The fault in our stars hazel and gus meet

the fault in our stars hazel and gus meet

The Fault in Our Stars One day at Support Group, Hazel meets a cute boy named Augustus who's Back at the hotel, they promptly lose their virginities. A summary of Chapter 12 in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. This notion carries through Hazel's and Augustus's meeting with Van Houten as Hazel learns . The The Fault in Our Stars characters covered include: Hazel Grace Augustus almost immediately falls in love with Hazel after meeting her at Support Group.

Unfortunately they don't find what they came for. However, after kissing at the Anne Frank House, they make love for the first and only time that night. During the visit Gus tells Hazel that he had a recurrence of his cancer and that he 'lit up like a Christmas tree'.

Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster's love on the physical world is short lived.

the fault in our stars hazel and gus meet

Kaitlyn Even though Kaitlyn clearly says to Hazel that she had seen him at parties and knows he used to play basketball for North Central, Augustus never implies or says that he's ever met or heard of Kaitlyn. Isaac Isaac and Augustus were very close friends before the Support Groupthe sole reason Augustus had joined the Support Group was to help and support Isaac before having surgery and going blind.

Augustus Waters

They both enjoy playing video games together. Augustus also morally supported Isaac through his depression after Monica broke up with him. After Augustus died, Isaac went on about how he couldn't imagine a world without Augustus Waters' by his side. Isaac later shares his pain with Hazel about the death of Gus.

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Hazel and Isaac later meet up at Hazels' swing set, the one Gus loved. They bonded and cried over his absence. Monica Augustus Waters seems to have heard about Monica either from Isaac, or conversed with her himself, seeing as he knows the origins of their "Always. He estimates Monica and Isaac text each other the phrase to each other "four million times in the last year.

Later on in the movie Augustus gets mad that Monica broke up with his best friend Isaac right before he gets his other eye taken out, leaving Isaac devastated. He later convinced Hazel and Isaac to egg Monica's car with him.

Caroline Caroline Mathers was Gus's former girlfriend. She and Gus met at Memorial's Hospital playground, just after Gus's leg got amputated.

Augustus first tells Hazel about Caroline when they were talking about their first kisses. Gus explains that Carolinealso with cancer, died less than a year before he met Hazel.

Hazel proceeds to look Caroline up online and finds out that she passed away from a brain tumor while she and Augustus were still dating. Relationships Augustus "Gus" Waters Hazel Grace starts to develop strong feelings for Augustus early in the book, even though she tries to suppress these feelings.

Augustus and Hazel begin as very close friends, Hazel then falls in love with Augustus- "I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once. Hazel falls for Augustus' smile, crooked and too big for his face, and his clear eyes.

Kaitlyn Hazel and Kaitlyn are school friends.

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She is described as British 25 year old socialite stuck in 16 year old teenager. They drifted apart, but Hazel says she likes to spend a little time with her.

Hazel meets up with her at the mall in the beginning of the story, later lies and says that she is leaving. Kaitlyn never wears open toed shoes for a fear that her second toes show.

the fault in our stars hazel and gus meet

Hazel describes her as being the only person she had ever met with 'toe specific dysmorphia', which is when you see something not as it really is. Patrick Patrick is the leader of the Support Group. Hazel is not a friend of Patrick but she doesn't hate or like him very much.

She enjoys making fun of him. Hazel feels a bit sorry for Patricksince he doesn't have a proper life but nevertheless she and Patrick don't talk much. He had testicular cancer and at every Support Group he tells the somber tale of his ballessness and is now "addicted to video games, living with his parents and is eking out a meager living by exploiting his cancertastic past and is waiting for the sword of Damocles which he escaped to those many years ago.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

Lancaster Hazel loves her mother as much as she loves her father and is very connected to her. At times she wants her to just leave her alone and thinks she doesn't understand her condition or her feelings, but deep down she knows her mother loves her. Her mother later reveals to Hazel that she has been studying to become a 'Patrick'. Hazel is unaware that her parents have a life other than her. Lancaster Hazel loves her father very much.

Sometimes she thinks he doesn't understand her or her feelings but aside from that, she cares for him and doesn't want to hurt or upset him. When Hazel goes to Amsterdam without him, he gets emotional, and he is seen as over-protective by Hazel. Her father cries a lot and, according to Hazel, has the same vague understanding about her disease as she does. Peter Van Houten Hazel says early in the book that Peter Van Houten is her favorite author of all time and that she wanted to meet him to find out how An Imperial Affliction ended and for him to answer some questions that she has wanted to know for a very long time, as well as what happened with all the characters.

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She writes a letter to him to which not he, but his ex-assistant Lidewij Vligenthart replies. Later, Augustus takes Hazel to Amsterdam where they both meet Peter Van Houten and Hazel is disappointed to find out that Van Houten is really a raging alcoholic who has given up on writing. It is revealed later that Peter wrote An Imperial Affliction for his daughter, Anna, who died of leukemia. Isaac Isaac is Hazel's friend at Support Group.

the fault in our stars hazel and gus meet

At the beginning of the book, he has a girlfriend named Monica. When he has to get surgery to remove the cancer in his eye, which makes him blind, Monica dumps him, saying she can't handle it.

the fault in our stars hazel and gus meet

After, Issac throws a tantrum which in he ends up breaking Augustus's basketball trophies. Later in the book, the three of them end up egging Monica's car, to help Issac deal with the breakup.