Port charles caleb and livvie meet

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port charles caleb and livvie meet

Posed as various people while under Caleb's thrall [Fall ] Livvie originally went to Port Charles to reunite with her mother, Rachel. Livvie met Zach in an alley and tried to stab him, but he got the upper hand and was going to rape her. Livvie arrives in Port Charles in July of looking for her mother, Rachel Locke; but Using the name "Charlie," she meets Lucy Coe, who unbeknownst to Livvie is Unbeknownst to Livvie, she looks exactly like Caleb's former love Olivia. Rafe Kovich and Alison Barrington Kovich are a supercouple from the American soap opera . In the story, Alison was leaving Port Charles by train after accepting that Rafe was gone. When he meets Alison, she is dating her current love interest, Jamal. Further troubles are caused when Livvie steals Caleb's magic ring.

Grace Reese adoptive maternal; deceased Olivia "Livvie" Locke was a fictional character on the now defunct American daytime soap opera Port Charles. She was portrayed by Kelly Monaco from July 7, until October 3, She has been portraying Sam Morgan since October 1, It is revealed on GH in Winter that Livvie died in Contents [ show ] Storylines Livvie arrives in Port Charles in July of looking for her mother, Rachel Locke; but Rachel is not happy to have her daughter in town.

port charles caleb and livvie meet

Livvie lies and says that she has left town, but actually stays to investigate Rachel. Using the name "Charlie," she meets Lucy Coewho unbeknownst to Livvie is Rachel's foe, and Lucy invites her to stay with her. She then meets Chris Ramsey, who wonders why she is snooping around Rachel and finds out that she is actually Rachel's daughter. He then uses Livvie for information on Rachel. Chris tells Rachel about Kevin treating Livvie, and Rachel decides to use the information to destroy Kevin.

She tells the board that Kevin is unethically treating a young girl in a hotel room, not knowing that the girl is actually her daughter. Livvie refused to testify for Kevin because she was scared that her mother would find out she was still in town. Chris then makes sure that Livvie finds out that Joshua Locke isn't her father, and Livvie bursts into the courtroom.

port charles caleb and livvie meet

The charges against Kevin are dropped, and he continues to treat Livvie. He also tells her about her aunt Grace who drowned. After Kevin tells Lucy about his history with Grace, they begin thinking that Kevin is Livvie's father, and Grace her mother.

Eve Lambert finds out that Livvie is Kevin's daughter and confronts him. During the confrontation, Livvie overhears the truth. Rachel asks Livvie to leave town with her, and when she refuses, Rachel knocks Kevin out and jumps into the ocean to drown herself. Kevin saves Rachel, but she is sent to a mental institution. She begins dating him, but Chris schemes to break them up.

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He frames Jack for stealing money and forges a tape of him admitting he was only using Livvie. This prompts Livvie to break up with Jack, and turn to Chris. Michael found himself having a hard time keeping Caleb's personality in control, and the two personalities faced off.

Caleb knew that Michael was in love with Eve, and used her to get to Michael. Michael gave Eve an amulet necklace to help protect her from Caleb's evil. He told her he wanted her to have it as a spiritual gift for a friend.

Eve soon learned that the necklace was for protection against Caleb.

port charles caleb and livvie meet

Eve enlisted the help of her ex-husband, Kevin Collins, to help her when Michael's actions started to worry her. With Kevin's help, they figured out that Michael and Caleb were the same person. However, by then, Caleb saw a young girl in the woods, not far from the monastery.

He found her captivating as he watched her with her boyfriend, Jack. After Jack was near death from a motorcycle crash, Caleb finished him off. Unknowingly, he made him one of the undead, but he would not be a vampire until he tasted human blood.

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Caleb met Livvie in an alleyway during an emotional breaking point for her. He began exerting a hypnotic, erotic influence over her, slowly convincing her to abandon her family, boyfriend, and friends, to spend the rest of her days with him. He even conjured up an image of her comatose mother to convince her that Caleb was her future.

The only step left to take was waiting for Eve to give birth to her son, and kidnapping him. Those close to Livvie were eventually clued in to what was going on. In a final battle at the hospital, Caleb played with their minds and attempted to kill them, as Lucy -- who found out she was a vampire slayer -- tried to kill him.

Ultimately, on the hospital roof, the "good" side of Caleb -- Michael -- broke through after Eve pleaded with him, and summoned a bolt of lightning to destroy himself and Caleb.

Just as her train pulled away, Rafe returned to Earth for a permanent stay. He chased after her and jumped onto the moving train.

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The train used was an earlys Pullman car. Since the scenes were shot during the day and the story setting was night, the windows of the car had to be blacked out to simulate nighttime. He attempted the jump on his own, surprising the producers. A lookalike stunt man was used instead. For the event, the usually half-hour show extended to a full hour. During her scenes she said she "popped them in her top.

He comes to Port Charles in order to help the citizens of that city destroy the vampire Caleb Morley. Years before inCaleb killed Rafe. In an angel form, Rafe has come back to destroy him. When he meets Alison, she is dating her current love interest, Jamal.

During one of their first encounters Rafe uses his angel powers to heal Alison after a tree falls on her. Alison later learns he is an angel and agrees to keep it a secret. He shows her some of his magic by making a pink rose grow. He slowly begins to fall in love with her. After Caleb is defeated, Rafe's mission is to fix all of the romantic problems of the Port Charles residents.

port charles caleb and livvie meet

He does so with Alison's help. Meanwhile, her relationship with Jamal is under strain because of the child he recently discovered he had. On Christmas EveRafe's time is up and he disappears. He begs his boss, Ed, for permission to go back to earth. Ed lets him go but Rafe has to give up his angel powers forever. Rafe and Alison kiss but Alison feels guilty and returns to her boyfriend. She and Jamal are still having problems. Rafe wants to tell Alison how he feels about her but does not want to interfere in her relationship with Jamal.

Alison later reads his journal and discovers how he feels about her. Afterwards, she can not make love with Jamal. They soon break up. Alison fights her feelings for Rafe but the two soon make love in an old barn, which becomes their special place.

Even though Rafe has to eventually return to heaven, the two marry themselves in their barn. Rafe goes back to Heaven again.

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Rafe and Alison have a difficult time letting each other go. Alison discovers special candles an ancestor of hers made. When she lights one that says, "love" she feels close to him.