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dan and serena relationship season 4

Dan is sad to see Milo go. He tries to embark on a relationship with Serena, who is still torn over him and Nate. Blair and Dan team up. Serena van der Woodsen returns to New York's Upper East side and begins a relationship with Dan Humphrey. There is a love triangle between Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald, and Serena. There is a love triangle between Nate, Blair, and Chuck Bass. The relationship between Dan and Serena, also known as Derena, is the In the Gossip Girl series of books, Dan and Serena date very briefly but break up due.

Barths to tell Dan about Serge, Milo's real father, and to say that she and Milo are going to live with Georgina's parents. Dan is sad to see Milo go. He tries to embark on a relationship with Serena, who is still torn over him and Nate. Blair and Dan team up to find Juliet in Connecticut. They do find her with Serena, but get a shock when Serena tells them that Lily was the one who put Ben in jail instead of herself. It was revealed that Blair and Dan went to see a couple of movies together, though the both say that they are not friends.

Blair was fired from her internship at W Magazine, but since Dan connived to get her fired, he confessed and convinced Epperly to re-hire Blair. Hereafter, Blair got better position as a team leader, since her boss decided to retire. Dan stalked Blair to try to convince her to publish his short story, and the two of them made the discovery together Chucks real feelings for Raina while hidden behind a curtain. They went their separate ways, but spent the rest of the evening talking together on their cell phones while watching Rosemary's Baby on their laptops.

Afterwards, both got a hidden closed relationship and denied the friendship to everybody. Feeling something beyond that happened, they tried to overcome the all confusions and denials by only one kiss. Later, Dan admits to Eric and to Charlie that he has romantic feelings for Blair.

In the finale, it was revealed that Dan had been writing a scathing novel based on his life for the past five years. While looking for Charlie at the loft, Vanessa reads his novel and hints at the possibility that he possesses unrequited feelings for Blair all the while realizing that Dan always wanted to be a part of the Upper East side.

Vanessa encourages him to publish the novel following in a harsh exchange of words during a phone call and resulting in Dan lashing out at Vanessa while she takes matters into her own hands leaves the Humphrey apartment with his novel. Later scenes during the finale show Vanessa offering Dan's novel to a publishing company.

Reaction to triangle[ edit ] "Chuck and Blair are always going to be connected in their way, and Dan and Serena are always going to be connected in their way. Rovzar further stated, "Since they live in a world where both only seem to have half a dozen real friends if thatis it so crazy they'd end up together? There's nobody for each other but them. Chuck or Dan, Westwick pointed to Badgley, saying "definitely him.

According to producer Joshua Safran, the creators planned to revisit their relationship once the timing was right. Safran also stated that the outcome wasn't necessarily decided ahead of time. And we're often surprised by where their journeys take them; they open new doors for us all the time. He appears upset when he receives Blair's invitation for her royal wedding. Dan soon finds out that someone has published his book, Inside.

Meanwhile, Blair, back from her cruise and is currently in Manhattan again, is frustrated with Louis' domineering mother, who feels the need to have complete control over the wedding. Dan finds out that Vanessa has published his book without his permission and tries to undo the damage, especially after Vanity Fair want to publish a part about Dan and Blair. Desperate, Dan turns to Louis for some help, hoping the prince could put some royal weight on it and manage to cancel the publishing.

Louis informs him that he promised earlier to Blair that he's going to take her to the Royal consulate, so he calls her and tells her that he would not be able to make it, much to Blair's disappointment. Soon after, Blair then arrives at Dan's loft and tells him that despite they haven't spoken since the holidays, she needs a friend to talk to and believes that he is the only one that will truly listen. She announces that she plans to break it off with Louis and asks him about his trip to the Hamptons, to which he responds to staying at CeCe's house.

She asks him to take her there and Dan tells her he will be there for her for whatever she needs. He decides to conceal the real reason why Louis couldn't make it, and just as they were about to make a move, Louis comes enters the loft.

Blair assumes that he was following her and starts reprimanding him, until Dan's conscience gets the better of him and reveals that Louis was only helping him with his book issue.

Blair soon becomes furious with Dan as he did not tell her the real reason why Louis could not make it and departs with Louis, arm-in-arm, leaving Dan alone and heartbroken. And at the end of the episode it's been revealed that Blair is the one pregnant. Over the next few episodes, Blair is found having trouble keeping the pregnancy a secret and begins having morning sickness. Things get more difficult when Louis's sister, Princess Beatrice, comes to town.

When she hears Blair's morning sickness in the bathroom, she begins to assume that Blair has gone back to being bulimic. She decides to invite Blair to a feast to be sure. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Dan is still trying to stop the publishing of his book, in order to save the relationship he has built with his closest friends and family.

He calls Serena on the phone and asks her how she went through Lily's bank account so that he can go to Vanessa's bank and look for the publisher, but she tells him that it was all Chuck's doing, driving him to go searching for Chuck.

To his horror, he finds Chuck getting beat up by men.

dan and serena relationship season 4

He attempts to save Chuck, when he reveals that the men were not real criminals and he paid them to hurt him, much to Dan's astonishment. This leads Dan to search for Blair and inform her about Chuck's recent dilemma. Meanwhile, at the feast, Blair begins to feel sick and searches for an excuse to run to the bathroom without arising suspicion.

She begins to silently pray to God for a way out, and once she finishes, she sees Dan at the front of the door. Blair rushes to his side and drags him to the toilet and orders him to guard the door. Dan announces that Chuck is getting himself into trouble again, but Blair brushes it off, stating that he's merely doing it to get her attention.

Once Dan hears Blair throw up, he begins to get worried and, like Beatrice, assumes that she has gone back to her previous bulimic ways. He voices out his concern and Blair leaves the washroom stall, stating that she was not bulimic, but instead pregnant. However, Beatrice walks into the bathroom just as Blair reveals her pregnancy to Dan.

The both of them are shocked, but agree to keep it a secret. Afterwards, Blair arrives at Dan's loft once again, revealing to him that she is uncertain who the father of her unborn child is. He encourages her to take a test, but she refuses, stating that she'll lose everything if Chuck is the actual father. Dan responds that she will still have him, causing Blair to cry and rest her head on Dan's shoulder.

He then kisses her forehead. However, Blair, being her usual self, still tries to avoid taking the test, but after much persuasion from Dan, she eventually does, and announces that the father is Louis. She then tells Louis that she's pregnant, much to his elation. Soon afterwards, Serena, Nate, Chuck, Louis's mother, Eleanor and Cyrus all know about Blair's pregnancy, and she decides not to keep anymore secrets regarding her unborn child.

Dan decides that it is time for him to tell Blair about his feelings for her, engaged or not, when she comes and visits him at his loft, feeling heavy-hearted and dejected. She tells him that she wishes to be happy again, but has forgotten how to be. After a very emotional phone call with Chuck, Blair enters Dan's living room heartbroken, looking devastated and emotionally drained. This drives Dan to attempt and bring Chuck and Blair together again, determined to bring joy back into Blair's life.

He decides to keep his feelings for Blair quiet and bottled up, only letting Serena know how he feels about her. Dan leads both Chuck and Blair individually into an enclosed candlelight room. Once they both come face-to-face, Dan closes the door and shows himself out, leaving them both alone. Then, he engages in a discussion with Serena, telling her that all he wants is for Blair to be happy.

Serena to tells him that he's one of the good guys, due to his selflessness regarding Blair's happiness. While Blair and Chuck are whisking away in a limo, planning on running away together and raising Blair's unborn baby as Chuck's child, they both end up in a serious, life-threatening car accident when paparazzi tail them continuously after Charlie sends Gossip Girl a blast, informing her on Chuck and Blair's whereabouts.

The accident causes Serena, who is alongside Nate and Dan, to be more furious at Gossip Girl than ever before, and blames her entirely for the accident caused. Dan monotonously states that she didn't jump on one of the motorcycles and chase Chuck and Blair down the road, but Serena angrily responds that the accident is merely the result of all the amount of damage that Gossip Girl has caused throughout the years.

Dan Humphrey

Nate agrees, and he Serena begin planning on taking Gossip Girl down for good, to avenge Chuck and Blair, as Dan anxiously waits for news on Blair. In the next episode, Blair learns that she lost the baby in the accident, much to her depression and despair, and she immediately bursts into tears when the news reaches her.

She becomes even more terrified when Serena tells her that Chuck is in serious danger, due to losing a large amount of blood. This drives her to make a secret deal with God, promising Him that if He saves Chuck's life, she would marry Louis and not go back to being with Chuck. Once she makes the promise, the nurse informs her that Chuck is asking for her. She decides that this means that God has honored their promise, and chooses to further her relationship with Louis, deciding against pursuing her relationship with Chuck.

She informs Dan about her deal and tells him to keep it a secret, to which he agrees. Soon, only Dan and Serena know about Blair's promise. She begins avoiding Chuck and Louis, who collaborate to find out what was going on with Blair, and find pictures of Dan and Blair together in New York, learning that the only man she's not avoiding is Dan.

When she tells him that she needs him, and he responds that he has her, once again confirming that he will be there for her during the hard times. When Dan walks in on Blair in her wedding dress, he tells her that she looks perfect, making her cry.

She says that she can no longer get married in the dress, as now all she sees is everything she's lost. Dan comforts her and tells her that she should change her mind about marrying Louis, but she insists on pursuing the wedding, stating she's committed to him. They both falsely assume that she's having an affair with Dan, to which she immediately denies.

Soon later, she finds Louis's wedding vows, and is pleasantly stunned with how accurately he describes her and how much love the vows display. She tells Serena that she feels as if Louis had "peered into her soul," and now is happy with the decision she had made, believing that Louis is the one for her. However, unknown to Blair, Dan was the one who wrote the vows, after Louis asked him to. On her wedding dayBlair and Chuck confront each other once again, and Blair declares that she does indeed love him, but cannot be with him.

She leaves the room to attend the ceremony, leaving Chuck alone in the room. Cyrus and Harold both give Blair away, and Dan and Serena walk down the aisle together. However, it appears that someone taped Chuck and Blair's moment, when Blair was professing her love for Chuck to him. It sends Blair running down the aisle and causes her to blame Chuck, assuming he was the one who sent the blast to Gossip Girl.

Soon, she returns to the altar, and she and Louis continue the wedding. After Louis and Blair say their vows and take each other as man and wife, Serena tells Dan that she loves him, that she always had and she always will, just before Louis and Blair take their first dance as a married couple.

As Blair tells Louis that she's very thankful for giving her a princess title and especially grateful that he gave her another chance, he coldly responds that their wedding was all for show and there is nothing but a contract between them. He tells her that when they're alone, they'll become like strangers to each other.

After the wedding, Dan is certain he has lost Blair to Louis but soon finds out it is a sham wedding when Blair asks him for help to get out of the country and file for a divorce. Taking her to the airport he realizes just how much she needs to get out of this situation and lies to Serena about her whereabouts, this leaves him with a problem when he is discovered with Blair later on. Soon afterwards, Blair arrives from her honeymoon to Manhattan on Valentine's Day, she tries to set Dan and Serena up once again.

However, when Blair notices the lack of interest Dan has in pursuing his old relationship with Serena. She tells him that she attempted to get Dan and Serena back together because she wants Dan to be happy. Blair asks him what it is that would make him happy, and he responds by kissing her, leaving Blair stunned.

She, however, does not stop him and instead slowly begins to reciprocate to the kiss. Unfortunately, Serena, alongside Georgina, accidentally intrudes on Dan and Blair. Georgina manages to snap a picture of Dan and Blair's kiss and soon runs away from the scene, driving Dan to chase after her, leaving Blair and stunned and angered Serena alone together.

Blair continues to deny having any feelings for Dan during and after the party to both Dan and Serena. With Serena and Blair's friendship on shaky grounds Dorota decides to lock them in the dining room up for their own good.

Blair decides to prove to Serena by spending a whole day with Dan that her feelings are platonic. Unfortunately, she reciprocates another kiss from Dan while Serena accidentally intrudes on them. Serena dictates that Blair is always in denial when it comes to matters of the heart. During a re-enactment of a scene from the Inside novel, Blair realizes that Dan loves her for her and has so for some time.

Putting aside her insecurities she admits to both Serena and Dan that she too has feelings for Dan. Serena then gives Blair her blessing, stating that she does not want to be an obstacle in Dan and Blair's relationship. Soon afterwards, Blair pecks a kiss from Dan and heads off to support Serena with her last moments with CeCe.

In "The Princess Dowry" Dan walks in on Blair discussing what could be a potential way out of her prenup on the phone with Cyrus and another lawyer from his firm. Blair shares the details and after saying that she "wouldn't have to wait a year for At first, she thinks that it's just a game Chuck is playing and she is unwilling to participate, however, when she sees the guilty looks on Dan's face she realizes that it's the truth. She is mad at him, but forgives him after he tells her that his only reason for sending the video was that he couldn't stand to see Blair so unhappy.

Meanwhile, Blair makes a deal with Estee to help her get out of her marriage dowry if there will be no more public mention of it in the media, including Gossip Girl. However, at this time Georgina, who has stolen Dan's phone, teams up with Chuck and sends Gossip Girl a message from Dan's phone uploading the photo of the Valentine's Day kiss, thus ruining Blair's chances of not having to pay the dowry.

Jenny, feeling guilty about what they have done, reveals everything to Blair. Vanessa leaves town to avoid Blair, while Blair and Dan form an alliance to seek revenge on Juliet. It is revealed in a confrontation with Lily that Juliet's brother Ben was Serena's former teacher at her boarding school in Connecticut, who was accused of having an affair with Serena.

Lily forged Serena's signature on the police affidavit, which in Lily's plan, would allow Serena to return home and, inadvertently, had sent Ben to prison. Serena then hatches a plan to help free Ben from prison. This involves proving that her mother forged the affidavit against Ben.

Chuck also learns that Lily was planning to sell Bass Industries behind his back. The 4th episode had an 18—49 rating of 1. Steve Marsi of TV Fanatic gave the episode 4. Estes, from Tv Overmind, also enjoyed the fact that the episode had "explored more adult themes than usual. Club reviewed the direction of the fourth season following the fourth-season premiere.

The CW's flagship franchise is in a precarious position: Adams praised the development of Blair and Serena's relationship, declaring their friendship as "the great, central romance of Gossip Girl. It's hard to put one's finger on in a sense, since many episodes were enjoyable. But there was a certain OMG-can-you-believe-this-happened factor that just wasn't there. At the same time, it's also revealed that Serena harbored a huge crush on Ben but that nothing actually happened between them.

As a result, Ben was sentenced to five years in prison, which is why Juliet was wanting revenge. When Serena learns what Lily did, she asks Dan to come with her to find the judge who sentenced Ben. However, Dan chooses to stay behind and Serena goes alone. He eventually stops her from having Lily arrested for perjury, and they agree that the only have one more chance at a relationship before the door closes on them forever.

They agree to make sure they're ready for when the time comes. Jealous of Serena's feelings for Ben and worried for her safety, Dan is unwelcoming to Ben at first; but eventually comes around to his staying there.

She uses her newly arrived cousin, Charlie Rhodes Ivy Dickensto try and see what is really going on between them. At the Pink Party later that night, Serena confronts Blair about the kiss.

Blair, who has recently begun dating Louis Grimaldi again, insists that the kiss meant nothing to her or Dan. Jude annual fundraiser with him. She excitedly agrees, and knowing about his past relationships with Serena, decides to wear her Cotillion dress and style her hair the same way. When Serena realizes what Charlie did, she orders her to take the dress off but Dan sides with Charlie.

At the same time, Rufus discovers that the medication Charlie is supposed to be on has been thrown away. When her portrayal in the book loses her a major movie deal and threatens her job, she confronts Dan about it. He argues that the character isn't entirely based on her and that the book isn't telling about all the parts of who she is.

However, she still chooses to ice him out. The next day, Jane Bettinger, Serena's boss, tells her she wants the movie right to Inside. In The Fasting and the FuriousSerena pretends to have forgiven Dan in an attempt to secure the movie rights. While he initially plans to give them to her, his agent Alessandra Steele advises him to wait and see who else wants them. When Serena finds out that he may give them to someone else, she tells all the other interested parties that Dan has already sold them.

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Upon finding this out, Dan confronts Serena about what she did. She admits that she's sorry and the real reason she was mad is because Blair's character, Clair, is the star and love interest of Dylan, Dan's counterpart. Finally, she confesses that she sees Dan as the love of her life and she always thought he felt the same way.

After hearing this, Dan decides to give Jane the right after all. When Serena finds out, she uses Diana Payne to help her. As a result, the movie deal is killed and Serena is fired for protecting the book. In The End of the Affair? To save Blair's relationship, Serena lies that Blair was covering for her relationship with Dan so people wouldn't judge her.

To keep Louis from becoming suspicious again, Dan and Serena enter into a fake relationship. In Father and the BrideBlair tells Serena that she doesn't need to keep pretending to be dating Dan anymore. But having realized she still has feelings for him, Serena tells Dan that Blair wants them to stay together until the wedding.

At the same time, Alessandra is advising Dan to keep his relationship with Serena on the down low to secure a book deal outside Inside, but Serena wants to use their relationship to gain traction on her new blog S by S.

Serena confesses her love to Dan, although he doesn't answer. After Blair's wedding is ruined by the video of her proclaiming her love for Chuck and upon her discovering Louis only went through with the wedding to save face, she escapes with Dan to get a divorce.

In Cross RhodesDan and Blair enter into a relationship. Serena tries to act like she's okay with it, but it becomes obvious pretty quickly that she isn't. As a result, Blair kicks Serena out of her penthouse.

Meanwhile, she struggles with her decision about whether to be with Dan and Chuck. Wanting to hurt Blair after what she did, Serena seduces Dan at the Shepherd Divorce party and the two have sex. At the same time, Blair chooses to be with Chuck and goes to tell him but is rejected. Soon after, she breaks up with Dan, much to Serena's delight.

However, Dan has no interest in being with Serena and tells her that he never wants to see her again. After their sex tape is shown at the debutante ball, Dan and Serena share a friendly evening together.

dan and serena relationship season 4

In Where the Vile Things Arethe two begin hanging out again and even go to the same bar that they went on their first date. At the end of the day, they have sex and tentatively get back together in Save the Last Chance. They plan to throw a Thanksgiving dinner together in It's Really Complicatedbut things take a turn for the worst when Dan chooses to release a scathing serial article on Serena.