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asami and mako relationship memes

Legend of Korra - Het Pairing - Mako & Asami Sato - Ship: Masami | See more ideas about Asami sato, Avatar airbender and Legend of korra. This page is comprised of Mako's relationships with other characters in the Upon learning of Mako and Asami's rapprochement, Bolin admonished them. [BACKGROUND INFORMATION] Angsty Asami Sato was a meme first created by Avatar Korra, in Republic City, with her friends Bolin, Mako, and Asami Sato. Korra instead of her father because she had a romantic relationship with Korra.

This quickly caused many of the show's fans to grow a strong distaste to Asami within only her first appearance, as many fans of the show had initially shipped Korra and Mako as a couple. The dislike for Asami lead many fan's to believe she was an equalist, a radical supporter of anti-bendingand claim that she was a undeveloped and pointless character in the series.

Asami's appeal to the "Legend of Korra" audience did not begin to rise until episode six, season one, of the series, when Korra discovers that Hiroshi Sato has been working with the equalist without Asami realizing it. Hiroshi quickly knocks out Korra and her friends during a battle, untiil Asami comes down and tries to convince her father to stop. He invites her to join the equalist with him, and offers her a electric-glove her had designed to help radical equalist knock-out benders and protesters.

She puts the glove on, but instead of electrocuting Korra or any of her friends, she electrocutes her own father after telling him that she loved him.

This action did not only dismiss the theories of Asami being an equalist, but gained her approval in the "Legend of Korra" fanbase. Many fans speculated that Asami had attacked her father because she wanted to protect Korra. Some even suggested that Asami protected Korra instead of her father because she had a romantic relationship with Korra.

The most common memes on the blog are currently: While having relationship troubles with Eska, Bolin asked Mako for advice on how to end it. Due to his job as a cop, Mako became somewhat dismissive of Bolin, hardly registering and showing little interest in Bolin's new career as a mover star, and telling him to "figure something out" when Bolin asked him what to do upon returning from the Southern Water Tribe, [4] which Bolin later shot back at him.

Upon learning of Mako and Asami's rapprochement, Bolin admonished them. Mako was annoyed that Bolin still did not believe him on his word, and urged him to be on the lookout for anything suspicious during the screening. A few hours later, Bolin visited Mako again in prison to personally recall his rescue of President Raiko. Mako was delivered the news of his release and received an apology from Bolin for ever having doubted him.

Mako readily accepted it, and the two brothers shared a hug, rekindling their relationship. He displayed a great deal of faith in his brother's abilities, entrusting him to land a shot on P'Li's forehead during a stressful situation [8] and encouraging him to metalbend the bars of their cell in the Earth Kingdom.

When Bolin apologized and declared himself to be an idiot for having ignored Mako's advice, Mako readily accepted the apology, though waved off the "idiot"-remark, noting that Bolin had only been doing what he thought was right.

You LIKE KORRA! Your MAKO? Don WH THRO BROWS ASAmi Haha | Meme on

I just feel like It is suggested that Mako was close to his parents, particularly his father, San. When he was eight, he witnessed a firebender mugger murder both his mother and father, leaving him orphaned on the streets with his brother, Bolin, who was six at the time. Asami had bought him a new silk scarf, but Mako never wore it, explaining that he felt as though his father's scarf kept him safe.

He has a deep attachment to it. Seeing how sad his paternal grandmother, Yinwas at the loss of her son, Mako decided to give her his scarf, feeling she needed it more.

Mako met Asami after she accidentally hit him with her moped. Initially, he was angry at her due to her lack of attentiveness to other people on the road, but immediately forgot his train of thought the moment he laid eyes on her. When she invited him to go on a date as an apology for the incident, the love-struck firebender gladly accepted. Their relationship hit off immediately and they spent a lot of time together. While enjoying a romantic carriage ride through Republic City ParkMako entrusted in Asami that his red scarf was the only memento he still had of his deceased father.

After Asami told him that she had lost her mother at a young age as well, they locked in an intimate embrace. When Korra confessed her true romantic feelings to him, Mako turned her down, using his own romantic relationship with Asami as an excuse. When the Satos were investigated on Korra's suspicions, Mako defended Asami against the Avatar, even going so far as threatening to end his friendship with Korra if she continued to berate Asami.

After it was proven that Hiroshi Sato was working with the Equalists, Mako comforted the distraught Asami after taking Korra's advice when they left the Sato estate. Asami confirmed, and they kissed.

However, after hearing of Korra's capture, Mako barely paid any attention to Asami, and she learned from Bolin that Korra and Mako had kissed, making it hard for her to trust him.

asami and mako relationship memes

While he carried Korra in his arms, he bypassed everybody, even Bolin, and focused his attention solely on Korra in that moment, greatly upsetting Asami. Having knowledge of Mako and Korra's past relationship and her suspicions confirmed, she became upset and jealous.

When confronted about his kiss with Korra and his romantic feelings for the Avatar, Mako looked away guiltily and denied her accusation, stating that his reaction to Korra's capture was justified.

asami and mako relationship memes

Asami was left disappointed and hurt when Mako could not reassure her that she was just imagining things. Feeling betrayed, she ignored Mako and even told him to sit in the back seat of the Satomobile with Korra. She felt even more marginalized when Mako's attention was focused on Korra after Amon attacked Republic City, despite the fact her boyfriend was aware of how insecure she was feeling.

During the battle for Republic CityMako and Asami separated. However, they appeared to reconcile prior to him leaving with Korra to face Amon, as he told her that he would always care about her. Mako decided to help her find out who was responsible by setting up a sting operation with the Triple Threat Triad.

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While on the ship, Mako told Asami about he and Korra's split. The firebender soon overheard triad members talking about the operation being a setup, and the two escaped from the ship, barely outrunning triad members in pursuit. They rushed to a warehouse where Asami was keeping all of Future Industries inventory, only to find it had all been stolen. Mako tried to comfort his downbeat friend, who was ready to give up on everything. Touched by Mako's concern for her and her company, Asami kissed him.

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Mako quickly pulled away, clearly confused, while Asami apologized. Mako later found out through Two Toed Ping that Varrick was responsible for the act, and rushed to Future Industries to inform Asami, only to find out that she had closed a deal with the industrialist that allowed him to buy majority control of the company, thus saving her and Future Industries. The firebender reluctantly backed away upon hearing the news. However, Asami was shocked when Mako was arrested on the charges of robbing the Future Industries' warehouse, and was unable to believe it.

Upon this act of affection, Asami glared at Mako, angered by his infidelity. Korra "Korra showed me the importance of putting others before myself and whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me. When Mako first met Korra, he thought she was just another one of Bolin's "crazy fangirls" and practically ignored her.

When Bolin went missing, Mako was reluctant at first to accept Korra's help in searching for him, but he eventually complied. The two got along quite well and when Korra asked about the fate of his parents, Mako felt comfortable to tell her the truth. Later, they fell asleep against each other, and felt embarrassed when they woke up.

asami and mako relationship memes

However, when infiltrating into an Equalist rallyKorra put her arm around Mako's to look more casual, which he only allowed because she stated that they would attract less attention that way. He also allowed Korra to wear his scarf, which was the only thing he had left of his father. He took it back when he realized that Bolin meant the question for himself, saying that she was not girlfriend material and he should not date a teammate.

That night, Korra confessed her feelings for him after they won the game by saying that she thought they were "meant for each other". Unsure, Mako gently rejected her and told her that he did not feel the same way and he was with Asami. However, when his girlfriend walked in and he took her to the side, he darted a sad look while eyeing Korra and Bolin glumly after she had accepted to go on a "romantic date" with the earthbender.

Mako and Korra irritated with one another after their argument over Mako's feelings for Korra.

asami and mako relationship memes

After the end of Korra and Bolin's date, Mako confronted Korra and accused her of playing games with Bolin only to get back at him. Both of them glared at one another and stormed away.

asami and mako relationship memes

After a particularly rocky match due to their uneasiness with each other, he went out to talk to Korra and confessed his true feelings by saying while she was "infuriating and drove him crazy", he still thought she was "pretty amazing".

However, despite admitting that he had deep feelings for Korra, he also had such feelings for Asami, leaving him confused and unsure of how to handle this. Korra immediately followed this statement by impulsively kissing him; he was stunned, but kissed her back with equal enjoyment. This moment was disrupted by a heartbroken Bolin, who fled from the scene crying.

This led to a quick, heated argument between Korra and Mako.

Mako has to choose: Korra or Asami

After the pro-bending match, they acknowledged that taking their relationship further was causing friction between them and everyone else, agreeing to for now just maintain a casual friendship, despite their mutual affection for each other.

After being saved by Chief Beifong from falling to her death from the arena ceiling, he was the first to run over to hug her and told her he was "so glad" she was okay. Mako and Korra's relationship hit another snag when Korra began suspecting Asami's father, Hiroshi Satoof working with the Equalists.

Mako threatened to break off his friendship with Korra if she did not drop her investigation against the Satos. When Korra refused to drop her claim and stated that she was sorry, Mako gave her an angry look and walked away with Asami. When Korra went with TenzinLin Beifong, and members of the Metalbending Police Force to look for Hiroshi's secret factoryhe wanted to go with her, but was told to remain with Bolin and Asami, and was watched by a metalbending officer.