Yato and hiyori meet the spartans

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yato and hiyori meet the spartans

Hiyori Iki (壱岐 ひより) is the main female character of the Noragami series. After " saving" Yato from an incoming bus, she became a Half-Ayakashi with the ability. This is NOT My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, THIS IS SPARTA! (What the . It's been a pleasure meeting you!" Natsu and I bowed as Rin handed Yato the money and Hiyori her map, soon bowing before my side. We then. Yato, Hiyori Iki ~ Noragami This gif makes me really sad D: we shall meet again Noragami Anime, Manga Art, Manga Anime, Otaku, .. THIS IS SPARTA!.

I kinda felt bad for the god, living for so long in a place filled with technology, anime, and greatness and still doesn't have at least a teeny weeny apartment to say the least. Can we go home now? I sighed and patted his head, smiling warmly. We'll be going now!

Yato, here's money for you to get back, and Hiyori, if you live in any neighboring prefecture and don't know where to go, Rin is going to print out a map for you! It's been a pleasure meeting you! We then walked all the way to the train station, hoping that no one will notice the goop we're covered in. I then looked in my boots where I usually keep my keys if it's not in the belt, annoyed and tired that this is happening. Ugh, don't tell me?.

Did you guys bring your keys? I suppose I forgot. Ugh, had many run-ins with them and all of them were NOT good. You know it annoys me!

Iki Hiyori

After several minutes of quadruple checking his pockets, Natsu sheepishly chuckled, rubbing the back of his head like any anime cliche in a romance or something. Rin gave me "the look," in which I replied with a slight nod. The ivory-black haired Regalia took out a small piece of chocolate, waving it uninterestingly in front of Natsu's belly.

Natsu stopped chuckling, and snatched the chocolate away from Rin's big hands, popping it into his mouth, enjoying the candy in his mouth. For some reason if you want to stop the blonde shota from laughing, wave or place a piece of cherry chocolate on his stomach. Don't ask how, don't ask why. Sorry Hibiki-Chan, but no keys. I guess we have to stay at a hotel My emerald green eyes widened in joy as I took both of their hands, leading them back to the elevator.

After we got out of the apartment complex, Rin stopped in his tracks, leaving Natsu to skip ahead. We're going to Kofuku's place! I dragged him all the way back to Natsu, going into a stern and very serious mode. Do NOT be rude to her like last time. We are their guests, and they are our hosts. We need to respect them on a friendship and mutual level. This is an order from your goddess Arumoicha.

Yes my goddess Arumoicha. I shall follow your we-" "Nourin-Chan, Hibiki-Chan, can we hurry up? I'm getting sleepy and I don't like the smell of the green goop! It smells like shit. P" Our eyes widened at Natsu's use of "shit," since he never curses in order to maintain his "cinnamon roll shota" personality to keep me happy. We both sighed and I cracked a slight smile, walking towards the direction of Poverty's home.

It's only 5 more feet, goddammit! I picked the good ones. When arriving at her doorstep, I was nervous that she might be sleeping, but without hesitation I rang their doorbell.

After several minutes of waiting, I was planning to give up until she opened the door, humming the opening to Shugo Chara.

yato and hiyori meet the spartans

Because she IS the goddess of poverty, I think she likes those shows since both anime tend to have unfortunate events occur quite often, and Kofuku might actually enjoy fantasizing just a teensy weensy bit that her powers are altering the show.

Sorry Kofu Tofu, We were caught up fighting Phantoms and we didn't realize that neither of us brought our keys out, and we're pretty tire so I can't teleport in.

yato and hiyori meet the spartans

Can we stay here for the night? Living for over 1, years now and still can't pronounce simple things. I told Daikoku that he should make hot pot tonight, so you're in for a treat! Hibi, remember, 1,th night! Rinny, come with me! We're going to play! Yeah, even though we're pretty close, she charges me like a gold digging hotel. Oh well, at least she gave me the friends discount!

It seems as though there's a dark aura surrounding them. I went into the bathroom and scrubbed myself clean, trying to get rid of the pontent scent with Kofu's strawberry-scented body scrub.

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Walking out of the bathroom with only a towel on, Kofu popped out with a flowing, lavender summer dress, giggling happily. No no no no I took a fish ball from the center and poked it, eating silently. Rin's being quieter than usual, looking away from me while eating his beef. Daikoku looks more beat up than usual, and he's not eating.

You don't look so good. I've gotten sick from not going outside too often. Sigh, if only my Regalias were like that caring and kind like any anime character. Please look over that fact, too too roo! We ate in silence for a few more minutes, and I accidently dropped my fish ball on the floor. Luckily they didn't touch fish yet. That's another internal conflict I'll deal next time. Taking me a few seconds to notice, it turns out Rin put 5 fish balls in my bowl. He was looking away, again, while eating.

Awww, he's so sweet! His face looked red, probably from sitting near another sick person and right under the lights. Ugh, please don't be sick. I hate taking care of people.

It's nothi-" "Nourin-Chan thinks you look nice in Kofu-Chan's dress! I grinned and poked his cheek, startling the black-haired Regalia. Luckily it doesn't take her 91 days! We said goodnight to him as the first episode played, and after several episodes I slowly fell asleep on a pink pillow. I'll pay you back someday! Natsu exaggerated his waves, shouting all the different ways of saying "goodbye. You know what, let's not go into the dark past! I let out a huge sigh and smiled weakly, trying to get rid of the dark thoughts.

Rin glanced at me, then looked forward at the trees, stepping in the crunch crunch of the leaves. Hiyori is also a very brave person who constantly puts her own safety at risk to help others, especially if it is Yato or Yukine; when Yato's body is blighted, she does not hesitate to carry him on her back despite her knowing that the blight is infectious.

Hiyori is heavily implied to have developed feelings for Yato; although Hiyori wishes to return to being completely human, she also has no desire to sever her ties with Yato, having refused several times despite it being her best chance to return to normal and Tenjin believing it's what was best for her, claiming she wants to spend more time with Yato.

In the English dub of the anime, she even goes so far as to say there's no way she'd be happy without him and Yukine in her life. She also takes a strong liking to his smell, even calling it her favorite smell on one occasion, and at one point was even able to regain her memories by recognizing it. However, she is shown to be rather embarrassed by how much she likes Yato's scent, to the point of dodging the subject whenever it's brought up.

Despite being raised to be completely lady-like, Hiyori is a huge martial arts fan and has a fixation on a martial artist called Touno, whom she copies her attacks from and will often become inspired and act on his words; when she remembered Touno telling everyone to pave their own destiny with their own hands, she followed his advice and attempted to find Yato a Regalia by herself.

However, she keeps this secret from her mother, whom she worries will freak out if she finds out she's into something like that.

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She is pure and loves people. Unlike normal humans, Hiyori can sense, hear and see the creatures from the Far Shore. She and her brother have inherited the ability to see beings of the Far Shore from their maternal family. This is explained by their grandmother in Chapter Though she attempts to control this ability, she often leaves her body behind without realizing it. Hiyori has no abilities in her human form, however, when in her half-Ayakashi form, she acquires enhanced strength, speed, and agility.