When did lewis and clark meet the shoshone tribe

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when did lewis and clark meet the shoshone tribe

I felt quite as much gratifyed at this information as the Indians appeared to be. the river by water. but that we did not ask either their horses or their services without baggage to the Shoshone Camp, calculating that by the time I should reach. Reaching the area we know as Montana, Lewis and Clark came upon a fork in the And they did it cheerfully, according to the expedition's journals. The Shoshone had them, but Sacagawea had not yet located her tribe. 3. excerpts from Lewis's journal concerning that encounter Lewis and Clark were eager to find the Shoshone Indians in the late summer of because they knew how far did the Corps travel from St. Louis to Camp Fortunate? (Use the.

The Great Falls Portage presented Lewis and Clark with one of the most challenging ordeals of the expedition.

when did lewis and clark meet the shoshone tribe

On June 13,Lewis and a small advance party witnessed "the grandest sight" DeVotowhen they became the first white men to see the Great Falls of the Missouri River. Lewis commented that "from the reflection of the sun on the sprey or mist which arrises from these falls is a beautifull rainbow produced which adds not little to the beauty of this majestically grand senery" Unable to traverse the falls by canoe, the men had to carry every vital piece - of everything they had - by hand and foot, walking seventeen miles around the falls.

The delay at the falls cost about a month's worth of time. As the Corps of Discovery continued to trudge ahead, the men were worn out - and they had not yet reached the mountains.

when did lewis and clark meet the shoshone tribe

Despite the constant adversity, there is no record that Lewis and Clark ever quarreled or disagreed. Still walking, the group desperately needed horses.

Lewis and Clark: Shoshone Country

The Shoshone had them, but Sacagawea had not yet located her tribe. She was seeing familiar things, but it had been some time she she was kidnapped - by the Hidatsa - then sold to the Mandan Sioux.

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Where were her people? Ahead of the expedition was the source of the Missouri. But before Sacagawea could do her stuff, they had to find the Shoshones, which proved to be a much more stressful ordeal than Lewis and Clark ever anticipated. The unexpected back-breaking portage around the Great Falls cost the Expedition a solid month. By the time they entered Shoshone country, they were exhausted and behind schedule.

And the shy Indians, so often the victims of other more powerful tribes, were nowhere to be found. As July turned into August, and the Corps neared the mountains, the Missouri narrowed into a rocky, twisted, shallow channel.

Winter comes early in Montana. On August 11, Lewis and a party of men finally encountered a lone Indian riding his horse in the mountains. However, they botched the greeting and the man galloped away in apparent alarm. Lewis was in despair. What if the man went and warned his band about the strangers and they all vanished into the mountains? Had he led his men into a trap? Had they come all this way only to fail, and perhaps die, their fate forever unknown to their loved ones back home?

The very next day, Lewis and his scouts stumbled on three Shoshone women foraging in the Lemhi Valley. The terrified women expected to be killed, but when they realized the strangers were friendly they agreed to take them to the Shoshone encampment. Within no time, Lewis was surrounded by sixty armed warriors; and in even less time, he was being hugged and greeted warmly by the entire camp.

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The men rested at the place they called Camp Fortunate for almost two weeks, repairing their equipment and making friends with the Shoshone women. Sacagawea got reacquainted with her family, and apparently made the decision at some point to continue on with Lewis and Clark rather than spend the winter with her relatives.

Meanwhile, Lewis and Clark haggled with the chief and his men over horses, tried to arrange for guides and porters to help the Corps cross the mountains, and scouted possible routes. Shoshone painted elk hide depicting a buffalo hunt The peripatetic Lewis also found some time to do some writing and observation of the Shoshone culture. As he had proved earlier during the stay with the Mandans, he had a great flair for describing the unique physical artifacts of the Indians, such as their clothes and weapons.

He also tried to describe the Shoshone character.

when did lewis and clark meet the shoshone tribe