Bolin and eska relationship counseling

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bolin and eska relationship counseling

Bolin: [trying to flirt with Eska] Hey, I'm Bolin. I'm a friend Zhu Li: Probably a couple of days. Mako: Ending a relationship is kind of like pulling off a bloodsucking leech. Bolin: I tried to break up with her, but Mako gave me terrible advice!. The toxic/and or abusive relationships. How the bleep "To recap: Eska (non- consensually) humiliates Bolin and enjoys watching him in pain. Take Bolin's tumultuous relationship with the “ice princess” Eska. that young couples face—”when you're stressed, do you want advice or.

Simply because the dysfunctional system brings them more benefits than cons and they dislike change.

Bolin and Eska First Meet

They also fear that the oppressed would turn on them someday. The only people the oppressed should look after is their own groups, then second, groups that have also been oppressed.

bolin and eska relationship counseling

Then finally, and completely optionally, the oppressors who oppressed them in the past — this is completely optional and they owe them nothing. No actual comprehension of what is being said.

Just a snarky kneejerk response. Ricardo Aguilera The freedom to attack someone without consequences is a privledge…no mental gymnastics apply.

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Asami and Mako even told Bolin to end things with her, and that her behaviour was unhealthy. They acknowledge that the relationship was unhealthy. I watched this show with my little cousins, and they picked up on the fact that Korra and Eska were being mean to their boyfriends…so i think the comedy relief is there to make it more lighthearted, so they could understand it better. I feel like if they really had a handle on how bad of a situation he was in, they would have offered to help or something.

In fact, the times when he is in danger are not meant to scare us, IMO, or make us think, but rather to make us laugh. If the male characters treated the female characters this way we would get feminist demanding the show be rewritten. Most people I know feel strongly that korra has been extremely abusive towards mako and that bolin is essentially dealing with a female version of a red neck over possessive wife beater.

Mako made that very clear to him, and is also no stranger to these things himself. You might remember that when Korra stepped over the line, Mako ended things with her right then and there. Looking forward to Friday, though.

That was also really, really fucking disturbing. And what kind of message do kids pick up when thy see an abused man who is meant to be laughed at?

But, this show has a huge problem with sexism. That last line was sarcasm, BTW. And now, the last episode has given Bolin character derailment by having him sexually assault his co-worker Ginger and play it for laughs.

bolin and eska relationship counseling

I definitely overlooked that in this post. It is also disturbing. They were actors in a movie, and the director said he liked the kiss and added it to the movie.

bolin and eska relationship counseling

Whether all the romance drama makes for good writing or not is of course a separate matter. Which, I should note, tells you a whole lot about how the writers conceive traditional male-female relationships. Women are only strong and in control, the narrative goes, because men have ceded the place to them.

History of Bolin (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence)

This brings us straight back to the victim-blaming: Because abuse is a thing that happens in the real world.

Often it happens to them exactly how it happened to Bolin. According to the latest study by the CDCapproximately one in seven men have experienced some form of domestic violence compared to one in four women. One in nineteen men have been stalked. One in seven men have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner. Abuse happens to men. Abuse happens to men a lot. Because we see those stories as funny.

Yes, men are threatened, stalked, hurt and emotionally manipulated, just as Bolin was on the show. The abuse-as-comedy trope is particularly harmful because Korra is aimed at children and young adults. And guess who is most at risk of abuse?

More than one in four male victims of rape experience their first rape when they are ten years or younger. Bolin is a man of color as are Mako, Tenzin, and every other male character on Korra.

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In comparison, one third of multiracial men, one fourth of latino men, forty percent of black men and To put it bluntly: Is really not okay. For that matter, is this the lesson we want to teach the older audience of Korra? That abuse is acceptable? That abuse is funny? That abuse is to be expected in a romantic relationship? That abuse is a fair trade for romance, love and sex?

bolin and eska relationship counseling

That men should fear female strength because it leads to emotional and domestic abuse? What a toxic message. And what a disappointing narrative from Korra, a show that follows in the footsteps of the wonderfully progressive Avatar: Since I started writing this post, the show has gotten, if possible, worse on abuse. The writers have turned what used to be a joke subplot into an actual romantic subplot.

What Eska did to Bolin is abuse. It is physical and emotional abuse. What Korra, Mako and Asami did to Bolin is victim-blaming.

Korra even thanked her for her father's financial support after the conclusion of the Fire Ferrets' semifinal match. Still, Korra's initial jealousy for Asami and Mako's relationship remained and it showed when she genuinely seemed shocked when Bolin announced that he and Mako were moving in with Asami on her estate. When Asami called out to Korra and invited her to come over for a visit, Korra initially declined, claiming that she had "Avatar stuff to do", but when Bolin used playful persuasion, Korra accepted the invitation and came over the next day.

Still viewing her as "kind of prissy", Korra was, at first, expecting Asami to make the group to do something stereotypically "girly", but when Asami suggested that they go to her family's racetrack and offered the Avatar to ride with her in a race, Korra suddenly gained a newfound respect for Asami and even admitted that she was wrong about her. Asami in turn was not offended when Korra acknowledged her prejudice against her and this marked a new beginning in their friendship.

This was further exacerbated by Mako's protective behavior toward Korra after her abduction by Tarrlok. Despite this, the two stayed friends, as Asami was with the others when Katara tried to restore Korra's bending after it was severed by Amon. She happily spectated how Korra restored Lin Beifong's bending. Despite their relationships with Mako, after the Harmonic Convergence Korra and Asami still remained great friends.

Korra would vent to Asami about the issues she was having with the United Republic's president and her frustrations with the fact that her polling numbers were low, while the nonbender would comfort her good friend.

Asami also became Korra's driving teacher and occasionally gave the Avatar lessons in which she would sit in the passenger seat and give Korra advice while they navigated around Republic City.

During one such lesson, the two talked about their feelings toward their relationship with Mako. Asami confessed that she had kissed him while the two had broken up. Korra said she did not mind, and in turn admitted to and apologized for kissing Mako during the time he and Asami had been dating. Asami also said she did not mind and in fact had known for a while. Korra replied by saying she was glad that despite their relationships with Mako, they had still remained good friends.

After Korra was banished from Republic City, the two spent a lot of time together while looking for new airbenders and grew increasingly closer to one another. Worried about Korra's wellbeing, Asami watched over her when the Avatar meditated into the Spirit World in hopes to confront Zaheer.

After Korra got severely injured during her battle with him, Asami took care of her during the first two weeks of her recovery, offering to listen whenever she felt the need to talk or be there for her when she needed anything else. During that time, Asami wrote numerous letters to Korra, telling Korra that she missed her and that Republic City was not the same without her, as well as keeping Korra up-to-date with how her life was going.

Although she also received letters from Mako and Bolin, Korra only wrote back to Asami to confide in her about her fears of being unable to make a full recovery, stating that it was easier to talk to her about it all than to Mako and Bolin, trusting her not to say anything to the brothers.

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Embracing each other warmly, Asami complimented Korra's new haircut, making the Avatar blush, and Korra immediately returned the sentiment by noting that Asami was "looking snazzy as always". However, the years of separation had taken their toll. When Asami revealed that she had visited her father in prison, Korra made a well-intended remark about Asami and Hiroshi's relationship to remind Asami that her father may have been only manipulating her like before to which the nonbender took offense.

Regardless of the tension and bickering that ensued between the friends, they still managed to work together to save a kidnapped Wu. Reminiscing about "old times" due to the rescue mission, the friends reconciled their differences and warmly embraced each other.

Although Korra listed many reasons that had led her to that conclusion, Asami countered them all by emphasizing all the good that Korra had done and eventually, with Tenzin's help, she was able to convince the Avatar that she should never give up fighting for balance.

Nickelodeon’s “The Legend of Korra” Makes Light of Abusive Women, and That’s Not Okay

As the two women gazed at the Republic City skyline, Korra apologized to Asami for not having come back sooner, though found her apology readily accepted, as Asami noted that she was just glad Korra was there now as she could not have handled losing both her and her father on the same day. Giving Asami a comforting hug, Korra proposed to go on a relaxing vacation together, just the two of them. Asami agreed and proposed to venture into the Spirit World.

As they crossed over, they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes, quietly acknowledging their romantic feelings for the other, and officially started their relationship. You can count on that. Traveling around the Spirit World together, the couple strengthened their relationship.

After being attacked by a rock spiritwhich resulted in the loss of all their supplies and the decision to cut their vacation short, Asami did not want to return before they shared a loving kiss.

On the way back, Korra confessed to Asami how grateful she had been of the fact that Asami had been there for her after her mercury poisoning when she could not have been there for herself and that it had been no accident that she only wrote to her during that time.

Enthusiastic about their new relationship, Korra could not wait to tell the world, starting with her parents, though reigned in her excitement after her parents urged her to keep their relationship private and Asami confessed that she preferred to keep Korra to herself as long as possible.