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Saturday, August 8, ust 8, Page 16 TV extra with Marion Macdonald c SUNDAY SATURDAY J,X Flamingo Road follows Dallas. Her unusual name is a version of a Greek name meaning 'bright as the .. As a choirboy at St Thomas' Church in Swansea, he sang once on Christmas. The Flintstones meet Rockula and Frankenstone Cartoon. The characters did meet, however, in the early s Flintstones spin-off The .. Christmas - Eastern Orthodox icon of the birth of Christ by Saint Andrei Rublev.

At night the light stuns them, then they can be whacked in the head with the stick and put in the bag for frying up later on. The original story[ edit ] In a sequence beginning in late AugustLi'l Abner discovers the shmoos when he ventures into the forbidden "Valley of the Shmoon" following the mysterious and musical sound they make from which their name derives.

Abner is thrown off a cliff and into the valley below by a primitive "large gal" as he addresses herwhose job is to guard the valley. This character is never seen again. There, against the frantic protestations of a naked, heavily bearded old man who shepherds the shmoos, Abner befriends the strange and charming creatures.

Having discovered their value "Wif these around, nobody won't nevah havta work no more!! Captains of industry such as J.

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Roaringham Fatback, the "Pork King", become alarmed as sales of nearly all products decline, and in a series of images reminiscent of the Wall Street Crash ofthe "Shmoo Crisis" unfolds. On Fatback's orders, a corrupt exterminator orders out "Shmooicide Squads" to wipe out the shmoos with a variety of firearms, which is depicted in a macabre and comically graphic sequence, with a tearful Li'l Abner misguidedly saluting the supposed "authority" of the extermination squads.

After the shmoos have been eliminated, Dogpatch's extortionate grocer Soft-Hearted John is seen cackling as he displays his wares—rotting meat and produce: They complained 'bout mah prices befo'!!

Wait'll they see th' new ones!! The exterminator congratulates him. However, it is soon discovered that Abner has secretly saved two shmoos, a "boy" and a "girl". The boy shmoo, as a Dogpatch native, is required to run from the girl shmoo in the annual Sadie Hawkins Day race.

Shmoos are usually portrayed as gender-neutral, although Capp sidesteps this issue to allow the comic plot twist. When he is caught by her, in accordance with the rules of the race, they are joined in marriage by Marryin' Sam whom they "pay" with a dozen eggs, two pounds of butter and six cupcakes with chocolate frosting—all of which Sam reckons to be worth about 98 cents.

The already expanding shmoo family is last seen returning towards the Valley of the Shmoon. The sequence, which ended just before Christmas ofwas massively popular, both as a commentary on the state of society and a classic allegory of greed and corruption tarnishing all that is good and innocent in the world.

The Shmoo caused an unexpected national sensation, and set the stage for a major licensing phenomenon. In their very few subsequent appearances in Li'l Abner, shmoos are also identified by the U. The Shmoo, any literate person must know, was one of history's most brilliant utopian satires.

Like a fertility myth gone berserk, they reproduced so prodigiously they threatened to wreck the economy"—if not western civilization as we know it, and ultimately society itself.

The top of my car was down, and on either side of me I could see the lush and lovely New England countryside It was the good earth at its generous summertime best, offering gifts to all. And the thought that came to me was this: Here we have this great and good and generous thing—the Earth.

It's eager to give us everything we need. All we have to do is just let it alone, just be happy with it. Cartoonists don't think like people. They think in pictures. Little pictures that will fit into a comic strip. And so, in my mind, I reduced the Earth I didn't have any message—except that it's good to be alive. The Shmoo didn't have any social significance; it is simply a juicy li'l critter that gives milk and lays eggs When you look at one as though you'd like to eat it, it dies of sheer ecstasy.

And if one really loves you, it'll lay you a cheesecake —although this is quite a strain on its li'l innards I thought it was a perfectly ordinary little story, but when it appeared in newspapers, all hell broke loose! Life, in an editorial, hailed the Shmoo as the very symbol and spirit of free enterprise.

The Flintstones

Time said I'd invented a new era of enlightened management-employee relationship, they called it Capp-italism. Superficially, the Shmoo story concerns a cuddly creature that desires nothing more than to be a boon to mankind. Although initially Capp denied or avoided discussion of any satirical intentions "If the Shmoo fits", he proclaimed, "wear it! The story has socialethical and philosophical implications that continue to invite analysis to this day.

The Flintstones

The mythic tale ends on a deliberately ironic note. Hanna and Barbera hired many writers from the world of live-action including two of Jackie Gleason's writers, Herbert Finn and Sydney Zelinka, as well as relative newcomer Joanna Lee while still using traditional animation story men like Warren Foster and Tony Benedict.

Integrated commercials for Welch's products feature Pebbles asking for grape juice in her toddler dialect, and Fred explaining to Pebbles Welch's unique process for making the jelly, compared to the competition. Best Foods, makers of Skippy peanut butterwas the alternate sponsor. The Flintstones was the first American animated show to depict two people of the opposite sex Fred and Wilma; Barney and Betty sleeping together in one bed, although Fred and Wilma are sometimes depicted as sleeping in separate beds.

For comparison, the first live-action depiction of this in American TV history was in television's first-ever sitcom: In the mids, when Turner Networks remastered the episodes, the original laugh track was removed. Currently, the shows airing on Boomerang and the DVD releases have the original laugh track restored to most episodes a number of episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 still lack them.

Some episodes, however, have a newer laugh track dubbed in, apparently replacing the old one. Because of this practice, the only episode to originally air without a laugh track "Sheriff For a Day" in now has one. The Flintstones also became the first primetime animated series to last more than two seasons; [22] this record wasn't surpassed by another primetime animated TV series until the third season of The Simpsons in Unfortunately, during the trip, Fred and Barney accidentally stumble across Rockula's old laboratory, where his unfinished Frankenstone monster sleeps, and forget to close the window when they leave the lab.

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Lightning subsequently strikes the machines in the lab, and provide Frankenstone with life. Frankenstone awakens Rockula who has been asleep for the past five hundred years, thus explaining his disappearance from his secret crypt, and the two scare everyone out of the hotel, except for the Flintstones and the Rubbles, who had gone to bed early due to jet lag.

Rockula and Frankenstone eventually discover the Flintstones and Rubbles, and Rockula mistakes Wilma for his long-lost bride and vows to make her his, even if it means killing Fred. Wilma initially mistakes Rockula for the hotel manager, Mr. Silika, who had dressed up as Rockula, for quite some time until Rockula turns into a bat in front of her. As Fred, Barney and Betty discover Wilma's absence and begin searching for her, Wilma flees and a long cat-and-mouse chase ensues all over the castle.

Rockula finds and corners Fred, but is scared off by Barney, wearing a werewolf mask.