Asha bhosle and lata mangeshkar relationship quiz

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asha bhosle and lata mangeshkar relationship quiz

She was in a relationship with Ganpatrao Bhosle who was Lata Mangeshkar's secretary. Asha was just years old at that time. Yeh bilkul galat hai. People say all kinds of things about our relationship. Lata Mangeshkar is all praises for sister Asha Bhosle. (Hindustan. Bollywood News – Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar grew estranged for many years. Know why did these sisters turn against each other.

What we don't like is the narrative that a brother should promise to protect and that a sister needs protection, that a family is incomplete without a boy child, and that brother-less families are somehow rudderless, without a guiding light to navigate them through difficult times. So all through this month of Raksha Bandhan, we will share Stories of Sisterhood ; of ordinary, and extraordinary, sisters who love each other and have made the other better in subtle ways.

Share your stories, poems, pictures and suggestions with us at editors mybigredbag. But it is her relationship with sister Asha Bhosle that has inspired the most reams of newsprint, as well as a middling film. Surely, people have conjectured, two talented and headstrong women couldn't possibly also be friends? Here's what the sisters themselves have to say about this. Until recently we lived in adjoining flats and there's a connecting door between our homes. We're constantly in and out of one another's homes.

asha bhosle and lata mangeshkar relationship quiz

I'm very proud of Asha. She can sing every kind of song.

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Thank God she didn't adopt my style of singing. Singers sang those numbers with a lot of feelings. The feelings with which these singers sang in those times, are missing these days.

Today, one can only find fast music and noise around. Do you think the genre of ghazals is dying? Everything is changing today from the kind of clothes we wear to the kind of food we eat.

Ghulam Ali too falls in the same league. Because of modern technology such as the television, people have started living a fast-paced life. Now that they can, dance songs are being made to cater to that.

No one is bothered about listening to the song nor do they understand the lyrics. They just want the beats. I disagree with that.

Birthday special quiz: How well do you know Asha Bhosle?

We are known collectively as the Mangeshkar family. But yes, to an extent the belief that other trees cannot grow under a banyan tree is applicable to my family. What other dreams do you nurture? Aisa kissiko milta nahin. Taken aback What do you mean?

There are so many artists better than me. There is a world outside cinema where much talent languishes. Look at classical singers. They die in penury. Watch best Lata Mangeshkar hits But the biggest classical singers have acknowledged your greatness? Main kuch bhi nahin hoon phir bhi bahut kuch hoon. Every composer gave their best to your voice?

asha bhosle and lata mangeshkar relationship quiz

I suppose I did sing well. Or else why would they want me to sing? Why would composers wait for me when I was not available?

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Composers waited for months. Music in those days used to be very important. The composers were kings. Music was the life of films. There is just one music director in history of playback composition who never worked with you…. He was a fine music director. He publicly acknowledged me as the No. I shared a very warm rapport with him.

Lata Mangeshkar Jaisi Doosri Nahi Ho Sakti - Asha Bhosle Praising Her Elder Sister

What style are we talking about here? The way he made Geeta Dutt or my sister Asha sing was not suited to me. But you know when he set out to compose for his first film he called me to sing. But I had to cancel the recording. I think he felt bad about the cancellation of his first song.

Nahin hua mere liye achcha hua. Listen to Lata-Mukesh hits What is your advice for the coming generations of artists and entertainers who look up to you? Do you think they need or want my advice? The young today are far smarter than I ever used to be. And they get success far more easily than I did. Each day was a new struggle for me.

Even when I began to get work regularly there was the challenge of doing my best. Singing a song for Naushad Saab was not the same as singing for Shankar-Jaikishan. Every song brought its own fresh challenges. Haan, there was that junoon to excel. Is there an absence of truly creative music directors today?

Shankar Mahadevan is a decent human being,a very talented and humble artist.

asha bhosle and lata mangeshkar relationship quiz

I rate humility very high as a quality in an artist. Arrogance is unacceptable to me.