Bernice and moses relationship

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bernice and moses relationship

Popular fellow TVB actor Moses Chan, with whom Liu had long been her relationship with wealthy businessman Alistair Lam came to light. She and husband Moses Chan had their first child, Aiden Joshua, last “ Problems arose in their relationship at the time (such as) Bernice. Bernice Liu reveals reason for breaking up with Moses Chan. It was not because her relationship with the wealthy Alastair Lam did not.

And, unbeknown to the media, Liu had a drama of her own. Having seemingly innocuously jarred her back during filming, the pain worsened to the point that by the turn of the year she was in agony, paralysed down the right side of her body. Privately she checked into hospital for a tricky spine operation; there was a risk she might not recover fully or walk again. For a girl who had danced from age three and practised martial arts from age eight, being helpless was heartbreaking.

Her distressed parents, concerned for her health, insisted she cut ties with the industry and the media as she began long months of physical therapy after the operation. Only recently, as a revitalised Liu re-emerges post-TVB with a new management company has she spoken about last year. In fact they had only just begun.

When you get to the point where you cannot feel one side of your body you are [literally] grounded. I just wanted to feel the sand between my toes again.

April 20, at 8: They always appeared vague and denied their relationship, maybe that is why even after breaking up, they thought it would be okay to continue to work together.

Bernice Liu Talks About Ex-Boyfriends, Hawick Lau and Moses Chan |

There was a time in when their joint appearances did slow down. Once in awhile, we have anononymous sources talking to gossip magazines, who could be production crew members. She admitted that even if they had wanted things to end, due to work they continued to run into each other etc. He said he even sent her text messages at the time but never got response. He appeared haggard etc.

On the other hand, Bernice only drew clear boundaries with Moses after Alastair photos were published. Sounds like more than friends. Login or Register before you can reply to Jayne Jayne replied: In this case, it sounds like Alastair came into the scene.

In an earlier Moses interview with Mingpao which I translated, an anonymous source revealed that Moses and Bernice had many breakups and got back together over the years. That moses was still waiting around for Bernice.

bernice and moses relationship

The same account was lettered with judgement that Bernice was looking for a better, richer man and telling other people she was single etc. It also sounds like Moses still had feelings for Bernice afterpossibly even last year. This was the final card that made Moses feel his getting back with Bernice was truly over.

Bernice Liu Holding a Grudge Against Moses Chan All These Years?

Maybe he sent text messages to explain rumor situation and possibly discuss mutual strategy on how to handle situation, but she never answered him. I suspect Moses and Bernice also have different ways of handling matters due to personality factors as well.

He always seem so soft spoken and may just have continued to follow strategy of not revealing too much private matters. If my rationale above is correct, Moses may have his reasons.

bernice and moses relationship

Bernice on the other hand sounds more confrontational. Login or Register before you can reply to Jayne Fox replied: Like you analyze, maybe Moses still has feeling with Bernice.

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But then Moses is coward and not nice to keep silent when his girl is bashed not only by 1 but also by most of HKers. Login or Register before you can reply to Fox Funn Lim replied: April 20, at Whatever is her problem is her business. Login or Register before you can reply to Funn Lim Fox replied: April 20, at 9: If they broke in then who betrayed? If they broke in then how about Moses and Aimee? I actually sort of had more sympathy for Bernice, but maybe not as much now… If Moses was hurt by her, then why is he even obligated to defend or stand up for her??

I guess they did not really have a clean break up because they did not even admit that they were dating in the first place. Therefore, it would be kind of strange to all of a sudden announce that they have broken up.

Moses also did not say one bad thing about Bernice if I remember correctly. Not everybody can be friendly with another. I believe if anything he and Aimee just started their relationship since if all reports are accurate, he was very hurt and we can see that look until probably when the news of Aimee came out and he looked relaxed again. If Bernice and Alastair can be considered as gold-digger and third party, Moses and Aimee should be considered the same way.

Aimee might be the innocent third party, but why Moses is clean while Bernice gets all the blames? They can be both clean or get the blames together. Login or Register before you can reply to Fox says: On purpose or not, Moses did play up the pity card, he really did nothing to help Bernice by looking all sad etc.

Siblings turn couple (Moses Chan 陈豪 Pt 2)

Login or Register before you can reply to bbfreak pandamao replied: She mentioned Virginia in the article and it seems like Bernice has enough senses to not bring people in like that. These were merely communication problems that are visible in all relationships. Moses had his faults and same with Bernice.

bernice and moses relationship

Login or Register before you can reply to pandamao EkinFan April 19, at 8: Even the average woman wants a man that has at least something,therefore, why would an actress go for someone not well off or from the circle?? The tabloids claimed that Bernice was a two-timer and a gold digger, but what she said was really true.

bernice and moses relationship

They never publicly acknowledged their relationship. So I do understand why she would be upset. Whatever the real reason was behind the breakup, I wish someone would come out and validate it. Login or Register before you can reply to Aly Chriselle replied: In the past, Moses definitely showed us that he was the victim in the relationship and that he was dumped by Bernice like the media claimed, but after this interview, my views about Moses being the victim is beginning to change and my respect for Bernice is coming back.

Now I wonder why they broke up. If not, then why did she bother to do this interview?? She copied Moses catch phrase: Bernice admits she has been unhappy about it, but since she cannot control it, why not to be open.

I will do my own part and other things, let the heavens decide. Getting together and splitting up for so many years, he already has a new start girlfriendI have no comment. I can only say that a new year, new start. No matter if it's personal, private or work, start all over again.

Moses said at the TVB Anniversary Awards, he already had a good impression on Aimee and to give them space to develop. Yesterday over the phone Bernice calmly said: I haven't seen the report.

bernice and moses relationship

He has said before that he noticed another girl inand had a good feeling too, I cannot respond to his relationship questions. His business is not related to me.