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MasterChef: Behind the scenes, Andy and Ben on life after the show

On Tuesday's episode of MasterChef, favourites Ben Borsht and Sashi the challenge, beating out Sashi after taking the judges advice, but the advantage . Kylie Jenner supports beau Travis Scott at his LA gig after he reveals they conceived daughter Stormi after three weeks of dating Joined in the fun. MASTERCHEF finalist Ben Ungermann has spoken of his regret after losing his licence for drink-driving as he prepares for the shows final. This is the type of nail-biting drama MasterChef needs to egg on viewers Birds mess: Ben failed to get Kylie Millar's dessert eggs-actly right.

You just miss the people who would normally be popping in and out of your life every day. My sister just had a little baby boy when I went on the show, there was lots happening in the outside world.

We spent every single day with them and all your normal support structures are gone, so you rely on the people in that house, and that top Some people did struggle, but we were very lucky we had each other.

Eloise Praino eliminated from MasterChef Australia after mistakes with Kylie Millar’s “The Nest”

We became best friends in the house which was an advantage for both of us straight away. We were outed as having a bromance pretty early on! Then it was all over social media.

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That education and grounding you get from being on there for a year is priceless. Everything I do in my daily life is thanks to that, and it even has a credit to play in my wife and daughter.

Masterchef Australia – Both Ben And Emma Should Have Been Eliminated

That led to us getting married once I left the show, and now we have a little girl. I think my inexperience helped me in a lot of ways. Not having a great cooking game, I was so prepared to learn and take on any information anyone was giving me.

So for me, with 23 other contestants and all the judges, all the guest chefs, I was just filling my brain with new knowledge all the time. Honestly, the triumph for me was just really knowing that I wanted to work in the food industry.

Ten While MasterChef has stood the test of time by proffering up excellent cooks who go on to have food industry careers, rather than divas who garner a flash-in-the-pan TV status for a season, the level of cooking has almost become too high-end. Amateur cooks are now plating like Ben Shewry from Attica, or testing the boundaries of molecular gastronomy like Heston Blumenthal to quote Gary Mehigan, "no one will forget the name Callan Smith".

It feels unrelatable, much like MasterChef's short-lived "Professionals" season. And the ratings, for a time, reflected that. Marshmallow went flying in dramatic end to Ben's cook on MasterChef. Ten While it premiered to decent numbers, audiences soon turned to House Rules where dramas similar to this season's My Kitchen Rules were playing out with "Australia's most hated women" in Fiona Taylor and Nicole Prince.

MasterChef's saving grace in the lead up to Finals Week and the grand finale has been the conclusion of The Voice and now House Rules, with its audience numbers being restored. Ben's dismay soon turned to relief as he survived the MasterChef elimination challenge. Then Debra named a Victoria Sponge Cake was it too much information? She was into the elimination cook off. Off course she sobbed.

MasterChef Australia: Why Kylie Millar is the show’s greatest success

Amina was smart enough to go for the obvious and went for the Orange Poppyseed Cake and also managed to get a quip in about how she had never cooked it but eaten kilos of it. Seriously not going to be happy if she does not make top ten.

Kylie picked marble cake, and Debra went with the Flourless Orange Cake and then Ben decided to go with the cake Emma had selected. He was stumped and went with Devil Chocolate Cake, and he was told he was also in the elimination.

Now we were never actually told the cake was a Sacher Torte but it looked like it. Nor because of the drama were we told what the other cakes were which was a bit of bummer, but I did think I spotted a tea cake and a Hummingbird Cake in the mix. Ben was not happy about having to cook off against one of his best mates, and looked like he was going to fall on his sword saying he was in the competition to learn and he could do that outside, whereas Emma was there to win.