Steven and connie meet the parents

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steven and connie meet the parents

Back when Connie's parents wanted to meet Steven's parents, Steven was adamant that (in addition to Greg on his best behaviour) he had to. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Steven Universe, Connie's parents react to Stevonnie. Hailey Quartz In the episode When Steven met Connie he said "Good thing this bubble is air.

She can be a bit deadpan at times, such as when she jokes about cutting off Steven's hand in " Lion 2: Her hobbies appear to include tennis and reading, and she also plays the violin, as seen in " Fusion Cuisine ", " Sworn to the Sword ", and "Nightmare Hospital". Due to Pearl's negative reinforcement, she also began to display a reckless side, but this was quickly put out by Steven.

The episode also highlights her strong feelings for Steven through her dedication to becoming his knight. This boost in confidence is also shown in "Nightmare Hospital", when Connie stands up to her mother about her strict upbringing and rules, and also even revealed her involvement in magical affairs. She is also revealed to have prepared for surviving in the wilderness by reading a book on wilderness survival.

Connie Maheswaran

However, despite all her training and preparedness, Connie freezes during an encounter with one of the Gem monsters they are hunting.

In the end, she chooses to call Pearl via Steven's walkie-talkie, which Pearl commends her for after their subsequent encounter with Jasper who they found had been hunting the Gem monsters. The episode also shows a lighter side to her when she, Steven, and Amethyst have fun around Beach City. Connie even eats a donut despite it going against what she told Steven in " Bubble Buddies ", demonstrating her growing independence.

steven and connie meet the parents

She also confides in Steven and Amethyst about freezing during her first mission, causing Amethyst to tell her she should stop overthinking things and follow her instincts in battle.

She takes Amethyst's words to heart as she fares far better when the two of them along with Steven and Lion encounter Jasperand the two Gem monsters from "Gem Hunt" that Jasper had tamed to take on the Crystal Gems.

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Together with Steven, Connie bravely confronts Jasper to prevent her from shattering Amethyst, fusing in mid-battle which allows Stevonnie to save Amethyst and force Jasper and her remaining Gem monster to retreat. After Amethyst regenerates, Connie tells her she was right about how she should follow her instincts. A softer side to Connie's internal struggles with her emotions are shown, as the guilt from the result of her actions at school left a noticeable change in her behavior.

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After learning that her guilt was natural, she decides to confront her emotions by later apologizing to Jeff and make amends. After this, she is able to clear her mind and is more confident in understanding not to let her emotions negate or cloud her thoughts by keeping them in. On Connie's phone, it shows that she had taken a picture of them happy together, which is something she would have never done if not for the lesson with Garnet.

She is also able to pass this knowledge onto Steven, assuring him he had to be honest about how bad his feelings were so he could move on, like she herself did. She asks Steven to wait for her so she can go into space with him though this fails as Steven and the Gems had to leave immediately or risk losing track of Blue Diamond and Greg forever. The episode also shows her devotion to him as she took his request to protect Beach City to heart.

This goes as far as to pretend to be him, dressing in his commonly worn attire and sleeping in his bed. The episode showcases her development with her increasing confidence and maturity.

This is shown when she scolded Peridot and Lapis for their behavior which was something the shy quiet girl Steven first met would have never done. I'm really sorry, I wasn't trying to kill her I didn't know-" Dr. Maheswaran's hand came down to rest on his as she stooped down to look at him face to face. Greg can tell you about it, though. I'll go check on her. Remember how we talked about how babies are made? He'd be pretty embarrassed too, in her shoes.

But he knocked anyway, as courageously as he didn't feel. I'll still be your friend, and I won't ever bring it up again. I'm sorry if I forced you or anything. You didn't force me. I've wanted you to kiss me sincr like I was seriously about to lay one on you and hope for the best. Maheswaran attempts to be cordial with Alexandriteand even chastises her husband for his joke about the bread sticks.

She values honesty and her intuition, and is deeply upset when she learns Connie lied to her. She finds common ground with Greg Universe and the Crystal Gems when she observes the way they responsibly admonish Steven for his actions, and allows Connie to continue seeing him.

She is very concerned with safety as said by herself and Connie and would do anything at all costs to keep it. History " Fusion Cuisine " While watching Under the Knife with Steven, Connie mentions that her mom said the movie does not represent a real emergency room setting.

Maheswaran calls her to check up on her, and asks to speak to Steven's mom. Connie nervously puts Dr. Maheswaran on the phone with Garnetwho attempts to cover for the kids by explaining that they're playing with swords, then attempts to get out of the conversation by claiming that they are bleeding and dead.

This incident caused Connie's parents to ban her from visiting his house. Later, Connie's parents agree to meet over dinner with Steven's parents in order to evaluate the stability of Steven's home life.

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Connie's parents arrive first, expecting Steven to have one mother and one father, conforming to their idea of a "normal family". Maheswaran complains that they have been waiting for twenty minutes, Steven arrives with Greg and the gargantuan Alexandrite. While Connie's parents are clearly fazed by Alexandrite's unusual appearance, they do their best to act as though the situation is perfectly normal by making small talk.

Maheswaran asks how Greg and Alexandrite met, and later scolds Connie for putting her head on the table.

steven and connie meet the parents