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After someone calls the center and pays for Sutton's release Sutton is set free, while Alec is waiting for her, Emma's best freind Lexi Samuel's picks her up thinking she's Emma. Sutton finds out Emma told Lexi everything, but hasn't contacted her recently. Sutton gets to see how Emma's life was before all this happened. Sutton, while pretending to be Emma, video-chats with Ethan, who can't tell the difference.

When Sutton-as-Emma meets Ethan at the cabin, he is still convinced it is Emma, and they kiss just as the real Emma walks in. Sutton then confronts Emma, telling her that soon, all of her friends and family would know the truth about who they thought was Sutton for the past several weeks.

Sutton leaves in her car to go to the party, and an unknown figure drives her into a lake. At the end of the episode, a piece of Sutton's dress that she wore when she drowned was mailed to Emma and a note saying "Keep on being Sutton At the end of " When We Dead Awaken " Just as Emma, Ethan, and Thayer mourn over what they thought was her death, Sutton walks into the room through the window, saying "Well, isn't this cozy? I'm sorry, did I come at a bad time?

They head to the cabin to avoid being caught by Ted and Kristin where Sutton tells them someone popped out of the back seat and grabbed her, causing her car to crash into the lake. Emma tells her that they think Annie Hobbs might have been behind it, but Sutton tells them Annie was the one who saved her from drowning.

They don't believe her, and she tells them Annie saw a dark haired guy get out of the lake and that she followed Sutton. Sutton tells Emma that until the cut on her head heals, Emma has to keep being her. Sutton, Thayer, and Ethan head to the motel she and Annie were staying at, but when they get to the room, it's deserted, and Annie is nowhere to be found. While Thayer sees if anyone saw anything, Sutton tells Ethan that she's changed due to the fact that she almost died, but Ethan still thinks she's lying.

Since Sutton can't stay at her house, she stays at Ethan's. The next day when everyone's at school, Sutton sneaks into her home to treat and pamper herself but is caught by Kristin. Emma sees what happens and tells Sutton she takes what she has for granted and should treat it better. But Sutton tells her it's none of her business why she takes it for granted. She also tells Emma that when the cut heals, and she could take back her life, she wants Emma to stay, but Emma struggles to believe her.

When Sutton, Emma, and Ethan have lunch together for the first time, Thayer comes and tells them he found Annie and shows them a video of Annie and Sutton, proving that she was telling the truth. When Emma and the rest of the Mercer family go a banquet, Sutton stays at the house.

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Later, someone breaks into the house causing Sutton to flee to the party for help, When Thayer decides to take Sutton somewhere safe, Kristin sees the cut on Sutton's head. When Ted looks at the cut, he says that from the healing patterns, the cut had been there for a few days. Sutton replies that she just heals quickly. Sutton and Emma quickly switch clothes, allowing Sutton to have her life back and Emma to just be Emma again. When Emma sneaks into the house, she asks Sutton if she could camp out into her closet.

Sutton says no and tells her she should stay somewhere else. At school she sees Ryan Harwell flirting with Mads, Sutton sends him off and tells Mads not to date him. Ethan tells her he moved Emma into her families cabin.

Later Ethan says he'll break up with her in public so whoever tried to kill her will see that there over and Ethan can leave with Emma. Sutton goes to the cabin to tell Emma she really wants her to stay and tell the Mercers about her.

Emma and Sutton go to the hospital where Annie reveals she's not there real mother either and that she did have a daughter but she died and took Emma from a woman. When Sutton asks her who tried to kill her, Annie just says the "snake". In Dead Man TalkingSutton sees a snake tatoo on Derek and realizes he was the one who attacked her. He was suppose to take her to meet someone. Ethan asks if Derek sent the note to Emma, but Derek didnt know about the note. Ethan and Sutton demands he tell them who sent him to get Sutton, yet Derek refuses.

After Ethan and Derek fight, he hits Ethan with a tire iron, and a car pulls up causing them to flee.

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After they fled there stopped by police and the policeman sees the bruise on Ethan's hand. The next morning its revealed that Derek was murdered and the weapon used is missing. The same policeman warns Dan of the possiblity that it's Ethan due to the bruise and the way there were going the night before.

Due to the short time Ethan has they run away after Derek was killed and its being pinned on Ethan, leaving Emma all alone. Sutton tries to make things right with Ethan and his father but it doesnt work, and things start to heat up with Sutton and Ethan. Sutton realizes that Thayer started most of his sentences with Emma's name and he brings her to the cabin where Sutton and Mads talk and Mads says shes not friends with her anymore. Later Sutton and Emma have dinner together and when Emma accidently leaves her phone with Sutton, she gets a text from Theresa telling Emma she can see Ethan, Sutton says she'll be at the jail and deletes the message.

At the Jailhouse Sutton pretends to be Emma as Ethan tells her that he kissed Sutton and he felt sick after doing it.

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Hurt, Sutton comes up with a story and tells Ethan that Emma and Thayer slept together. The next day after Ethan was released Sutton tells a confused Emma that she and Ethan slept together but she felt bad and wanted to tell Emma cause their sisters.

Emma and Sutton find out Kristin thinks Ted and Rebecca had an affair. Sutton after the group decides to investigate Rebecca, Thayer and Sutton discover what she returned to pheonix to find "her true love" which they find out to be Ted.

Sutton convinces Emma to show it to Kristen. Together they find a picture on Rebecca's computer of Alec holding the tire iron about to hit Derek. At the end of the episode When Alec is arrested after having his house searched and finding the murder weapon with his prints, and Emma huging Thayer while Ethan watches. Sutton sees the whole thing from a window As the door to the room opens Sutton turns around saying "Hi Mom" to Rebecca who replies "Everything's working perfectly Sutton, Just as we planned.

It is unknown if Sutton is aware that Alec knows about them. After riding a motercycle with Ethan she slps and hurts her ankle, but it heals after and fakes the injury.

After trying to get Rebecca to hit her ankle with firewood, Rebecca convinces Sutton to be honest with him, wishng she'd do the same. Later that night, Sutton goes to Ethan's and decides to be onest with him like she was at the ranch.

Sutton later finds out that she and Emma have a half-brother named Jordan from one of Rebecca's previous marriages. In Cheat, Play, LoveRebecca explains to Sutton that Jordan is her step son from her previous marraige with Marvin Lyle, and that he is her step brother and doesn't know anything about her having twin daughters or what she and Sutton plan to get back Ted.

Sutton goes to ask for Emma's blessing for her to be with Ethan, which Emma says yes to. Later Sutton sees that Ethan is having trouble in school and decides to help him out with his troubles by writing a paper for him, which Emma discovers and she and Sutton tries to see which one of them knows him better to see if he is or isn't gonna use the paper.

Sutton arrives at Rebecca's asking for things to occupy herself with such as wireless internet, and a flatscreen TV, which she explains is for her to lure Ethan. After Jordan's party, Ethan shows up at the cabin drunk and Jordan see's Sutton. In Advantage SuttonRebecca tells Sutton to take her life back since, do to her and Ethan sleeping together and Ethan telling Sutton he wished it didn't happen, Rebecca tells Sutton that with her taking her life back, she can gain inside information on how Laurel and Emma plan on getting there parents back together and Sutton can see Ethan.

After winning the tennis match she challenged Emma, Sutton takes back her life. Sutton enjoys habing her life back again, and after family thereapy, seeing how Kristin truly loves her, and after Rebecca tells Sutton to reveal that Ted is her biological father at Ted's award ceremony, Sutton has a change of heart and tells the audience the best decision Ted had made was to marry Kristin, which both Kristin and Ted both seemvery grateful for her saying.

Knowing she messed up Rebecca's plan, Sutton is frustrated but Ethan tells her she was real and kisses her, getting back together with her. On her way to regionals, Rebecca nearly runs down Sutton, furious seeing she didn't do what Rebecca told her to do, Rebecca shows Sutton, Kristin's old journal revealing she wanted to give Sutton away.

She tells Ethan of the journal and he tries to convince her it was the old Kristin. At family dinner with Ted, Sutton reveals the journal, which causes a crack in the family again.

Kristin explains it was when she was pregnant with Laurel and taking care of Sutton as a baby she was literally drowning on her own and it was just her thoughts. Sutton still feels that Kristin never wanted her to begin with, and that Kristin's love was forced.

Later that night, Ethan see's her eating ice cream in bed and looks as if she had been crying. He comforts her while saying he thinks they should tell Laurel since she's been asking questions lately, Sutton says that Laurel knowing would make things worse.

The next day, Sutton reveals to Alec that Kristin was in love with him and may still be. Later while getting ready for Dan's engagement party, Laurel and Sutton have a confrontation. At the engaement party Sutton overhears a conversation between Alec and Dan, where Alec convinces Dan to look still into Derek's murder.

After the engagement, Sutton goes to Rebecca's unknown to her that Laurel is following her, at Rebecca's Sutton tells Rebecca what she heard, Sutton questions if Rebecca's sure it was indeed Alec that killed Derek, Rebecca says she's positive it's him and says they just need too find another way to prove it. After hearing Laurel fall, Rebecca and Sutton call After seeing Laurel's fine, she sees Emma and Thayer return to Scottsdale, after Emma tries to switch Sutton tells her no. Sutton is last seen kissing Ethan goodbye before he left to go home.

After enjoying her life back again, Emma has Sutton kidnapped by Thayer to switch for the Flipside Formal in order for Emma to confront Rebecca. Sutton later question's RebeccaRebecca reveals that she did more to frame Alec then she had told. Rebecca tells Sutton that she didn't take the picture of Alec and Derek the night he was murdered, Rebecca tells Sutton she was given the photo with a note to tell her to use it as she pleases, so she did in framing Alec.

His ex-wife Caroline is the mother of both children and she ran away a long time ago with Thayer's biological father, which might be the reason as to why he resents Thayer. In the season one finale, he marries Rebecca, and is arrested for the murder of Derek Rogers.

He was cleared with Theresa's help at the beginning of the second season. He knew about the twins all along and turns out to be the one who split them up at birth.

He has been spending his time trying to get Rebecca convicted for the two murders that have occurred, though Rebecca insists that he himself is hiding the real killer. Tyler Christopher as Dan Whitehorse, a police officer and Ethan's older brother. He used to work for Alec, but turned against him when Alec tried to have Ethan charged with murder. He later proposes to his former sweetheart Theresa, set on having a future together, but the two never make it to the altar due to her mysterious and abrupt murder.

Adam Brooks as Baz, Laurel's fellow band member in Strangeworthy. Laurel kissed him after she and Justin broke up, though their relationship never grew into something more. Randy Wayne as Justin Miller season 1Laurel's ex-boyfriend. In episode 13, it is revealed that his mother died during an operation due to Ted's carelessness.

Laurel ultimately breaks up with him when she finds out he used her to get close to her father. Alec hired him to get information on Sutton. He was the one in Sutton's car the night she drove into a lake.

He is found dead the morning after Ethan and Sutton interrogate him about what happened. She is an alcoholic. After she left Sutton's birthday party drunk and got a DUI, Rebecca tells Alec to put Phyllis on mandatory lockdown at a rehab facility. When Alec learned about Mads and Eduardo, he paid Eduardo to leave town. He was in an accident on his way out of town and fell into a coma before being transferred to a new hospital. He has a "bad boy" reputation and dated Mads for a short time before he broke up with her due to her father's arrest.

It was revealed that he had hooked up with Sutton a few years ago. Dan calls her to defend Ethan when he is on trial for murdering Derek. She wins Ethan's case due to lack of evidence. In an attempt to find Derek's real killer, she gets herself murdered on the night before her wedding to Dan, they thought it was because of drowning.

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She was found dead in a pool but, the autopsy showed that she had been killed many days before that because of many blunt objects hitting her head.

During his first night in town, he has a one-night stand with Mads. He has also gained interest in Laurel and has become good friends with Ethan. Rebecca has been getting him to do some of her dirty work in exchange for her keeping his dark secrets in the past, although Rebecca eventually turns on him when he refuses to leave town with her after Alec and Dan try to get her arrested.