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Very complicated relationship Acchan loves Takamina Takamina love Kojiharu, and PM - 23 Feb 17 Retweets; Things that happen when AtsuMina are a couple “Takamina shouts, “She is cheating!!” when she saw “Takamina tried to hold Acchan's hand, immediately rejected “After a while Home · LISTS · QUIZZES · Meme · 48 Groups . There's almost no relation between quality of a song and it's sales. “. However, she did not comment on rumors of her relationship with kabuki actor Someone who claims to know Acchan's reactions said that.

Like how Acchan tried to support Takamina as the unspoken leader of AKB in the beginning, and how Takamina helped Acchan when Acchan flat out did not want to be in the center position. Or how about when Acchan made her announcement that she was going to graduate, during the Saitama Super Arena Concert in ?

And again, little moments, like how Acchan is always leaning or hugging or hanging on Takamina all the time. Or how both girls share the similar quality of wanting to be left alone rather than cheered up when they get pissed off at something or by somebody. She even had brought flowers.

That makes me feel like it could really be genuine, and important to both of them, and something that will continue on well into their old age. That much is a given. Think about that just for a moment. All of the girls above are successful in terms of their musical aspirations, or just are beyond beautiful, or could easily have been the center and ace for AKB, and yet Takamina was picked instead of them.

I mean, it just blows me away beyond words when I really think about how AKB was before they got to be global superstars and were just another idol group performing in Akihabara. I have to wonder how Takamina will feel when she looks back on those days, long after she has graduated AKB and is doing whatever it is in life she decides to do.

I know I often think about my time in FASSW, and how I was lucky enough to be part of a band that meant so much to so many fans of metal and hardcore music. At least for me, that is. I imagine all the fans that were there at the Tokyo Dome were appreciative of this wonderful news, especially after Acchan and Takamina just got done singing a very tearful rendition of Omoide no Hotondo to each other. More tears followed from Takamina once she saw the news on the bigscreen behind her, and thankfully, Acchan was there to help her recover, but those were tears of joy.

But not for me. Maybe she will though, who knows? And I do wish nothing but the best for her, honestly, but at the same time, I think Takamina getting the chance to do a solo song was not who she is, or has become, thanks to all the years spent in AKB.

And what song did we end up with because of this? Well…we got Jane Doe as her first official solo song. Not a bad song by any means, but not a great song either. We never really saw Takamina focus on her solo career after this, and that was what, like or something when we got Jane Doe, yeah? I say this coming from the perspective of being a musician and knowing how meaningful it is to be given a chance to shine all on your own.

So I have to put this kind of high up on my best Takamina moments list, simply because to Takamina, it was a dream come true. I am going to be ultra curious about her post AKB singing career and where she will go with her songs and her style.

Since then, all the elections she ended up doing not as good, and it seemed as though she would be graduating AKB without ever getting higher than fifth in the general Sousenkyo. That must have been difficult to tell everyone what was inside of her heart, being that she has always been conflicted about achieving a high rank when she felt often that it should go to new members or other AKB members overall.

And then, let me repeat it… Takamina asked her fans to help her get to the number one spot in her final election. I love Takamina for saying this, and I thought for a moment that it might just happen.

I mean, think about it, in Januarythere would literally be no number one girl in AKB! She paid such tribute to Acchan and Yuko as being the strong, charismatic aces that they were all those years. I also felt that she had worked hard to even reach the fourth spot, which in a way, was very satisfying for her fans.

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I always wondered if Takamina was hoping to have stayed on as Captain of Team A, or if she was happy that Mariko took over that duty, but I suppose she had bigger things to worry about at that point.

So much change for a girl who now has to do what Takamina just naturally did. It does make you wonder if Yuihan can truly pull it off, but I have confidence in her abilities to lead. But yeah, Takamina receiving this wonderful news certainly was a gigantic milestone for her, even if she had already been accepted as the de facto leader of AKB up to that point.

I truly commend her for being the best manager, probably ever, of any musical group in existence. It really shows how Takamina has always been there for AKB and its members, rooting for them, trying to get them to realize their dreams and work their asses off to reach those dreams and never give up. So yeah, this probably should be number one, but I saved that for something very personal to me. She said she will use her life as proof. I also am pretty sure this whole business about hard work getting rewarded was something of a catch phrase long before ts speech was given, as variations of it had been uttered by Takamina, I think, in previous gatherings of the AKB group at large events.

The Tokyo Dome concert, for instance. But I think it was at this moment, on this stage at the Sousenkyo, that Takamina had really hit home with her words. She showed all the girls in AKB what you can achieve just by sticking with something and doing your best at it. I had always wanted to meet Perfume.

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BUT Perfume has been the single most important music group in my life for the past ten years. I can thank my Japanese girlfriend at the time for that one. Hard work will always be rewarded. I have a goal in my life to be a successful writer, and by successful, I mean I want my books to be read by many people and enjoyed by many people too. I also have a goal perhaps of someday getting back into music, though that dream is slowly slipping away from me. I might have to do that vicariously through my daughter when she grows up to become a JPOP idol, which I hope she will and judging by how much she dances to AKB videos we watch together, maybe there is hope for that to happen after all….

If you really want something, you can achieve it. Takamina is a genius, and I can only hope and wait to see what she will put her energy into next after AKB. So for me, watching Takamina march her cute little ass directly to where Aki-P was sitting in the backstage area at the Seibu Dome, apologize profusely for apparently screwing up a lot that first day at the Dome, and then practicing well into the night and all throughout the next day…. By allowing some time to pass, they allow the girls to consolidate their feelings about the situation.

Then, they do a fake show where the proximity between Minami and Okamura is evident. This creates uncertainty in those girls that where convinced that it was a fake and consolidates the first scenario for those that were not convinced.

By using a totally public event. This type of scenario to work, needs some time between events. If that time did happen, I wouldn't be surprised if girls as experient as Miichan or Sasshi were led to believe it was true. By using Okamura Takashi as the boyfriend the program manages to solve several problems at the same time.

I believe this dokkiri was almost perfectly thought out and executed. What most people seem to think as bad: Time was needed to obtain two results: Also, by doing what they did, they removed the idea that it could be a prank from their minds.

Because that was the perfect location and timing for the disclosure of the prank. I especially loved little details like the clothes Okamura Takashi was wearing when he went to apologize. He was wearing the same boots as in the photo and similar clothes. I don't believe the reactions were fake just because I don't believe the girls are this good at acting. Yamamoto Sayaka's face while dancing completely sealed the deal for me. I love the work AKB staff did on this.

From the little details like the "excuses" for putting the girls little by little in front of Shinobu, to big things like the cameras for the Documentary to the delicious little details of having the staff giving indications to the camera operators after Okamura came into the studio.

And of course, who can forget the chase scene before Minami steals the microphone. I have two problems with the way this dokkiri was done.

I understand that using her would, probably, leave the girls more comfortable. That condition would, obviously, condition their reaction. Contrary to what seems to be the general opinion, I believe the choice of Okamura Takashi as the boyfriend was a real good one. Also, the way things were done inicial talk one day, Takamina talk seven days later, final stage the next day were perfect to obtain the desired emotional impact. Unfortunately, I would have liked a more obvious sign of their relationship during the talk.

Something simple like Okamura touching Minami's hand, or, like he did in the final talk, putting his hand on Minami's shoulder tThe obvious problem with that in the talk with her three friends was the fact that they are close enough to react the way they did.

Other girls wouldn't have reacted that way, and the point could have been made. My problem is that I don't know enough of Japan's social norms to know if this would be allowed. Like I said in my previous post, phase four is extremely important to established the final scenario. All happened before the picture or story actually come out. For that reason there wouldn't be any news outside the group or the entity that took the picture. I wouldn't expect anything more or less from her.

A real good girl. Nothing more needs to be said. I like her, but don't know that much about her. She is very smart, and has shown a very good image of herself here. I didn't like her face or reaction in most of the scenes.

This doesn't mean I think she did anything bad. It just means I couldn't interpret her face and because of that, the only thing I have is a general guess. I didn't like her reaction, but I believe the reason is that she is just "baka" and was unable to understand immediately the gravity of the situation. A good reaction but it shows what I believe to be a lack of understanding of her position and responsibilities as an idol.

Possibly the biggest let down for me. Still, I guess that's the way she is. One of the best reactions. Loved to see her yankee side. Her group is the one that I would love to have seen more.