Cato and glimmer relationship quiz

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cato and glimmer relationship quiz

I heard that the girl that played Glimmer was on Dinsey Channel, I find that werid. Anyway, the book didn't really explian the connection between Cato and. Take this quiz! What is Katniss's 5: The District 9 boy, Glimmer, Cato, Marvel, Clove He's teasing her about her bad relationship with Buttercup the cat. Take this quiz to see how well you know Clove! Cato. 6. Which tribute is NOT a Career tribute? A. Glimmer. B. Jason. C. Marvel. D. Cato. 7.

After that we scattered some of Peeta's stuff in my room in case she went snooping there. I am sure she will be keeping a close eye on us this week. She is really determined when she puts her mind to it. As we draw nearer the small hotel Madge and Thom will be staying at, Madge gives me a pointed look. Cheesy chat up lines are their speciality.

Katniss be thankful you have Peeta this week or you would have been on the receiving end," Thom says. I hadn't thought about that. There are added benefits of having Peeta as my date this week. I at least won't have to put up with creepy guys trying to hit on me.

Thom works with Cato and I have met some of his other work colleagues before. Slimy is the one word I would use to describe most of them. Thom spends the next few minutes retelling us some of his workmates epic failures with women. It seems there are people who are even worse at dating than me. The conversation takes my mind off the wedding and makes me feel less anxious. We soon arrive at the hotel and drop Madge and Thom off. As a member of Glimmer's direct family, Peeta and I get the privilege of staying at my uncle's grand mansion.

Madge and Thom will make their way there later for the cocktail reception. From the hotel it is only 5 minutes to the house and we arrive there before am I am prepared for it. The house used to be my maternal grandfather's. He became very rich after setting up a pharmaceutical company after the war. He supplies many of the major hospitals in the surrounding states. As a result of his wealth he built this massive house outside the main town. The house is an impressive building made of red brick with marble columns that line either side of the grand entrance.

There is a massive wooden veranda that encircles the whole house. Well kept flower beds give the house pops of colour. It is the size of a small palace and includes 15 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a home cinema and gym. It is easy to get lost in there. The surrounding grounds are equally impressive with areas of neatly trimmed grass and vibrant flower beds. To the rear of the house is a large private wooded area that my grandfather used for hunting.

All this money meant that my mom and uncle had a very privileged upbringing. My uncle Haymitch married into another well off family and he now runs the pharmaceutical business. Not that he enjoys the job too much. He spends more time drinking than anything else. When my grandfather died 5 years ago the house naturally passed down to my uncle. He complains about it being too big and difficult to manage but he loved my grandfather too much to ever sell it.

cato and glimmer relationship quiz

On the other hand my mom had a slightly rockier relationship with my grandfather. My dad used to pouch on his land and Grandfather was not happy when Mom fell in love with a poor man from the Seam. It is the worse part of town with high unemployment and crime. However this did not faze my mom, seeing past my dad's rough upbringing and she went against my grandfathers wishes to date him. However Dad has a deep knowledge of plants and discovered a plant that could be used in antiseptics which ended up making the company a lot of money.

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Everything else was forgotten after that and my dad has been a welcomed addition to the family ever since. As a result Prim and I have always had the best of everything. And while this has made Glimmer spoilt and materialistic, Prim and I couldn't care less. Our dad made sure that we always valued money and I can still remember the giddy pride I felt when I got my first pay cheque and bought something with the money I had earned entirely on my own.

As we pull up there is a valet waiting and he takes my keys to park the car. At the bottom of the steps there is a young man waiting to take our bags. Aunt Effie has ensured that the house will run like a expensive hotel this week.

Peeta interlinks his fingers through mine as we ascend the stairs following the man carrying our bags. I accept his hand readily. I no longer try to pull away from his touch.

He has to be kidding. I may have improved but I am still bad. He just lets out a small chuckle. No one will even notice us," he tries to reassure me. I shrug my shoulders but know that won't be the case. My family are nosy and everyone will be itching to know how I finally got myself a boyfriend. The young man takes us to our room and puts down our bags. I give him a tip and then turn to survey the room. It is the room I always stayed in when I was a kid.

I had a choice in the decoration and as a result it is still the same earthy green shade I had back them. I chose it because it reminded me of my favourite place; the woods you can see out the window. Peeta is also looking around the room and he eyes stop on the large king sized bed.

It is the only bed in the room. He's been sleeping on our couch for 6 weeks now. It can't have been good for his back. We are not 21 anymore. The bed is big enough for the both of us," I reply. Peeta raises his eyebrows at my comment. You don't have to worry about me jumping you. You are not that attractive," I joke. But I have to warn you I snore," he agrees. I smile and shake my head as I begin to unpack some of the essentials. We have arrived later than most of the other guests.

I had to hand in a report at work this morning and wasn't going to leave until it had been done. This means everyone else is already getting drunk at the reception downstairs. Peeta and I change into more suitable attire. I pull on a red sleeveless dress that Madge made me buy while Peeta puts on a crisp white shirt and navy jacket and tie.

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The navy makes his blue eyes pop. I think navy is becoming my favourite colour that he wears. After I sweep a dash of mascara over my eyelashes we are ready to join the party. On our way down to the main reception room we come across my uncle Haymitch hiding in the hallway nursing a glass of some sort of spirit. Aunt Effie has clearly made him dress up for the evening and has managed to get him into a suit and bow tie. She's even managed to tame his greying, muddy blonde mop on the top of his head and taken a razor to his face.

He looks up from his drink and scowls at me.

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Both Peeta and I laugh. Uncle Haymitch has never been comfortable with my grandfather's money and would quite happily live by simpler means. However his wife is exuberant and over the top and loves throwing parties like this. I highly suspect it is events like this that causes him to drink so much. I have always liked Uncle Haymitch. He was one of the few people who championed my dad when he first started dating my mom.

I have always respected him for that. And we are more similar than I would probably like to admit. We are both a bit sullen and grumpy but both of us loyal and hard working. Haymitch straightens up against the wall as we approach. You are about as charming as a dead slug! Peeta doesn't miss a beat before jumping to my defence. It's captivating and no one can accuse her not being loyal and there for the people she loves," he says pulling me into his side and kissing the top of my head.

I remember to smile at his words. He is so reliably good at this and has, as always, managed to pick the right thing to say. I only wish I found it as easy. Haymitch shrugs his shoulders and takes another slurp of his drink.

You've successful pulled the wool over this one's eyes. He hasn't realised you're a workaholic bore. Don't let this one go," he says. I am sure Aunt Effie has plenty of people she wants you to engage in small talk with," I reply.

I grab his arm and march him back to the main reception room. I know how much he hates mingling. Peeta follows smirking behind me. As I expected Effie is on him immediately demanding to know where he has been and that Claudius Templesmith has been waiting to talk to him. He gives me an angry glare as he is dragged off and I smirk back at him.

However I don't get to savour my victory for long as Glimmer is on Peeta and I in a flash. She pulls me into a tight hug and declares, "Look who has finally arrived! Katniss and her new boyfriend! Her loud greeting has alerted many people to our arrival and I am conscious of a lot of people watching us.

Instinctively I snuggle into Peeta's side to try and hide away from their stares. Your flower displays are magnificent. Fantastic choice of colour," Peeta replies trying to distract her.

It works as Glimmer gets excited about the compliment and turns her attention away from me.

cato and glimmer relationship quiz

Hearing that from an artist is so rewarding! Peeta nods his head and engages her in a conversation about her inspiration behind the decorations.

I stand tucked in beside him trying to look like a loving girlfriend. He wraps his arms around her waist and it is clear by the look on his face that he believes he is the luckiest guy alive. Glimmer leans back into his embrace instinctively and I envy how easy it is for them.

They don't need to plan their affection for each other. They are simply in love. We chat for a few moments more with Glimmer making more over the top comments about my relationship with Peeta and causing more people to look in our direction to study Peeta and me.

Finally Aunt Effie saves us by coming over and redirecting Glimmer and Cato over to a group of her friends. She gives me another challengingly look to show me that she isn't convinced yet. I give her a forced smile and try not to let her comment rattle me. She has no way of knowing the truth. However seeing Cato and Glimmer together has shown me how natural it should be. I don't know how to compete with that. It is only now that I realise how hard this will be for me to pull off. Peeta senses my tension and gives me a reassuring squeeze.

I try to believe him and relax but just as I do my next test comes up. My parents come to greet us. The give both Peeta and I a warm hug and inquire about our journey. My palms begin to get sweaty. So far I have avoided having Peeta and my parents in the same room even though my parents have been begging to take us both out for dinner. I am nervous because my family know me the best and are the most likely to see past the lie.

Prim doesn't arrive until tomorrow so, for at least tonight, it will only be my parents I have to convince. We exchange pleasantries and catch up before Dad decides to bring up the topic I know they are both dying to discuss.

I have just had different priorities the last few years. I could have got a boyfriend if I really wanted one. Peeta then looks down at me, with on the outside must look like a loving look. Only I know it is fake.

I try my best to return the look. I must be reasonably successful because my mom clutches her hand to her chest and sighs happily. She looks like she is genuinely happy for me and is relieved that she finally gets to see me like this. It hits me again how much I hate lying to them about this. I was just too embarrassed to reveal the truth the first time.

What are you going to do? Draw me to death? Painting, the final defence to dying. His blue eyes shine and, for whatever reason, I can tell he really wants to do this with me. I nod my head reluctantly in agreement and the massive grin that appears on his face instantly makes my heart flutter with excitiment. He bounds down the stairs excitedly, desperate to share his wisdom with me. His enthusiasm is infectious and I can't help but look forward to actually spending the morning with him.

Peeta seems to have already picked the perfect place for sketching. He drags me to the corner of the woods and plonks down on an old fallen log. He pats the spot next to him and hands me a pad and pencil as I sit down.

We sit with our backs to the woods and look out over the preened grounds and house. I instantly know why he chose this spot. The grand house is just to the left with the fantastic rose garden taking centre place. The image is framed on the right by the looping tree line of the forest. The contrast of the man made structure, the slightly preened roses and the wilderness of the forest creates a striking image.

I stare in awe at his ability to find the most beautiful landscapes. Peeta catches me staring and grins. We'll start with the house.

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It's just a lot of straight lines," Peeta begins. I draw my eyes from the view and sigh as I look down at the pad. The blank page is intimidating. Where do I even begin? Peeta shows me where to start drawing and I finally commit pencil to paper. Peeta is patient with me as he shows me where to put pencil marks and to include shading.

There is a lot of erasing of lines and in normal circumstances I would have got frustrated and given up, but with Peeta's steady presence beside me and encouraging remarks, I just relax and let myself enjoy the fact I am sketching with him.

Even with his guidance I know the picture is bad. The roses are just a bunch of squiggles and the house is horribly out of proportion.

I put my pencil down to look at the finished product but as soon as I catch sight of Peeta's amused look we both burst out laughing. I elbow him in the ribs. Peeta clutches his side in mock pain. Peeta flashes me another grin. Add a splash of colour and you could pass it off as abstract art," he replies. Peeta shakes his head before flipping the cover of his own sketch pad down and standing up. He offers me a hand to help me get up and I take it eagerly.

My heart flutters at the words "our relationship". I interlock our fingers together as we make our way back to the house to prepare for the brunch that will start shortly. The entire back decking of the mansion has been set aside for the brunch this afternoon. Round tables with freshly pressed, baby pink tablecloths cover the decking. A small forest of lilies surrounds the decking and everyone has a bronze cutting of a lily as their name card. To top it all off there is a long buffet filled with a variety of fancy brunch cuisine.

There are rose flavoured pancakes and bacon smothered in maple syrup. My eyes bug as I pile my plate high with as much food as I can. Peeta watches me and shakes his head. Peeta grins as he finishes topping up his own plate with bacon.

cato and glimmer relationship quiz

Deciding I finally have enough to satisfy my appetite I turn and place my free arm around Peeta's waist as we make our way to our seats. Our fingers brush slightly as we pull apart and a shiver goes up my spine. I peek a look at Peeta, but he seems unaffected by the brief contact as he launches into conversation with Plutarch Heavensbee.

I ignore the feeling and instead tuck into my mountain of food. Plutarch and Peeta engage in deep conversation about Peeta's paintings and my ears perk up when I hear Plutarch's interest. I had almost forgotten how enthusiastic Plutarch had seemed about Peeta's paintings at the cocktail reception. However it seems Peeta has not and, by the sounds of it, has been talking regularly with Plutarch about his art throughout the week. I would happily hang those sketches in my bathroom! Obviously I would want to commit the paintings on a much larger scale and full of colour.

From what you describe of your office it sounds like my paintings would be in stark contrast to the rest of the room and that would make them more striking," Peeta replies earnestly. I can't think of anyone better to adorn my walls. I would be delighted if you could commission 4 paintings for me," Plutarch replies. I can't help but smile at the big, genuine grin that appears on Peeta's face. He is always so attractive when he smiles.

He smile is so big, almost reaches up to his ears, and his eyes sparkle like precious gems. Plutarch gives him a warm smile. We can talk numbers then," he replies. Peeta nods his head eagerly and their conversation winds down to a natural close. As Peeta turns back to me I squeeze his hand in congratulations. I don't want to hide my genuine pride that he has managed to pull this deal off. Peeta's grin seems to get impossibly wide. Now I don't feel so bad for dragging you to this wedding," I say genuinely pleased for him.

Interest in my paintings had seriously dwindled. I was almost coming to terms with the fact that I was going to have to work in the bakery on a more permanent basis. I never thought I would say this, but thank you for bringing me here.

I'll finally be able to get back on my feet again! His last comment catches me off guard slightly. With the money from Plutarch he will be able to stop working at the bakery and save enough money to move out. My disappointment at this fact hits me hard. I have gotten used to him being around, making me baked treats and just being there to talk to when I get home. It will be strange not having him around. I can't deny it. I will miss him. I give him a small smile trying to hide my disappointment.

This is good news for him. I should celebrate with him. I quickly push my feelings aside and join in with the rest of the conversation at the table. Peeta is, of course, leading the conversation with his self-depreciating jokes and amusing anecdotes.

At one point Plutarch is laughing so hard, orange juice squirts out his nose. I smile along with them and I move in closer to Peeta as the conversation goes on. By the time the plates have cleared I am practically sitting on his lap with my head on his shoulder.

He has a protective arm round my waist and has been rubbing soothing circles on my back for the last ten minutes. I pretend that I don't know what has made me to become so comfortable with these intimate gestures.

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However, somewhere deep inside of me, I know it has a lot to do with the man beside me. But I'm not ready to question what that means so instead I just quash any of those thoughts and enjoy the warm feeling that occurs whenever he is near.

As the brunch is winding down Dad comes over and takes a seat in the empty chair that Plutarch has just vacated. He smiles at the sight of Peeta and I snuggled together. Katniss, Haymitch and I are normally the naughty school children that hide out back drinking the hard stuff and making fun of all the other guests.

But I see that all her time has been taken up by you Peeta! Peeta pretends to look ashamed and pushes me off him and towards my dad. From now on she is all yours," Peeta replies jokingly. You can keep her! I have to thank any man that can put such a big smile on my daughter's face. He is genuinely happy for me. He believes I have found someone I love and who loves me back. He thinks I have found my happily ever after. I feel a little ashamed that I have been able to fool my family so easily.

I don't think I will ever be able to admit to them that it is an act. Peeta responds by pulling me closer and turning to look in my eyes. He brushes a strand of hair off my face and his hand trails down my cheek, then neck before his finger tips lightly brush my exposed collar bone.

He blues eyes stare down at me with a serious intensity that makes the hairs on the end of my arms stand on end.

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I would rather die than hurt her," he replies with such sincerity that I almost believe him. My grey eyes fix onto his and, without thought, I reach up to cup his cheek to lock him in place.

We smile softly back at each other, both of us perfectly content. I am broken out of my trance by the sound of Dad clearing his throat. I am really happy for you both. And don't be afraid about making me a grandfather sometime soon.

I want to be the cool young granddad that takes my grandchildren out camping and hunting," My dad jokes. I blush at his comment while Peeta laughs and gives my waist a squeeze. If I can't even keep a goldfish alive for a week, what am I going to do with a baby? I try to join in but my mind drifts off to an image of Peeta playing with a small blonde haired, blue eye child who looks just like him. I already know Peeta will make a great Dad.

He is so patient and caring. I remember in high school he taught pre-schoolers how to finger paint and draw. He would get right down with them and come out messier than any of kids. I bet his child would be creative and caring just like him, always covered in chalk and paint.

And it would be the most charming child ever. Everyone would fawn over the adorable and sweet little person and the child would have Peeta twisted round their little finger. I know Peeta would give his child the moon if they asked. I suddenly become desperate for Peeta to have that. I shake my head to rid these thoughts. I don't know what has come over me today. I don't know why I am thinking about Peeta's child or why I feel so disappointed about him leaving my apartment.

These things shouldn't concern me. By the time the brunch has ended there is not much time before we have to attend the rehearsal dinner. I'm not that concerned about the dinner itself. Peeta and I have got pretty good at handling these situations but I am nervous about the quiz Glimmer has planned for afterwards. Not one to ever pass up a chance for competition, Glimmer thought it would be best to end the pre-wedding festivities with a quiz testing you on the knowledge of your spouse.

Again as one of the bridesmaids I am expected to take part. If there is any event that is going to catch Peeta and I out, it is going to be this. We are not a real couple and don't know many of the things real couples would know about each other. I don't think this is something we can bluff our way through. I jab myself countless times in the eye with my mascara wand as I get myself worked up about the situation. Peeta sees my anxiety and comes over to me after he has finished tying his tie.

He comes up behind me and gives my shoulders a gentle squeeze before turning me around, keeping his hands on both my shoulders and looking me straight in the eye.

If anything this will be the easiest part of the whole week," he says trying to reassure me. We are not even a real couple! You practically lived in my house growing up. Do you really think there is that much I don't know about you? I instantly relax and release the tension in my shoulders. Peeta tilts his head to the side and raises his eyebrows at me. We've known each other the longest. We have the biggest advantage," he says firmly. I nod my head finally acknowledge that he is probably right and stand up straighter to smooth out the royal blue dress I am wearing.

Peeta is wearing a matching tie, but it is slightly crooked. I reach up to straighten it out and run my finger down the lapel of his suit jacket after I have finished. My fingers linger a little on the spot above his heart.

I can feel the steady rhythm beneath my fingers tips. I snap my head up to be met with his blue eyes boring into my own. He watches me carefully. We stare at each other for a few moments, neither of us making a move. My heart seems to be pounding in my chest. I get that urge to kiss him again. His lips look so inviting. My tongue darts out to wetten my bottom lip.

Finally Peeta breaks the stare and reaches for my hand. I think Effie is going to explode from all the unkempt schedules and lateness this week," he says back to his usual self. I take a deep breath and smile in response. You just know something isn't going to go as she planned," I say with a grin. Peeta returns it and with that the tension is broken and we make our way down to dinner.

Glimmer and Cato greet us cheerfully as we enter. Glimmer is once again dressed in something that lives up to her name; a glittering gold dress complete with a diamond rose shaped head piece.

Even her hair seems to shine and sparkle in the soft light of the dining room. It's the taking part that counts anyway.

We've got 28 years worth of knowledge on each other. Remind me how long you and Cato have known each other," I reply. Glimmer screws up her eyebrows at my response. She clearly didn't like my answer.

Cato shakes his head at his soon to be wife. She turns to him with venom in his eyes. It would be mortifying! Peeta and I give Cato a sympathetic look as Glimmer rants on and we both slip away unnoticed as she carries on.