Colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

Is Katie Mcgrath Married? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

After taking the advice to pursue a career in acting, it didn't take long before she got her first onscreen role. Colin Morgan and Katie Mcgrath: Image Source. Explore Andrea Juergens's board "Bradley James & Colin Morgan" on Pinterest. Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby - the stars of. McGrath is great fun to interview and, from secondary sources, a hoot on set. ' Merlin' co-star Colin Morgan called her "a troublemaker" and.

In a story that has been spun out a few times, her mother's friend later landed Katie a position in the wardrobe department of 'The Tudors'.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

Her raven locks, glassy stare and lithe posture caught the eye of a casting director and soon she had a short scene as a lover of Rhys Meyers' Henry VIII. McGrath found her calling. That was like gold dust to any actor. Sometimes, McGrath believes it was her greenness that paid off.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

Do an arts degree, any type of degree, and then see how it goes," she says. Learning the ability to work, that's what's important as an actor, and you don't learn that there, in my opinion.

At last, the actress 29 is free to spread her wings.

Is Katie Mcgrath Married? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Her

While another 'Merlin'-like fantasy epic, the recently aired 'Labyrinth', heralded her first post-BBC venture, it's her casting as Lucy Westenra in NBC's small-screen adaptation of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' that's really got our attention. Currently shooting in Budapest, McGrath portrays an aristocratic social butterfly and best friend of Dracula's muse Mina Murray played by newcomer Jessica De Gouwwho'll become entwined in a web of lies, lust and temptation during the course of the series.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

Oh, and wouldn't you know, look who's playing the bloodsucking caped crusader — it's only her old pal, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The chance to play Lucy, alongside Jonathan, is just phenomenal — I would kill for that part. And thankfully, I didn't have to," she chuckles.

What Katie does next -

I'd always love, of course, to work with Jonathan again; he's an amazing actor. McGrath's first ever scene was with the pouty Corkonian; they were linked romantically several years ago, and now, she's starring opposite him in a new series.

So to get a chance to work with him again, to have that familiarity, is too perfect. And on a classic story like this, amazing. Surely McGrath, who's inexplicably single, has kept Hollywood waiting long enough?

Colin Morgan Currently Dating An Irish Actress Since 2010; Who Is The Lucky Girl?

There must have been several enquiries after a brief, eye-catching performance in Madonna's royal epic, 'WE'? Majority of her fans appear to be intrigued by the dating life of this talented actress.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

The bond of Colin and his actor girlfriend is thriving with the growing year. However, both the actors later denied the rumors, embracing their friendship and professionalism. She waited a couple of years before she started dating again. It's been wrong for years, and it's clear Colin has a girlfriend who's not Katie.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship advice

The actor who believes in challenging oneself is popular for his roles in the television series, Merlin, The Living and the Dead, Humans and The Fall. The common assumption is they were incompatible for some reason.

Colin morgan and katie mcgrath dating

The plot combines economical and occasional lurid with a melodramatic flourish. Colin Morgan is among those lucky guys whose partner supports and inspire him to prosper in the career.

Their common profession has also been a plus point to their relationship. The truth of the matter is, if Colin had shown any kind of interest in that woman then no one would be doubting they're dating, But the fact is he didn't.

Hope Colin is happy, cries. Their beautiful relationship clearly depicts that the couple will get married and continues this love.