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derek and casey relationship help

Life with Derek ended seven years ago, but fans haven't stopped shipping the two lead characters, Casey MacDonald and Derek Venturi. Title: Extreme Frisbee and Relationships Author: sassygirl Summary: Derek gives Edwin some advice. Derek/Casey, Edwin/Lizzie pairings. One-shot. Alternate Character Interpretation: The animosity between Derek and Casey is just in some episodes to help make her appear younger could be seen as this. In a non-romantic example, Derek's relationship with Marti frequently comes off .

It said much for her mental state that she came home and threw her bag on the bed without even looking to see where it fell. Casey felt almost giddy with excitement; after years of watching "scenes" in movies…she would finally experience what all the fuss was about. And somehow the fact that it was Derek made the anticipation even more…anticipatory. He'd been so gentle with her throughout their -sort of- physical relationship and had resorted to taking cold showers instead of pressuring her.

And tonight she knew he would be tender and they would reach the point of no return together. Just like it was in every single book she'd ever read. Casey went to her clothes drawer and took out the lingerie she'd been saving for this very occasion. It was horribly expensive and seemed to have been fashioned out of a handkerchief by its size.

She couldn't look at herself in the mirror whenever she wore it. But just the thought of Derek's gaze, his eyes dark and wandering over her body, was enough to make her blush and go all hot and bothered. She would wear it for him, because after all, she wouldn't be the one looking at herself. She sneaked into his room with the rose-scented candles that Sarah had sweet-talked her into buying and Brooke had laughed at.

She set them at strategic places for maximum effect according to her color-coded chart. The satin bed-sheet felt heavenly against the bare skin of her arm as she set it over his bed, and she couldn't wait for when there'd be nothing between her body and that sheet, maybe with Derek on top, moving… Stop it, she scolded herself, one hand on her burning cheek.

She didn't need to fantasize now; after all, she'd get a lot of fantasizing material after tonight. She went and took a long bath, soaking in the bath-oils for as long as she could.

Then she added just a little makeup and surveyed herself in the mirror. She was literally glowing with expectation, her eyes large and luminous. Her lips were drawn in a familiar Derek's half-smirk…and this…this had to be what living dangerously felt like. She put on one of his coats and went out to water the plants on the porch, counting the seconds until Derek arrived home.

The doorbell rang, and she tread softly to the door, the smile refusing to leave her face. She opened the door and he was standing there, looking down at the ground. He looked up in surprise, "What the…" and then, as he caught a glimpse of her, he staggered back, "Casey?

She retaliated in kind, her hot breath combining with her soft words to make him impossibly hard.

The night was going to be perfect. As soon as they reached his room, he gently placed her on the bed.

derek and casey relationship help

Her lips were already parted in breathless anticipation and he claimed her mouth in a searing kiss which made her forget her own name for a few seconds. She responded with some unknown instinct, pressing closer than she'd ever dared get before. He was moving against her in an unmistakable way and she was growing more aroused by the minute, the explosive sexual tension that had been simmering for years demanding the final release.

His expert hands had soon managed to open the buttons of her his coat and she fumbled with the buttons of his shirt, her hands trembling in their urgency. She pulled it off him, just as his hands unclasped her bra and then he pulled her up deliberately, till their chests were rubbing together, generating almost unbearable friction.

Her nipples were hard with her arousal and as he bent his head to lightly bite the sensitive skin of her neck, she arched. He had to see how wet she was. They removed the final pieces of clothing in a frenzied urgency. He moved on top of her and looked at her with dark, seductive eyes. She couldn't understand the slight rankling in the pit of her stomach that the foreplay hadn't lasted longer.

Foreplay was just an extra but this was what she wanted…right? He ripped off the condom packet with his teeth and she reached out her hand for it. And then, without warning, he was inside her. She bit her lip hard enough to draw blood as she felt the pain and imagined something like a cellophane sheet being ripped off.

She closed her eyes, a single tear making its way down her face.

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He stopped immediately, "Are you all right? When he felt her feeble thrust he looked at her, not needing to verbalize the question. She smiled a little at him and gave him the go-ahead. He thrust into her gently, and oddly enough, though the pain had almost disappeared, it didn't feel like she'd thought it would.

It felt strangely invasive, and she resisted the urge to clench her muscles, or push him out, or do something equally stupid. The pleasure was making its way through her veins but it was oddly…muted…like she was experiencing it second-hand or something. She brought her hand down, to touch herself there, where she needed to be touched so badly, but he misinterpreted her gesture and took her hand in his, kissing each finger.

They weren't fucking, they were making love. She wanted to hear him say that he loved her. She wanted him to say her name, not 'babe', like he said to those other girls whose names he couldn't be bothered to remember. She wasn't one of his 'women', she was Casey. He was thrusting harder now, and that pleasurable feeling was growing finally. Then he hit a certain spot, and she arched almost violently, taking him deeper inside her, "Again…Derek.

She heard his breathing get labored "Beautiful, you're so beautiful. Casey rolled sideways so that she was facing the wall. Sensing that she was unhappy, Derek felt his stomach turn over. He reached out to touch her arm, but Casey flinched. It was like a punch to the gut. Casey sat up and pulled on the closest article of clothing, which happened to be Derek's shirt.

She stood slowly, keeping her back to him. He thought she'd want to spend the rest of the night in his arms. He had let her down, somehow. The idea that he had disappointed her…he shuddered. I'll be better next time. Derek shook his head, even though she couldn't see his face. I wanted this to be perfect for you. Did he have to start now? Casey's own eyes were brimming over with tears.

Derek pulled on his pajama pants and scrambled after Casey, who was already headed for the door. He caught her arm and pulled her backwards, but she didn't move. Instead, she stared at his hand on her and grimaced. Casey shook her head, too choked up to speak, even if she wanted to.

He followed her to the hall, but she went into her room and closed the door before he could get to her. There was no answer. Derek went back to his room and sat on the edge of his bed, where Casey had been moments earlier. This wasn't how it was supposed to be.

A tear trickled down his cheek and he brushed it angrily aside. He had made her cry. He had promised himself he'd never make her cry. The look on her face as she had left his room was one he never, ever wanted to see again.

And he had done that to her. He retched, and reached for the wastebasket. But it was only dry heaves. He had let down the person he loved more than anything. The only option was to try to make it up to her, to do better next time. But that would be pretty difficult if she couldn't even look him in the eye.

His bed still smelled like her. He curled up under the satin sheets…stupid satin…and tried to ignore his churning stomach.

He didn't expect it, but he still hoped that she would come back to him. He waited all through a restless night, but she never came. The next morning, they had planned to leave for London. He knocked on her door bright and early.

derek and casey relationship help

When he came out into the living room, he saw Casey at the kitchen table, slowly sipping a cup of tea. Casey made an "Mm" sound and didn't look at him. Derek was on the brink of falling apart again. He couldn't take it if she wouldn't even look at him.

She put down her mug. Casey looked like she was about to cry. How can we stay together if we can't…" Derek stared incredulously at her. She was too much. I told you, I'll be better next time, I promise. The pressure on his lungs didn't lessen. Casey just shook her head. He reached for her hand, but she pulled away. We'll get through this…right? She rubbed at her eyes, and went over to the sink to wash her mug.

Derek suppressed a frustrated moan. She was willing to throw away everything they had? He knew she was just confused, and disappointed.

She couldn't possibly be serious. But this was Casey. She was a whole different breed of crazy. He decided not to push her. She'd talk about it when she was ready. That, and he couldn't take much more of her tears. It would do them good to stay away from each other for a little while. Neither spoke for the rest of the morning, as they each got ready for the drive to London.

It had been a few weeks since they'd visited the family for the weekend, and Derek didn't want to pass up the chance to see them. Casey didn't raise any objections, either, so he figured they would have to put their problems on hold for a couple of days.

The car ride was excruciatingly silent. Derek tried to get her opinion on radio stations, even deliberately turning to songs she hated just to get a reaction. But she continued to stare straight ahead. It was the worst four and a half hours of Derek's life, not counting the ten minutes last September when he had thought she was moving out and transferring schools. But she held the door open for them with a smile, hoping they'd snap out of whatever it was.

Casey gave her mother a listless peck on the cheek, and she got a one-armed hug from Derek. Neither said a word. He scooped her up and hugged her tightly. Casey wandered over to the couch and sat down. Casey seemed to snap out of it. Derek put Marti down and stared at her. He knew as well as Nora did that she was lying.

Though she had gotten better at it, sometimes she just couldn't hide the truth. Marti went over to Casey. Nora looked questioningly at Derek, but he didn't have the energy to put on a show. He looked down at the floor. Nora seemed to decide that ignorance was bliss.

derek and casey relationship help

The baby's napping, and Marti and I were just working on making lunch. So why don't you two get out your cots and set them up, and then by the time you're done, everyone else should be home. He needed a few moments alone to clear his head, and figure out how they could keep the rest of the family from knowing that something was wrong.

Derek dawdled in the attic, trying to prevent running into Casey on the second floor. But she must have been taking her time as well, because they met at the top of the stairs. Casey's bottom lip quivered, but she composed herself. We're not talking about this. Let's just try to get through this weekend. Their family was gathered around the dining room table, and Casey was taking her seat just as Derek reached the bottom of the stairs. Just because Casey was upset didn't mean they would break up.

She'd talk to him. After hugging Lizzie, Edwin, and his father, Derek took his own seat. Casey eyed her mother, but it looked as though she hadn't had a chance to say something to George.

Even with food in his mouth, his lack of enthusiasm was obvious. Any other time, they would have laughed at that, but instead, they both looked down at the table. Edwin and Lizzie exchanged worried glances. George looked to Nora. Casey's sad about something," Marti continued, before Nora could say anything.

Nora shrugged, and George continued eating. Derek slammed his fist onto the table. Because I don't think you are," Edwin fired back. Marti's question of "Where's Emu Land?

Casey pushed her chair away from the table and stood up. She looked like she was about to start crying again. Derek hung his head. She was so distraught, she couldn't even try to act normal. At least he was making an attempt. Nora, for one, was sick of the lack of eye contact. But she wasn't about to bring it up at the table, so she nodded and said, "Of course. Trust me; she doesn't want to talk to me right now. He had no choice but to excuse himself, too. Once he was in the privacy of Edwin's bedroom, he leaned his head against the floor.

But he couldn't hear into Lizzie's room. Too bad the heating vent was a thing of the past. Not knowing for sure what Casey was doing was much worse than hearing her crying. He was starting to realize that there was a real possibility she honestly thought she was bad at sex, and shouldn't be with him anymore. A sickening thought, but this was Casey. Even though he was most definitely the one at fault, she was probably still blaming herself.

He knew no amount of begging and pleading could change her mind right now. He didn't wait for Derek to let him in, but, Derek realized, this was his room, after all. So come beat me at Babe Raider and forget whatever you and Casey are fighting about. Derek couldn't help sneaking a glance at Lizzie's bedroom door. He didn't think Casey would go into detail with Liz, but what if she did? He didn't want anyone knowing why she wasn't speaking to him.

Derek tried to put it out of his mind as he creamed his brother at Babe Raider. For the most part, it was good to be back with his family. Meanwhile, Lizzie was getting nowhere with Casey. He deserves someone better. We thought you were mad at him. But you're the one who did something bad? We'll figure something out. This has to be between Derek and me. She didn't get an answer, just more tears.

She decided this was a Mom problem. Casey didn't even acknowledge her exit. Lizzie brought Nora upstairs with her, but Nora didn't get a word out of Casey. She continued to cry into Lizzie's blanket. She took a seat next to George and he rubbed her back, looking pretty sad himself. Lizzie paused, as if unsure she should say anything. But she ultimately decided to get it out in the open.

Edwin cringed, but wisely kept his mouth shut. Derek stomped up the stairs, making no secret of his approach, and banged on Lizzie's door. Stop being so stubborn. You didn't do anything wrong. Please, talk to me. Everyone downstairs waited tensely for a reaction. But all was quiet. Derek returned to the table and threw up his hands.

George stared wryly at his obviously distraught son, trying his best to keep from smiling. But he finally couldn't hold it in anymore. You're fighting about which one of you is wrong?

Isn't that a little…backwards? Derek tickled Marti, and she giggled. Casey didn't even muster up the energy to glare at him. Derek felt that punched-in-the-gut feeling again. He suddenly wasn't very hungry. For now, though, let's just enjoy being all together.

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Derek wanted to shake her. Casey shook her head. What had this listless creature done with his Casey? It might help," Derek said. Anything was better than this rag doll routine she had going on. I don't want to fight. Derek felt a little light-headed. He couldn't think of a way to talk to her about this without going into detail in front of their family. But he had to make her see how wrong she was. She stared right back, jaw set.

It was her fault. She had ruined everything. She should have done more research, should have been more experienced.

All she wanted was one perfect night with Derek, but apparently she didn't deserve that. Her mind flickered to what Brooke had said. It seemed so long ago. Somewhere in the back of her head, she knew she may have expected too much. But it wasn't supposed to be like that.

They both realized at the same time that everyone at the table was staring at them in horror. Shaking himself out of his shock, he nudged Lizzie. They pushed back their chairs and headed upstairs to the games closet.

Nora and George didn't even register their disappearance. Nora nodded, still too tense to speak. Derek looked at his parents. She had already shut herself in Lizzie's room again. He trudged up the attic stairs, wondering what the hell he was supposed to do now. That night, Edwin and Lizzie each tried unsuccessfully to get something out of Derek and Casey.

They even tried switching it up, Lizzie to Derek and Edwin to Casey. And they tried the secret weapon: Marti got Casey to tell her that she should never expect anything out of life. And she got a tickle fight from Derek. But that wasn't much help to Lizzie and Edwin. To many, the scene plays out in an alternate reality as Nora catching Casey after having obviously spent the night with Derek. Derek is seconds later pleased she is wearing his shirt.

The intro shows Derek playing with Casey's ear, and she turns and he gives a goofy grin and it almost seems to fans as if they are going to kiss. In the movie, Derek takes Casey away from Jesse while he is kissing her to dance with her and she is happy about it. The movie shows Casey and Derek rescuing Marti. They see a bird and the girls call it beautiful and Derek says "not bad" and looks to Casey.

Many fans see this as him indirectly communicating to Casey that the bird is beautiful, but she is more beautiful. The last "Dasey" scene in the movie that goes beyond the canon platonic relationship is a dancing scene, where Derek starts dancing in a roomful of people, seemingly for Casey, and until the scene is interrupted, Casey can only look at Derek with a happy smile on her face. Derek's protectiveness seems to be more than brotherly to many.

Four scenes can be included in here as well as one extra with Casey: A soccer coach divulges to Derek, due to Derek's reputation, that he is dating Casey, as well as other soccer players' siblings. Derek, unbeknownst to the coach, looks livid that anyone would hurt Casey.

Casey's prom is ruined, but Derek takes her to it. He has many times he can make fun of her, but cannot go through with any of them in full. A scene also exists afterwards, though not symbolic of Derek's protectiveness, where they stand in front of each other by the prom entrance, and Derek looks at her almost like he wants to kiss her.

They almost resamble a couple ready to make their entrance. The scene is popular with non-platonic Dasey fans. Casey sees Truman kissing a girl and Derek immediately strays away from his date seeing Casey upset and, upset, he confronts Truman and the girl, who ask why he is being so protective of Casey.

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Derek wrestles with Sam. When Casey comes into the room, Derek does not want her to be privy to any of the violence and he tells her nothing is going on and tells her to leave. Derek is about to fight a bully. Casey puts her safety on the line to stop Derek from getting hurt. When they come home later, Derek thanks Casey and they give each other an intense look.

Other moments Casey and Derek frequently have eye contact that perceived as more than familial loving.