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Sinatra's version of "Nature Boy" replaced the string sounds of the original recording with a choir conducted by Jeff Alexanderwhich, according to Friedwald, made the song sound like a Gregorian chant.

It debuted on the Billboard charts on May 28,and peaked at number seven. Musicraft Records released Sarah Vaughan 's a cappella version on April 8, It was a commercial success, selling 20, copies on the first day and peaking at number 11 on the Billboard chart.

It was released by Capitol with catalog numberreached the Billboard charts on October 1,and stayed there for a total of four weeks, peaking at number The recording for the song was filled with tension due to an ongoing conflict between Davis and Mingus, resulting in a charged version of the song. They were assisted by Teddy Charles on vibraphone and Elvin Jones on drums. Howard Reich from Chicago Tribune was impressed with the cover saying that "the mood of reverie and awe [that Lincoln] expresses in 'Nature Boy' epitomize this album's haunting appeal.

Live in Las Vegas. I could hear the pedal of the piano and the touch of the keys while I was singing. We were following each other, this is the real thing.

This was such my pleasure. Along with Evans, jazz trumpeter Brian Newmana long-time friend and colleague of Gaga, played on the album with his New York City based jazz quintet. Tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano and flautist Paul Horn were also enlisted as musicians. According to Kory Grow of Rolling StoneGaga sings in a Liza Minnelli inspired voice with a breathy range, followed by Bennett complimenting her with the story of meeting the titular character.

Preceding the release, Gaga tweeted about the background of the song, about the death of flautist Horn, as well as about ahbez, saying "This composer was part of a sub-culture of nomadic hippies!

We channeled our own Gypsy lives in this performance". He praised the flute sounds and the contrast between Gaga's "vulnerable" vocals and Bennett's "assured" one. The song was also played in intermediate scenes featuring the principal cast. Cinemajazzamatazz, author Morris Holbrook described the song as a "nondiegetic performance", exemplifying the plot development and sexual tension in the scene featuring Matt Damon and Jude Law play chess, naked and later in a bathtub scene.

A version recorded by Jon Hassell on trumpet and Ronu Majumdar on flute is featured on the soundtrack. Bowie described the rendition as "slinky and mysterious", adding that Robert '3D' Del Naja from the group had "put together a riveting piece of work," and that Bowie was "totally pleased with the end result. The version used in Moulin Rouge!

Nature Boy

The closing lyric, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" is used throughout the film. Covenantusing a cover of "Nature Boy" by singer Auroraas the background score. Justified in that they come from a place where there is no suffering or sorrow, so they don't understand that what they are doing is painful.

In Akira Kurosawa 's Ranone of the battles witnessed by Hidetora starts out to the accompaniment of a mournful music, but with no sound effects. In a very effective switch, you then abruptly only hear the loud sounds of the fighting but no music.

Soundtrack dissonance was a very personal and important thing to Kurosawa. When his father died inhe was walking around Tokyo to clear his thoughts and was tormented by the sound of the "Cuckoo Waltz". He told the composer for his upcoming film Drunken Angel to use the "Cuckoo Waltz" for ironic effect.

He also went on to use soundtrack and sound effect dissonance for Stray Dog and Seven Samurai.

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Covenant sets the gruesome death of Captain Oram to a heartwarming piece in a way that's intended to reflect the madness of the individual who caused it. In American PsychoSerial Killer Patrick Bateman commits an axe murder to the tune of "Hip to be Square" while commenting on the appropriateness of the music to '80s culture.

In the novel, he's humming a tune of a TV show that he watched as a child he can't remember what it waswhile making a sausage out of the body of a woman he just killed.

An American Werewolf in London has notable upbeat music throughout, especially the climax, which ends somberly with the main character dead and his love crying over his dead body, then immediately jumpcuts into the credits with the ultra upbeat, bouncy version of Blue Moon by The Marcels. The film version of Apt Pupil ends with the song "Das Ist Berlin", which is a happy and uplifting song, but in context is really creepy.

A rare case of a dissonance with sadder music is the film Asterix And Obelix Take On Caesar which is a lighthearted comedy about a Gallic village bravel opposing Roman soldiers with the help of a magic drink. While it does contain a subplot about Obelix's Unrequited Love to Fallballa, a local beauty, this is Played for Laughs and he quickly come over it.

The title song, however, is fully about this, and a huge Tear Jerker. The name - "She simply doesn't see me" - says it all. Even borders guarded by millions of soldiers can be breached, But the barrier between her and me cannot Atomic Blonde uses this to great effect: When Lorraine is ambushed by the KGB while sitting in the backseat of their car, she uses her heel to successfully fight her way through them, all while the original German song 'Major Tom' by Peter Schilling plays.

In one scene, Bremovych has rounded up a group of German vandals mainly teens. As an example he kicks the shit out of one of them, a skateboarder, while '99 Luftballoons' plays on a boombox. Lampshaded when he breaks the stereo with his foot. Lorraine fights several agents in an apartment while 'Father Figure' plays on a stereo.

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In the Italian film Avere vent'anni, a movie which starts off as a light comedy and then ends with the two main female leads being brutally raped and killed, a soundtrack of bright, happy Europop plays during the shocking final scene.

In the middle of Babethe family can be heard singing a Christmas carol inside the house when Farmer Hogget kills Ferdinand's friend, Rosanna for the Christmas dinner. As the movie ends on a triumphant, but bittersweet note for the character, a closing narrative is given with music even more triumphant as it informs us that not only was the Babe never allowed to manage in professional baseball as he dreamed to, he died of throat cancer on August 16, In Back to the Futurethe use of "Mr.

In The Bad SeedRhoda sets fire to Leroy's bedding while he sleeps, then goes upstairs and plays "Au Clair de la Lune" on the piano at increasing speed as Leroy screams in agony. Done in the first Tim Burton Batman film. When the Joker shoots Boss Grissom, cheerful circus carnival music plays as he hams it up and starts firing his gun like a trigger-happy cowboy while laughing gleefully.

It's what effectively redefines him as the Joker, but that moment is obviously a case of Dude, Not Funny! Adding that whimsical circus theme just seethes Black Comedy up the wazoo. It also happens right after Joker gasses out an entire museum to "meet" kidnap Vicki Vale undeterred, then bursts onto the scene, with a thug holding a boombox.

When he clicks it on, Prince's "Partyman" blares as Joker and his cohorts deface and destroy enough works of art in the museum to make Michelangelo cry a river. The same music from when the Joker murders Grissom also plays during Batman's fight with the last batch of the Joker's goons late in the film.

Students killing each other left and right Baywatch has the theme song to SpongeBob SquarePants play during a fight scene. However, the music becomes somewhat more appropriate when Nash is found to be suffering from schizophrenia, and imagined the entire scenario. The music — a particular theme involved specifically with Nash's delusions of Soviet conspiracies — is meant to symbolize his continuing breakdown.

Middle-aged upper-class people being driven in a limo up to the Big Fancy House just isn't the same when the music on the TV is the Cheech and Chong song "Basketball Jones". And Shirley MacLaine putting the moves on Peter Sellers may sound odd enough on its own, but then you add Mister Rogers singing about friendship Bill Cosby has Bill Cosby: Himself, a theatrical release of one of his standup comedy shows.

The show originally opened with him singing a parody of Grover Washington Jr. The song quite blatantly clashes with the imagery. The original The Blob treats the premise of a flesh-eating mass of protoplasm from space in deadly earnest, but the title tune is a happy, jaunty, cha-cha-tinged number by a young Burt Bacharach.

The finale of the crazy chase at the end of The Blues Brothers is when Jake and Elwood get on a lift to reach the office where they have to deliver the check for the orphanage's back taxes.

Scenes where the frenzied pursuers storm the building are then counterpointed with shots of the Blues Brothers silently standing in the lift as "The Girl from Ipanema" plays in a corny, soothing muzak version. Brazil 's main Leitmotifthe bossa nova song " Brazil ", is a happy tune in a movie about a soul crushing, bureaucratic, dystopia. Then there's the bombing in the restaurant - the waiter apologizes profusely and pulls up a screen in an ineffective attempt to hide the sight of the carnage, and the musicians start playing "Hava Nagila" over the screams.

In The Cabin in the Woods there's a big office party with cheerful music playing while the live CCTV footage of the heroine getting savaged by a zombie continues playing in the background. In the thriller The Calla young woman wakes up to find herself locked in the trunk of a car where her abductor placed her after knocking her outwhile the quintessential 80's pop tune "Puttin' On The Ritz" plays on the car stereo.

Even creepier, quick cuts of the driver show that he's happily bopping along to the song, looking like a perfectly normal guy and not at all like some psycho who just kidnapped a terrified girl. Director Cameron Crowe does this a lot.

Examples include Almost Famousin which Stevie Wonder's "Ma Cherie Amour" plays while the protagonist's love interest is having her stomach pumped after a drug overdose. In Vanilla SkyTodd Rundgren's breakup anthem "Can We Still Be Friends" plays after the main character has killed his lover, or her duplicitous double, or something, and the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" booms out awesomely as his mind starts to unravel and he sort of starts to figure out how very wrong he is about everything.

Cannibal Holocaust uses this and it is terrifying. Probably no movie ever contrasts placid music with horrific imagery like this one. It get weirder from there. In the second The Chronicles of Narnia moviein the ending. Citizen Kane is a pretty sad film but don't worry, the end credits should pick you right up. David Dobkin's "Clay Pigeons" uses this several times. For example, the Old 97's "Timebomb" plays over the opening credits, right after Joaquin Phoenix's best friend kills himself in front of him.

Part three: People and places

Subverted in Come and See where the music played during the village massacre only adds to the Surreal Horror. In Contagionduring the scene where Dr. Mears dies and a researcher is discussing ordering more body bags from Canada, the soundtrack being played is an uplifting track called "Merry Christmas".

Crimson Tide has a scene with majestic music playing while the U. Alabama, damaged by a torpedo attack, is in danger of sinking to its doom and three men are drowning in a bilge bay. The Alabama survives; the three men don't. Invoked in Dante's Peakwith the group singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" while rowing their boat across an acidic lake in an effort to keep themselves calm despite the dire situation.

Dark Star ends with the main character performing Dramatic Space Drifting and is about to burn up in atmospheric re-entry, while the only other surviving crewmember is caught in a meteor swarm and is being pushed by it in the other direction.