Sophia grace and rosie meet celebrities

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sophia grace and rosie meet celebrities

Sophia Grace and Rosie The Ellen Show, Famous People, Celebrities · The Ellen . Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Zac Efron At Ellen DeGeneres. Find this Pin . Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland were back on “The Ellen get to repeat the experience interviewing celebrities at the Grammy Awards. Grace, 8, and Rosie, 5, squealed in excitement when they met Lady. Sophia Grace and Rosie are the adorable kid cousins whose big break came when they nailed a At award shows, it's the celebrities who clamor to meet them.

When they returned home after the Ellen show everyone was excited, showing them love, screaming delightedly at meeting the girls. They were now famous! She decided to make a video of the girls. She went further and got some tiaras and tutus out of the dress-up box, which is the look the girls are now popular for. Talk of a supportive mum and auntie! Initially, the idea was to put only Sophia Grace on the video.

However, since they enjoyed spending time together, they eventually added Rosie as a last minute thought. Rosie just danced while her mum filmed the video. What transpired next was something we are increasingly seeing in this YouTube age with the plot ending up to be one of a kind. The views kept accumulating and in early October the family received a call from the Ellen show. The video has over 52 million views to date. Ellen, the famous talk show host was wished a happy 60th birthday by the two.

DeGeneres was amazed by the sweet message the girls sent her and even stated that she felt old cause she knows tons of people who have kids and seeing the girls all grown makes her feel a tad bit old. In the video, Sophia Grace, a year-old teenager and her cousin Rosie, now 11, got to share their favorite memories from the times they were on the show. Rosie reminded them that her favorite moment was when Ellen slimed the girls stating that she loved it, but it was so cold. Sophia chimed in stating that she loved the moment when Ellen gifted them with Minaj-style wigs saying that it was hilarious.

sophia grace and rosie meet celebrities

Other big-time celebrities who got to wish the day-time talk show host a happy birthday included Justin Timberlake and Kristen Bell. The flick is about their employer and pal Ellen sending them off to Switzelvania to report that a new queen will be crowned. On Rotten Tomatoes the movie has no critic reviews but on IMDb, the movie has a not-so-bad star user rating of a 4.

This is a pretty good rating considering this was their first movie.

sophia grace and rosie meet celebrities

The contracts allegedly stated that the girls made good money from the movie. Sophia Grace and Rosie with neither a diploma nor a composition class maybe have managed to write not only one, but two books! The book was an impressive No. Readers who have reviewed the book called it a good read.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Do Tea with Taylor Swift!

Moms described the book as very easy to read and understand for their kids. The book describes the duo arranging a tea party that they hope will turn out perfect and they have the task of figuring out who is appropriate to invite for their party while using their imagination.

Their plan is perfect as they transform their bedroom and make it a princess castle, they plan on the food service and the party decorations. The book also received critical and commercial success. Shelagh McNicholas illustrated the books right after the girls wrote them. They also contend with the end results of their genetic blueprints. It's a messy, awkward, emotional process, and for child celebrities, it can be dangerously skewed.

As red carpet regulars, Sophia Grace and Rosie are soaking up a glitzy scene that worships hair, makeup, cleavage and camera flashes. There's something disconcerting about watching prepubescent kids interview half-naked stars. As Sophia Grace and Rosie hit puberty, how will the superficial pressures of Hollywood affect their self esteem? What if they morph into self-absorbed, Kardashianesque caricatures?

sophia grace and rosie meet celebrities

Will they recognize there's more to life—more to them—than tutus and tiaras? Conscious uncoupling Getty Images In their first brush with fame, Nicki Minaj called Rosie a "hype girl," which was a really polite way to describe her sidekick status to Sophia Grace. The latter is the bombastic singer, dancer, and vlogger, but until recently, the former rarely spoke, much less performed. That dynamic has been a non-issue to date, but as the girls mature, their personalities are destined to evolve.

What if Rosie tires of playing second fiddle? Will Sophia Grace have a hard time sharing the spotlight? The duo is currently building a marketing empire that includes original movies, books, and dolls The Sophia Grace doll sings "Super Bass" when you squeeze its belly.

The Rosie doll just stands there.

Sophia Grace And Rosie On The Red Carpet At The Grammy Awards (VIDEO)

The whole thing feels a bit like the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen enterprise, but keep in mind that Sophia Grace and Rosie aren't twin sisters. They're cousins, meaning even if the little girls remain inseparable, two sets of parents are steering this ship. Will they keep the band together or politely part ways? Breakup rumors began circulating in after Sophia Grace released an original music video called " Best Friends " that did not include Rosie among its bed-jumping, Kmart-shopping, cat-walking squad of preteens.

Keeping the train on the tracks Getty Images Even if Sophia Grace and Rosie breeze through puberty sans pimples and braces, how will they fare as young adults?

Sophia Grace And Rosie On The Red Carpet At The Grammy Awards (VIDEO) | HuffPost

This could play out in several disturbing ways, which we've broken down into categories with case studies. Lindsay Lohan was a child sensation who dazzled fans and critics with leading roles in The Parent TrapFreaky Fridayand Mean Girls Though she's been in front of a camera since age three, her more recent work includes half a dozen mugshots.

Thankfully, not every child star derails as an adult. Psychologists say the big people that surround famous little people play an integral role in a positive transition.

Why we're worried about Sophia Grace and Rosie

So far, Sophia Grace and Rosie appear to be living fairly "normal" lives that include going to school, and their parents have shown discretion during star-studded events. For example, the girls were allowed backstage at the MTV Movie Awards inbut their parents did not allow them to watch the show because, as Rosie explained to Ellen, "it might be not for kids because it might be a little rude.

We're crossing our fingers this pair's enthusiasm and charm stays the course.

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Are their 15 minutes of fame already over? Getty Images A few years ago, it seemed you couldn't go a day without hearing about or watching a video starring Sophia Grace and Rosie, but these days, we barely hear from them.

sophia grace and rosie meet celebrities