right to vote and show up at the polls religiously, which is what gives them such outsized influence. Millions of Democrats don't easily fit these boxes and I'll probably get angry emails from every one. These groups can also overlap and often their interests align, as when the majority of the John Lewis Democrats supported Clinton in and joined those suburban women in delivering her the nomination.

But often they're figuratively at each other's throats. The Berniecrats still think establishment Dems are addicted to Wall Street money. These fissures help explain why Obama is such a significant figure — both in and again today, as he reappears in Philadelphia and elsewhere seeking to whip up enthusiasm and bring some unity ahead of November.

Clinton, Obama meet in private to discuss uniting Democrats

It's easy to forget that back inObama was basically the candidate of the far-left dreamers, including many who'd migrate to Sanders eight years later, while Hillary Clinton started out with substantial black support among voters who'd adored her husband. Indeed, John Lewis himself endorsed Hillary at first, then switched. That's how Obama bridged the deepest divides among the Democrats, and it's hard to see who will repeat that.

These voters insisted that they weren't apathetic but that between Clinton and Trump they just "couldn't vote for the lesser of two evils. The Democrats' best hope of countering that is probably the rise of a figure who can do the unlikely thing that Obama did inand somehow find the right mix of policy and biography to unite factions of the party that two long years after the Trump debacle still seem much more focused on what divides them.

Somewhere — maybe in the current quasi-candidates, maybe not — is a leader brimming with new ideas that will excite the Berniecrats, yet able to convince the party's faithful, like those black women in Queens who just turned out for Andrew Cuomo, that she or he is the rightful heir to FDR, JFK, LBJ … and Obama.

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Big corporations and conferences who can afford to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars for a talk most likely have already invited them. More likely, it's motivated by a desire to stay relevant. Hillary Clinton, especially, still has a number devoted fans who believe she was robbed of the presidency. After all, she actually won the popular vote but lost to Mr Trump because of the American electoral college system, which awards delegates according to whether a candidate wins a state. There is a rivalry between the Clintons and the Obamas.

Carlos Barria But there's also a rivalry at play here, namely between the Clintons and the Obamas. The two couples never had a natural friendship, even though as Democrats they might have expected to have one. Barack Obama defeated Ms Clinton in for a Democratic nomination that many Clintonites thought was rightfully hers.

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

And, some of her loyalists think he didn't do enough in to help her win, although he made a series of appearances on her behalf, including some where she was not present. Ms Obama focused on causes such as exercise and smart eating choices, while Ms Clinton used the White House to promote a failed effort at national health care and later as a springboard to becoming a US senator. Now, Ms Obama is about to enjoy a big moment of her own.

Clinton supporters in Congress and elsewhere promoted a "dream ticket," ramping up a campaign Thursday to persuade him to make her his No.

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

The statement included no details of their talks. Robert Gibbs, an Obama spokesman, would not say where the former rivals met, except that it was not at Clinton's home in Washington, as had been widely reported.

He also declined to comment on their topics of discussion, including the possibility of Obama inviting Clinton to become his running mate. Clinton's campaign also was not commenting. The meeting between the two Democrats came hours after Clinton appeared to reject efforts by supporters urging Obama to choose her as his vice president, and promised to rally support for her one-time opponent in the general election.

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Clinton was once seen as unbeatable for the Democratic presidential nomination, but her hopes of becoming the first woman US president faded as Obama chipped away at her early lead to become the first black presidential nominee from a major US party.

She returned to Washington after the last primaries on Tuesday night, when Obama earned the 2, delegates he needed to secure the nomination.

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She planned to announce Saturday that she was ending her campaign and supporting Obama. After a divisive race marred by racism and sexism, Clinton starts her new role as an Obama booster with a lot of angry supporters. Their hard-fought battle sparked rifts that party leaders hope Clinton's public show of support could help heal.

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats